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Taurus Traits: ambitious, creative, dependable, hardworking, hedonistic, hospitable, nature-loving, loyal, musical, patient, persistent, possessive, practical, self-indulgent, stable, strong, stubborn, successful, tactile, tolerant, uncompromising, unforgiving

Loyal and Dependable

Tauruses usually make great friends because they tend to be trustworthy and loyal (unless their ascendants are in more fickle signs of the zodiac). They’ll go out of their way to help a friend in need, providing tangible, practical support.

Most Tauruses are honest and dependable. They are not inclined to be phony or play mind games, and they can be relied on to do what they say they’ll do and be where they say they’ll be.

Tauruses will usually do things rather than simply talking about them. They believe in actions rather than words, and most can be counted on to complete what they start and follow through on what they promise.

Typical Tauruses are sexually faithful, and they demand the same of their partners. Some Tauruses are very possessive and can be provoked to fits of rage by a partner’s flirting.

Laid Back and Tolerant

Tauruses are laid back and easy going most of the time. They tend to be diplomatic, and it takes a lot to make them angry. However, on those rare occasions when they are pushed to the point of blowing up, they can be surprisingly ferocious.

When crossed, Tauruses hold grudges forever, but most of the time they’re placid and easy to get along with, and their nonjudgmental natures put others at ease. Although their rage is terrifying to behold, it takes a lot to provoke their anger, and few will ever see it.

Tauruses are inclined to be tolerant, letting others be themselves and do their own thing without criticizing, judging, or rejecting them for it.

Domestic and Hospitable

Tauruses are very hospitable. Many are good cooks and hosts, and they often collect attractive things and decorate nicely.

Tauruses turn their homes into comfortable oases for themselves and they try to make others comfortable as well, both physically and psychologically. Spending time with a Taurus friend usually involves good meals or tasty treats in a relaxing atmosphere.

Typical Tauruses are homebodies, and if they travel, they prefer to do it in comfort rather than roughing it. However, most Tauruses like outdoorsy pursuits such as hikes, picnics, or days at the beach because they enjoy getting out into nature.

Hardworking and Successful

Tauruses tend to acquire money and become successful in the long run. Their slow and steady upward progress is attributable to their excellent work ethics.

Tauruses are usually responsible with money (unless they have their ascendants in fire or air signs). They have a phobia of poverty and will work very hard to avoid it.

Typical Tauruses prefer to stick with one career field and work their way up rather than jumping from job to job, and they usually impress their bosses with their diligence, reliability, and integrity.

Although they are hardworking in their professions, Tauruses have a tendency toward indolence in their leisure time, so they can be lazy and self-indulgent at home if they have no hobbies to possess them (when Tauruses do take up hobbies, they usually work as hard at them as they do in their careers).

Stable and Change-Avoidant

Tauruses tend to be stable, sane, and consistent, almost to a fault. Taurus is the most stable sign of the zodiac and this stems from an aversion to change. Tauruses can dig ruts for themselves and become very predictable unless other elements in their natal zodiacs incline them to be more adventurous.

Typical Tauruses avoid change like the plague. While others may make ill-advised changes to their lives to alleviate boredom, Tauruses will often delay even the most necessary changes for as long as possible.

Decadent and Pleasure-Seeking

Rather than seeking out activities that risk their lives or destroy their relationships, Tauruses enjoy themselves with sensual, decadent pleasures: good food, drink, entertainments, and lovemaking in beautiful surroundings. Tauruses need to get lots of exercise because they are inclined to overeat or drink too much, which can lead to weight gain (though this is far less likely with an Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, or Aquarius ascendant).

Taurean decadence may also take the form of glamour. Tauruses like to dress up in beautiful clothing and most enjoy occasions that require costumes, though they will typically favour flattering disguises over frightening ones.

Strong and Enduring

Taurean sensitivity to uncomfortable conditions (cold, damp, hard furniture, etc.) can give the impression that they are not particularly strong, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The typical Taurus has impressive physical strength and stamina.

Unless they have their ascendants in more graceful signs, Tauruses have a tendency to be slightly clumsy, which may deter them from certain sports, but their higher-than-average physical strength and endurance suit some  to athletic pursuits where these attributes are assets. A typical Taurus is more likely to excel in sports requiring power and endurance than those based on grace and speed.

Tactile, Kinetic, and Creative

Tauruses like to absorb everything fully and learn through touch and experience rather than by reading or hearing about things. As tactile and kinetic learners, they need to interact with their environments, and some have trouble at school because it’s  the wrong sort of learning environment for them. The Taurean work ethic usually ensures that they do well enough to get by, but they learn more effectively with opportunities to experience things firsthand.

Tauruses aren’t particularly inventive or original (unless their ascendants fall in more innovative signs such as Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, or Pisces), but they usually have artistic or musical talents. They may not create unique things, but they have the follow-through to produce or improve upon the ideas of others.

Tauruses with their ascendants or moons in creative signs such as Gemini, Cancer, Leo, or Pisces can produce beautiful things because they have a natural talent for aesthetics, and most Tauruses are good at making things that last, so they may be drawn to the building trades or enjoy working on DIY projects.

The Atypical Taurus

The sun sign isn’t the only element that influences personality. Aspects and planetary placements, particularly the moon sign and rising sign, are also important. For example, a Taurus with Sagittarius rising will probably be more interested in getting out to socialize or travel than spending relaxing evenings at home, and with Gemini rising, a Taurus will be less stable and bound by routines. Cancer rising enhances the domestic side of Taurus, whereas Aquarius rising makes a Taurus more eccentric and original but less reliable.

There are many websites that offer free chart calculation to determine other planetary placements and aspects. Learning these other planetary placements is recommended, as it provides a more comprehensive personality profile.

Taurus Ruling Planet: Venus/earth

Symbol: the bull

Element: earth

Quality: fixed

Metal: copper

Gemstones: malachite, jade, diamond (April), emerald (May)

Associated Parts of the Body: neck and throat, vocal cords, thyroid gland, lower jaw and chin, ears, tongue, jugular vein, tonsils

Number: 6

Places Associated with Taurus: Iran, Ireland, Switzerland, Cypress, Greece, Lucerne, St. Louis, Dublin, Leipzig

Animals: swan, bull, mallet fish

Trees: sycamore, willow, hawthorn, pecan, cherry, ash, cypress, apple

Plants and Herbs: violet, lily, lovage, mint, elder flower, fern, cloves, colt’s foot, primrose, thyme, poppy

Foods: bean, grapes, pecan, cherry, wheat, almond, apricot, poppy seed

Colours: pale blue, violet, copper, mauve

Other Taurus Associations: musical instruments, jewelry, perfume, buildings, antique furniture, glasswear, silverware, stonewear, coins, banks and other financial institutions, material resources, security, national heritage, the arts, beauty/aesthetics, sensuality, decadence, rich foods, buildings, the earth, soil, agriculture, gardens, plants

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  1. Omg I’m a Taurean spot on all what have been said is soo true what you see is what you get loyal to the fullest and a great friend to have.Thank you

  2. All of which is basically true. I’m a Taurus women and love to be happy and for everyone around me to be happy. But tell me something how does one bad relationship such as,being cheated on betrayed abused and not appreciated change someone who once was shy loving devoted, loyal, forgiving and trusting. I feel like I’m damaged goods. What can repair such a person like my self

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