Astrology: Virgo Compatibility with Libra

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These two signs usually get along reasonably well. Both tend to be fastidious and intellectually focused. Also, Virgo is not particularly possessive and has a higher tolerance for Libra’s flirting than those of many other signs, and Libra can tolerate Virgo’s fussiness because Libras are not inclined to quibble over details, so they tend to let Virgos have their way over the small issues. Both signs tend to be diplomatic and they share an intense dislike of conflict, which reduces the likelihood of fights. However, there are significant differences in lifestyle preferences and the ways in which these two signs relate to the world that may create problems.

Libras tend to be highly sociable. They enjoy mixing with others and sharing ideas. Although Virgos also seek the intellectual stimulation of discussion and debate, they are quick to tire of the endless rounds of socializing that Libras usually prefer and have little patience for gatherings where small talk is the norm. A typical Libra could happily spend every night at a party or a pub, or in some other venue with friends and plenty of new people to mix things up. A typical Virgo, on the other hand, needs plenty of time alone to recharge and prefers smaller gatherings of long-time companions to a raucous crowd. Social orientations will be brought into better alignment if the Libra has a more introverted rising sign or the Virgo has a more gregarious ascendant.

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Libras are also romantic idealists, which can clash with Virgo’s tendency toward realism (sensible Virgo may burst Libra’s bubbles of optimism from time to time). Another potential source of conflict between these two signs is that Libra is more likely to be open-minded and non-judgemental, while Virgo tends to be skeptical and analytical. Also, Libras crave flattery and crumble under criticism, and Virgos can be quite direct (they are not inclined to stroke egos). This can lead to a situation where Libra is easily charmed by someone else who is more complimentary, or Virgo leaves in search of someone who requires less bolstering.

Another problem with this pairing is that Libra likes to spend money on a good time (and on looking good), while Virgo tends to be more practical and cautious with money. In a worst-case scenario, Virgo will find Libra shallow, frivolous, and self-indulgent, while Libra finds Virgo uptight and repressive. However, in a best-case scenario, Libra will adopt some of Virgo’s common sense, and Virgo’s hidden sensuality will be brought to the surface by Libra’s warm, affectionate nature. This pair will always have lots of interesting things to talk about and they will probably find one another’s minds fascinating, even if living together requires a significant amount of compromise.

Note: There is more to astrological compatibility than sun signs alone. Other elements in a person’s natal zodiac also play a role. Ascendants (rising signs), moon signs, and other planetary placements and aspects also shape personality and affect compatibility. For example, a Capricorn with Leo rising will be more extroverted than a typical Capricorn, and a Taurus with Aries rising or the moon in Sagittarius will be more compatible with Sagittarius than a typical Taurus. For more information on other natal chart elements, see Astrology Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

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