Astrology: Cancer Compatibility with Pisces

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This can be a beautiful relationship, assuming that there are no serious addictions involved (both Cancer and Pisces are prone to addictive behavior). Unless their ascendants incline them toward harsher temperaments, these two water signs tend to be sensitive, compassionate, caring, creative, and idealistic. Both crave stability and substance in a relationship and both are profoundly intuitive, particularly when it comes to those they care about. A very deep emotional bond can be formed between these two signs.

Both Cancer and Pisces are highly empathic, so they’ll understand one another’s needs and show each other the gentleness and consideration each requires. Cancer will offer the security, stability, and protectiveness Pisces needs to feel safe, and Pisces will provide the romance and affection that Cancer requires to feel emotionally secure. Unless other elements in their natal zodiacs are highly incompatible, this should be a harmonious connection.

Despite the many strengths of this match, there are a few potential problems. Cancers tend to seek strong partners, and Pisceans are usually soft-hearted and gentle (though they may develop a tough exterior to hide this). Although Piscean gentleness is actually more compatible with Cancer’s nature, some Cancers won’t respect it. Also, because Cancer and Pisces are both emotionally reactive, they can be upset by even the most innocent remarks, resulting in constant emotional turmoil with a bad pairing. There are also differences in how widely these two spread their circles of compassion. Loyal Cancers tend to focus their energies on close friends and family, whereas Pisceans make no distinctions, taking in and nurturing any lost strays that come their way (which makes them vulnerable to becoming emotionally entangled with unscrupulous individuals). However, the greatest risk with this pairing is that if the Cancer-Pisces romance turns sour, these two emotionally perceptive individuals will know how to wound each other deeply. But despite these risks, the compatibility tends to be high with this match, so cruelty is less likely.

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In a best-case scenario, Cancer and Pisces will have a warm, devoted, emotionally rewarding romantic relationship or friendship. They will understand each other’s fluctuating moods and need for regular reassurance, and they won’t be stingy about providing this support. Even if they both suffer a bleak mood at the same time, one will probably rally to support the other as both signs tend to be emotionally generous and self-sacrificing on behalf of their partners. Also, because these two individuals both tend to be creative or nature-loving (or both), they are likely to have some shared interests that will make their time together enjoyable and keep their bond strong.

Note: There is more to astrological compatibility than sun signs alone. Other elements in a person’s natal zodiac also play a role. Ascendants (rising signs), moon signs, and other planetary placements and aspects also shape personality and affect compatibility. For example, a Capricorn with Leo rising will be more extroverted than a typical Capricorn, and a Taurus with Aries rising or the moon in Sagittarius will be more compatible with Sagittarius than a typical Taurus. For more information on other natal chart elements, see Astrology Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

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