Names for Groups of Animals

flamingosEver wondered what to call a group of alligators, owls, pandas, skunks, or wombats? Here are the often-surprising names for many animal and insect groups.

      1. A congregation of alligators
      2. A shrewdness of apes
      3. A battery of barracudas
      4. A sleuth of bears
      5. An obstinancy of buffalo (alternate term for herd)
      6. A bellowing of bullfinches
      7. A flutter of butterflies
      8. A wake of buzzards
      9. An army of caterpillars
      10. A clutter of cats
      11. A coalition of cheetahs
      12. A quiver of cobras
      13. An intrusion of cockroaches
      14. A lap of cod
      15. A gulp of cormorants
      16. A kine of cows
      17. A band of coyotes
      18. A cast of crabs
      19. A seige of cranes
      20. A bask of crocodiles
      21. A murder of crows
      22. A pod of dolphins
      23. A drove of donkeys
      24. An arc of doves
      25. A convocation of eagles
      26. A mob of emus
      27. A cast of falcons
      28. A business of ferrets
      29. A charm of finches
      30. A flamboyance of flamingoes
      31. An army of frogs
      32. A leash of foxes
      33. A gaggle of geese
      34. A horde of gerbils or hamsters
      35. An implausibility of gnus
      36. A tribe of goats
      37. A glint of goldfish
      38. A troop of gorillas
      39. A cloud of grasshoppers
      40. A muddle of guinea pigs
      41. A confusion of guinea fowl
      42. An array of hedgehogs
      43. A bloat of hippotamuses
      44. A cackle of hyenas
      45. A party of jays
      46. A smack of jellyfish
      47. A kindle of kittens
      48. A cling of koalas
      49. A deceit of lapwings
      50. An exaltation of larks
      51. A leap of leopards
      52. A flock of lice
      53. A pride of lions
      54. A lounge of lizards
      55. A plague of locusts
      56. A tiding of magpies
      57. A brace of mallards
      58. A richness of martens
      59. A mischief of mice
      60. A bite of midges
      61. A shoal of minnows
      62. A labour of moles
      63. A scourge of mosquitos
      64. A watch of nightingales
      65. A romp of otters
      66. A parliament of owls
      67. A bamboo of pandas
      68. A pandemonium of parrots
      69. A covey of partridges
      70. A muster of peacocks
      71. A pod pf pelicans
      72. A rookery of penguins
      73. A drift of pigs
      74. A puddle of platypuses
      75. A chine of polecats
      76. A string of ponies
      77. A coterie of prairie dogs
      78. A covey of ptarmigans
      79. A gaze of raccoons
      80. A rhumba of rattlesnakes
      81. An unkindness of ravens
      82. A crash of rhinoceroses
      83. A bevy of roebucks
      84. A hill of ruffs
      85. A run of salmon
      86. A purse of sand dollars
      87. A fling of sandpipers
      88. A family of sardines
      89. A wreck of seabirds
      90. A constellations of sea stars
      91. A vagrant of sea urchins
      92. A sluthe of servals
      93. A shiver of sharks
      94. A surfeit of skunks
      95. An excargatoire of snails
      96. A host of sparrows
      97. A cluster of spiders
      98. A scurry of squirrels
      99. A whisker of shrews
      100. A murmuration or chattering of starlings
      101. A fever of stingrays
      102. A muster of storks
      103. A flight of swallows
      104. A mutation of thrush
      105. A streak of tigers
      106. A knot of toads
      107. A hover of trout
      108. A rafter or posse of turkeys
      109. A bale of turtles
      110. A pitying of turtle doves
      111. A generation of vipers
      112. A venue of vultures
      113. A mob of wallaby
      114. A gang of weasels
      115. A pod of wales
      116. A destruction of wild cats
      117. A plump of waterfowl
      118. A wisdom of wombats
      119. A descent of woodpeckers
      120. A herd or zeal of zebras

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