Aquarius Personality Profile

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Aquarius Traits: eccentric, emotionally detached, extroverted, generous, humanitarian, idealistic, imprudent, independent, innovative, intellectual, open-minded, optimistic, original, progressive, rebellious, restless, sensation-seeking, stubborn, tactless, unpredictable

Friendly and Sociable

Typical Aquarians are friendly and sociable. People like spending time with them because they such are easy going, even-tempered, optimistic, interesting companions with a high tolerance for other people’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. However, some are quite obsessive about their beliefs, and they can be very stubborn in their opinions and intolerant of other ideologies.

Aquarians usually have a wide circle of acquaintances rather than spending time with just a few close friends and family members, and they prefer to socialize and work within diverse groups rather than alone or in simple partnerships.

Most Aquarians value intelligence and inventiveness over physical appearance and surface style, and they have friends of widely varying ages, cultural backgrounds, lifestyles, and personality types. Although they are not typically combative or aggressive, Aquarians enjoy debate because they love to give their intellects a good workout with worthy opponents, so they require bright, knowledgeable companions who like to discuss the big issues in life rather than just making small talk.

Original and Innovative

Aquarians can offer fresh perspectives to others, and they are good at figuring out unique or progressive ways of doing things. Creators and inventors by nature, most Aquarians have innovative minds, and they come up with a variety of unusual solutions to the world’s problems, which range from brilliant innovations to crackpot schemes.

Many Aquarians have an interest in outer space, the possibility of life on other planets, or anything futuristic, and some are also drawn to occult subjects (particularly anything involving paranormal or unexplained phenomena).

Aquarians are naturally progressive. Most embrace the future rather than fearing it, with a love of modern technologies, especially computers, video games, and gadgets.

Eccentric and Unconventional

Aquarians are unconventional or even eccentric in their beliefs and lifestyles, and they usually prefer the company of other eccentric types. Easily bored and often restless, they seek  people who are creative and in some way unusual because they have an intellectual hunger for new experiences and interesting conversations.

Many Aquarians also like to collect unusual items (often to support equally unusual hobbies), and these eclectic collections end up strewn haphazardly around the house in an order that only the Aquarian can understand.

Aquarians often reject social conventions, though they are susceptible to modern fads. Most are full of brilliant ideas, but they may need to partner up with more pragmatic individuals to do anything productive with them, as Aquarians tend to be impractical.

Adventurous and Easily Bored

Because they have low boredom thresholds, Aquarians are naturally adventurous, inclined to choose excitement over security. They are experimental sensation seekers and their tendency to pursue new experiences can create problems for them, though it does make their lives interesting. They love trying new things and constantly seek out novelty and change, and their lives can become chaotic and their energies scattered as a result.

Most Aquarians cope well with change—welcome it even—and rarely require anyone else to prop them up emotionally during times of transition. Because they seek change when things grow too routine in their lives, they can be unpredictable and upsetting to those who require stability.

Generous and Impractical

Aquarians are helpful (to the point of selflessness in some cases). They will give their last $10 to someone in need, and they are just as likely to help a complete stranger as a friend or a family members (Aquarians rarely discriminate against anyone as they tend to believe in equality rather than having a xenophobic us-versus-them mentality).

A combination of generosity and a tendency to live in the moment ensures that many Aquarians have trouble saving money unless other elements in their natal zodiacs make them more pragmatic than is typical for this sign. Most spend their cash as soon as they get it.

Humanitarian and Idealistic

Aquarians are naturally idealistic and most have a strong desire to make the world a better place, which can lead them into careers or volunteer positions where they can help large groups of people or promote positive social change. They have a strong sense of fairness and usually identify with those who are ostracized, suppressed, left out, or persecuted for having beliefs that differ from those of the mainstream.

Aquarians are tolerant of many strange beliefs and behaviors that others would find off-putting, and they are willing to stick up for unpopular viewpoints, ideologies, or individuals if they believe that these outsider views and people have merit.

Tactless and Rebellious

Aquarians are rarely deliberately cruel, but their tactlessness and emotional obliviousness combined with their natural contrariness can be upsetting to more sensitive individuals. There is also a strong streak of anarchy to the Aquarian personality.

Aquarians are rebellious and freedom loving, which causes them to reject any form of authority. The positive side of this drive to question established orders can manifest as a tendency stick up for the underdog, protest injustice, get involved in causes and humanitarian activities, and even work to overthrow oppressive governments and institutions.

Aquarians’ zealous love of democracy and freedom often spills over into their personal lives. Aquarians will not tolerate anyone who seeks to possess or restrain them. Relationships with jealous types are usually doomed to failure.

The Atypical Aquarius

The sun sign isn’t the only element that influences personality. Aspects and planetary placements, particularly the moon sign and rising sign (ascendant), are also important. For example, an Aquarius with Taurus rising will be more stable, domestic, and practical, and Pisces rising makes an Aquarius more sensitive and intuitive.

There are many websites that offer free chart calculation to determine other planetary placements and aspects. Learning these other planetary placements is recommended, as it provides a more comprehensive personality profile.

Aquarius Ruling Planet: Uranus

Symbol: the water bearer

Element: air

Quality: fixed

Metal: platinum

Gemstones: aquamarine, garnet (January), amethyst (February)

Parts of the Body: achilles tendon, circulatory system, shins, ankles, calves

Number: 4

Places Associated with Aquarius: Sweden, Poland, Zimbabwe, USSR, Ethiopia, Moscow, Hamburg, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Salzburg

Animals: stag, seahorse, large birds

Trees: pine, rowan, ash

Plants and Herbs: comfrey, mandrake, hemp, cannabis, pansies, sorrel, moss

Foods: spinach, parsnip

Colours: electric blue, purple

Other Aquarius Associations: science fiction, gadgets, astronomy, conspiracy theories, humanitarian activities, debates, airplanes, space ships, inventions, modern conveniences, progress, protests, revolutions, rebellions, sociology, computers, radios, archaeology, games, physics, bicycles, comics, electronic equipment, lava lamps, neon, psychedelic art and drugs, engineering, democracy, change, chaos

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