Astrology: Virgo Compatibility with Pisces

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These two signs are often drawn to one another because each has what the other lacks, and the Virgo-Pisces match can be either sheer bliss or a source of perpetual aggravation. There is usually no middle ground with this pairing.

Pisces and Virgo are opposite signs of the zodiac and they have very different outlooks on life, but both are self-sacrificing on behalf of others, so they tend to be very generous toward those they care about. Pisceans are naturally innovative, creative, or spiritual, which are all good complements to Virgo’s rational outlook, so these two individuals can open one another’s minds to new perspectives. In addition, tolerant Pisces will probably let Virgo organize their home if these two live together, which is critical to Virgo’s peace of mind. On the other hand, Piscean vagueness and escapist tendencies may irritate Virgo, and Virgo’s exacting and critical nature could be stressful for Pisces.

In a best-case scenario, Virgo will provide the stability and healthy environment that Pisces needs, and Pisces will help Virgo open up and experience life more fully. Virgo will curb the worst Piscean excesses, and Pisces will help Virgo loosen up and be a little decadent from time to time. However, in a worst-case scenario, Virgo will find Pisces chaotic, unstable, and deceptive (or self-deceptive), while Pisces finds Virgo cold and cruel. Much will depend on other elements in their natal zodiacs.

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Virgo and Pisces usually have some common ground in terms of lifestyle preferences. Both need plenty of time alone to refresh their minds, and both thrive in calm, peaceful environments. This means that they are less likely to clash over preferred activities and overall lifestyle choices. When they do come into conflict, it is more likely to occur because Pisces perceives Virgo as harsh and distant or Virgo feels that Pisces is being impractical and selfish.

Because these two individuals perceive and interact with the world in such different ways, it can be difficult for each to understand where the other is coming from, and as a result, they are likely to misinterpret one another’s motives. To make this relationship work, these two will have to make an effort to understand one another’s perspectives and avoid jumping to conclusions in response to statements or behaviors they do not understand. Communication and compromise will be the keys to success for this pairing. In addition, Virgo will need to develop a softer approach to criticism, and Pisces will have to work on becoming less emotionally reactive.

Note: There is more to astrological compatibility than sun signs alone. Other elements in a person’s natal zodiac also play a role. Ascendants (rising signs), moon signs, and other planetary placements and aspects also shape personality and affect compatibility. For example, a Capricorn with Leo rising will be more extroverted than a typical Capricorn, and a Taurus with Aries rising or the moon in Sagittarius will be more compatible with Sagittarius than a typical Taurus. For more information on other natal chart elements, see Astrology Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

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