Leo Personality Profile

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Leo Traits: affectionate, altruistic, attention-seeking, bossy, competitive, confident, courageous, creative, energetic, entrepreneurial, friendly, generous, impatient, loyal, moody, opinionated, optimistic, passionate, possessive, protective, self-indulgent, sensitive, straightforward, strong, stubborn, vain, warm-hearted

Confident and Friendly

The confident, sunny, generous Leo nature often ensures popularity. Leos are very sociable and love to host and attend parties. They also love to talk, and some have a tendency to brag. Negative Leos can be bullies or snobs who dominate conversations. However, Leo confidence (or overconfidence) more often manifests as charisma and a propensity for risk-taking than overbearing behaviour.

Leos are good at promoting themselves and marketing their considerable talents. They are assertive enough to get what they want out of life, and most have the ability to achieve much of what they set their minds to. Although they can be lazy around the house, Leos are hardworking and driven when something interests them.

Passionate and Protective

Leos are sensual and passionate in their romantic relationships, and ferociously protective of lovers, friends, family, and even their home nations (Leos tend to be patriotic). Most Leos are willing to take great risks or even die to protect those they care about.

Passionate intensity combined with assertiveness can manifest as belligerence in negative Leos, causing them to become argumentative or domineering, though more sensible Leos pick their battles wisely. Most Leos are good fighters, both in a verbal argument and in a physical confrontation. However, because they are highly reactive and emotionally intense, Leos often speak or act impulsively in emotionally charged situations and regret it later on.

Forthright Leos wear their hearts on their sleeves. Despite their natural optimism, they tend to be moody, and if they feel that others don’t appreciate them, they can grow depressed and sullen. Although they are swift to anger and equally quick to forgive, Leos may sulk for awhile in response to minor slights, particularly blows to their pride, but they tend to recover quickly.

Creative and Attention-Seeking

Leos usually dress to be noticed, and they are bold enough to make statements, verbal or otherwise. They have the guts to put themselves forward and don’t mind the whole world looking at them. In fact, they prefer it.

A combination of creativity and a need for the spotlight suits many Leos to careers that involve either performance or working with the public in some capacity. Leos love to be the center of attention, so fame is a powerful draw for this sign. Many Leos have dramatic talents, which may lead them into the film industry or related professions, though Leo creativity can also manifest as a talent for arts and crafts.

The Leonine flair for drama causes many Leos to exaggerate when telling a good story, but with their forthright natures, they don’t typically lie outright unless their ascendants fall in more secretive or deceptive signs.

Excitement-Seeking and Adventurous

Leos tend to be energetic and athletic, and they love a challenge, physical or otherwise. Typical Leos are adventurous and inclined toward risk taking. They like to try new things and some even crave a little danger, so unless their ascendants fall in more cautious and sensible signs, they may be drawn to extreme sports, and in some cases, stormy romantic affairs with highly unsuitable partners.

Entrepreneurial and Leadership-Oriented

Leos are entrepreneurial and often succeed in businesses of their own. Even when working for others, they tend to rise through the ranks to end up in positions of authority.

Because Leos have excellent natural leadership skills and good organizational abilities, people often look to them for guidance. Leos must guard against letting this go to their heads and repress their natural inclination to be bossy, both at work and at home.

Altruistic and Generous

Most Leos are generous and helpful by nature. They love to spoil friends, family, and romantic partners, buying extravagant gifts or blowing their money on good times for all. Leos can’t resist luxuries and the good life, even if they can’t afford them. They believe  they need to have the best and that everyone they like should have the best as well. Most are also excellent cooks, and they enjoy feeding others.

Leo is suited heroics due to a combination of bravery, altruism, generosity, protectiveness, and the need to be admired. Leos will stop to help someone in need, and if they have money, most have a tendency toward philanthropy. They also tend to be soft-hearted, with a particular fondness for children and animals.


Typical Leos are appearance-conscious, which keeps their tendency toward self-indulgence in check, as they will usually reign in their eating or drinking if their looks start to suffer. The confident, self-assured Leo persona often masks worries about their attractiveness, so Leos work hard to keep themselves looking good.

Most Leos love beautiful, fashionable clothing, flashy cars, and expensive gadgets. They like to surround themselves with attractive things and take great pride in their wardrobes, homes, and belongings.

The Atypical Leo

The sun sign isn’t the only element that influences personality. Aspects and planetary placements, particularly the moon sign and rising sign (ascendant), are also important. For example, a Leo with Aquarius rising will be less vain and motivated to seek personal attention and fame than a typical Leo, and will probably be less traditional, sensitive, and protective and more open-minded as well. A Virgo ascendant can also have a dramatic effect on the Leo personality, making a Leo less physically demonstrative and prone to risk taking and more practical and cautious with money.

There are many websites that offer free chart calculation to determine other planetary placements and aspects. Learning these other planetary placements is recommended, as it provides a more comprehensive personality profile.

Ruled by: the sun

Symbol: the lion

Element: fire

Quality: fixed

Metal: gold

Gemstones: amber, ruby, carnelian, peridot (August)

Parts of the Body Ruled by Leo: heart, upper back, spleen, head

Number: 1

Places Associated with Leo: Romania, Italy, France, Rome, Prague, Bath, Bristol, Los Angeles, Chicago, Damascus, Philadelphia, Hollywood

Animals: swan, lion, seal, cat, rainbow salmon

Trees: birch, holly, hazel, trees bearing citrus fruit

Plants and Herbs: rosemary, saffron, juniper, chamomile, frankincense, mistletoe, angelica, bay, marigold, sunflower

Foods: lemon, orange, hazelnut, sunflower seed, almond

Colours: gold, yellow, bright blue, royal purple

Other Leo Associations: luxury items, trophies, perfumes, fireplaces, parties, limousines, jewelry, sports, entertainment, ceremonies, children, art, culture, the stock market, the lottery, flashy cars, extravagance, royalty, egotism, narcissism, generosity, grandiosity, entertaining, decadence, rich foods, style, fame, leadership

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