Pisces Personality Profile

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Pisces Traits: brilliant, changeable, chaotic, compassionate, creative, escapist, idealistic, imaginative, intriguing, introspective, introverted, intuitive, moody, self-sacrificing, sensitive, talented, trusting

Brilliant and Creative

Pisceans are often brilliant in some way, with many displaying scientific or artistic genius. Plenty of Pisceans are also good dancers and/or singers, and most have beautiful or unusual voices.

Pisceans have vivid imaginations, which are both a source of creativity and a means of escape. Properly harnessed, they can be wellsprings of inspiration for the creation of wonderful things.

Peace-Loving and Idealistic

Pisceans can see the validity of two truths simultaneously. As a result, they often have difficulty in taking sides. They avoid conflict whenever possible and act as peacemakers when others fight.

Pisceans are vulnerable to being exploited, both monetarily and emotionally, because they are trusting, naïve, altruistic, and idealistic, unless their ascendants fall in more cynical signs (a tough rising sign can protect a Piscean against this sort of abuse).

Pisceans are often physically tough but emotionally vulnerable, far better able to withstand a physical battle than an emotional one. Cultivating some assertiveness is beneficial for this sign, and some Pisceans learn this early on, developing a tough exterior to hide their vulnerability.

Kind and Self-Sacrificing

Unless other elements in their natal zodiacs incline them to be less kind than is typical for this sign, Pisceans are soft-hearted champions of the underdog, willing to do anything to help those who are physically or emotionally suffering. They will rescue others, whether this requires running into a burning building to save someone or nursing them back to health. Pisceans have natural healing abilities, which may draw them into medicine or naturopathic fields.

Pisceans can endure almost anything if it will help someone else, and they will assist any sick, vulnerable, or stray being who needs them. They are happiest when involved in charity or volunteer work of some sort, and in their personal lives, they take care of friends, relatives, animals, and even strangers who come their way. Because they are somewhat gullible, they may be deceived or used by people who take advantage of their sympathetic natures with convincing sob stories.

Typical Pisceans have a phobia of hurting other people’s feelings and will avoid doing or saying anything upsetting, even if it is warranted. They suffer intense guilt over small things, and psychologically torture themselves over minor incidents.

Pisceans have a tendency to sacrifice their own needs to those of others, and this can lead to the development of a resentful martyr complex. They need to take time out for themselves and attend to their own needs to prevent this from happening.

Changeable and Intriguing

Pisceans sometimes appear fickle or unreliable because they change their minds so frequently and what they wanted very much one day may repel them the next. Some even seem to be drastically different people from day to day, or to make huge, life-altering changes on a whim.

Many Pisceans change their appearances significantly many times over the course of their lives, and some can look quite different at various times of the day or week. Most Pisceans love costumes and disguises.

More consistent individuals find the Pisces personality aggravating, baffling, or intriguing. However, Pisceans have certain intangible qualities that attract others and ensure that they usually have no shortage of interested partners.

A Need for Solitude

Pisceans are receptive to a wide variety of energies, both good and bad. They can catch the moods of others like viruses and pick up emotions by proximity, which is why they need more time alone than those of other signs. They go through alternating sociable and reclusive phases, retreating from the world when their craving for solitude kicks in.

Pisceans are very sensitive to environments, so they need to be cautious about where they choose to live and who they spend time with. They do best with very stable friends and romantic partners who act as solid anchors in their lives.

Escapist and Addiction-Prone

Pisces is the astrological sign most prone to addictions. The combination of a sensation seeking nature and a need to escape when things get rough can lead to substance abuse.

Although Pisceans will care for others in extreme adversity, they have difficulty caring for themselves both psychologically or physically. They can easily lose track of the collective reality if they abuse substances, which exacerbates other problems such as anxiety or depression.

Fortunately, many Pisceans have a physical intolerance for drugs or alcohol, which may save them from developing substance abuse problems. However, addiction to cigarettes or food is also a risk for this sign, and most Pisceans must fight a tendency toward overindulgence (and the associated weight gain).

Highly Intuitive and Emotionally Intense

Pisceans can experience very dark psychological states as well as periods of intense joy, and they can sink incredibly low and come bouncing back up with shocking speed. Their moods may fluctuate wildly from one extreme to another many times in a single day.

Some Pisceans experience weird waking states or bizarre dreams, the latter of which are often intuitive and in some cases prophetic. Many Pisceans have unusual experiences such as seeing ghosts or encountering other inexplicable phenomena.

Prone to Extremes

The symbol for Pisces depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions, and this reflects the Piscean nature. Pisces is a sign pulled in two directions, always trying to balance, and prone to extremes. For example, some Pisceans are impractical and irresponsible, squandering their money on silly things, while others are financially restrained to the point of miserliness. Also, some Pisceans are so cautious they miss out on opportunities, whereas others are extreme risk takers who endanger their health and safety for thrills. In addition, while most Pisceans are kind and generous, a small minority are are capable of remarkable greed and cruelty, and their ability to read the emotions of others helps them use and abuse their victims.

Whether Pisceans gravitate to one extreme or another will depend on other elements in their natal zodiacs. Some oscillate between two extremes, never settling on one or the other or finding a calm middle ground. Moderation and balance can be very challenging for this sign.

The Atypical Pisces

The sun sign isn’t the only element that influences personality. Aspects and planetary placements, particularly the moon sign and rising sign (ascendant), are also important. For example, a Pisces with Taurus rising will be more stable and practical, and with Aquarius rising, a Piscean will be less sensitive and secretive, and the desire to care for others will be more likely to manifest as participation in projects, political movements, or other activities focused on helping large groups of people rather than focusing on single individuals in need.

There are many websites that offer free chart calculation to determine other planetary placements and aspects. Learning these other planetary placements is recommended, as it provides a more comprehensive personality profile.

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Symbol: the two fishes

Element: water

Quality: mutable

Metal: zinc

Gemstones: bloodstone, quartz stone, pearl, lapis lazuli, amethyst (February), aquamarine (March)

Parts of the Body: feet, lymphatic and glandular systems

Number: 7

Places Associated with Pisces: Portugal, Tanzania, Tonga, Seville, Alexandria, Casablanca, Lisbon, Dublin

Animals: Eagle, elephant, seahorse, all fish

Trees: oak, chestnut, birch, ash, alder, fig, willow

Plants and Herbs: sage, water lily, aniseed, nutmeg, marjoram, balm, daisy, dandelion, kelp, white poppy, jonquil

Foods: lime, chestnut, strawberry, currant, fig

Colours: sea Green, ocean blue, lilac, white, silver, violet

Other Pisces Associations: spirituality, mysticism, martyrdom, glasswork, bric-a-brac, photographs, movies, places of seclusion or confinement, the oil industry, hospitals, psychic abilities, painting/paints, boats, costumes/disguises/masks, shells, wigs, alcohol, drugs, the unconscious mind, saviors/rescuers, art, dance, songs, daydreaming, drama, imagination, chaos, light, healing, hallucinations, poetry, storytelling, water, mermaids

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