Astrology: Aries Compatibility with Virgo

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This is among the most challenging combinations for both signs. Virgo caution and practicality clashes with Aries recklessness; Virgo’s tendency to criticize triggers the infamous Aries rebelliousness; and the Aries tendency toward exuberant (and sometimes inappropriate) public behavior can distress modest, quiet Virgo. Overall, these two signs are so drastically different from one another that it is difficult for them to get along or see eye to eye on anything unless their ascendants and moon signs are more compatible.

Virgo tends to be analytical and pragmatic, while Aries is restless and impulsive. Aries may grow impatient with Virgo’s tendency to think things through carefully and weigh all the pros and cons of any decision before making it, while Virgo will be distressed by the Arian tendency to throw caution to the winds. Lifestyle preferences may also be a source of friction, as Virgo is more drawn to the natural world, solitary pursuits, and the inner world of the mind, whereas the typical Aries wants more social experiences.

Virgo and Aries may find some common ground based on Virgo’s desire to stay active, which is compatible with the Aries need for action. If a Virgo enjoys hiking or athletic pursuits, these two can share outdoor adventures, and if the Aries social drive leads to intellectually stimulating interactions, Virgo will want to participate. In a best-case scenario, these two will open one another’s minds to new ideas and ways of living, cultivating a balance of their best traits while minimizing their less appealing attributes. In a worst-case scenario, Aries will find Virgo cold and unknowable, while Virgo will find Aries selfish and irritating.

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The most significant problem with the Aries-Virgo match is that both will want to do things their own way and neither is likely to give in, which can make living together stressful (unless one or both individuals have more compromising ascendants). On the other hand, Virgo’s lack of jealousy allows Aries more personal freedom than many other signs will comfortably grant their partners, so this pairing does have some potential if other elements in their natal zodiacs are more compatible.

Note: There is more to astrological compatibility than sun signs alone. Other elements in a person’s natal zodiac also play a role. Ascendants (rising signs), moon signs, and other planetary placements and aspects also shape personality and affect compatibility. For example, a Capricorn with Leo rising will be more extroverted than a typical Capricorn, and a Taurus with Aries rising or the moon in Sagittarius will be more compatible with Sagittarius than a typical Taurus. For more information on other natal chart elements, see Astrology Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

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