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Intellectual rather than emotional by nature, the Virgo-moon person has a sharp, incisive mind and a pragmatic outlook.

The lunar Virgo is rational, thoughtful, and analytical, with a good memory and the ability to learn quickly and put knowledge to good practical use.

The Virgo Moon Is Pragmatic in Love and Friendship

The Virgo moon brings practicality to the emotional side of life. The Virgo-moon person learns from experience and applies this knowledge in the future, so he is unlikely to make the same mistake twice.

Unsentimental and realistic, lunar Virgos can let things go – whether those things are relationships that have soured or beliefs that have been disproved by solid evidence. It may seem cold to others the way they can walk away without a backward glance, but most Virgo-moon people are far too pragmatic to cling to anything that is not working.

The Virgo-moon person’s analysis of others can seem harsh at times, for she is not prone to idealism or glossing over the shortcomings of others. However, this enables her to make good decisions and give good advice, as her judgment is unclouded by sentimentality.

For the lunar Virgo, attractions are often as intellectual as they are emotional, and intelligence is far more of a draw than passion. Virgo-moon people are not particularly romantic, so love is shown through tangible actions, such as preparing a nice meal or patiently caring for someone who is ill, rather than with flowery words or splashy romantic gestures.

Lunar Virgos Tend to Be Industrious Perfectionists

Unless the sun or ascendant falls in a more easy-going sign, Virgo-moon people tend to be very reliable. Most show up on time, work hard, and require little supervision.

Lunar Virgos have a particular knack for increasing the efficiency of processes, both at work and in the home, and tend to avoid engaging in nasty gossip or office politics. When they do talk about others, it usually stems from a desire to understand some facet of psychology rather than to damage another person’s reputation. However, they are perfectionists, and as such, hold themselves to high standards and can be very critical of both themselves and others.

Virgo-Moon People Are Humble and Undemanding

Virgo-moon people aren’t inclined to fish for compliments or demand attention, and they tend to underestimate their own abilities, which can cause them to appear to be unambitious underachievers. A Virgo-moon person may have many talents that others are not aware of because he rarely (if ever) engages in self-promotion. His talents exist to solve problems and improve processes, not to gain recognition from others.

Virgo-moon people achieve security through attending to the small details that keep life organized – tidying up, paying bills, and running errands. They are happiest when they have established predictable routines, and when under extreme stress or unhappy with life, intolerance of disorder can reach fanatical proportions, making the individual overly controlling in the home.

Lunar Virgos need to be useful, and are at their best when they have the opportunity to help others in some way. They apply their considerable practical talents to caring for and sorting out the lives of those closest, and many also seek out volunteer work or gravitate toward professions where they can provide practical assistance and care.

Lunar Virgos Are Emotionally Reserved

Unless the sun or ascendant fall in a more flamboyant sign, the Virgo-moon person is unlikely to engage in dramatic emotional scenes, throw tantrums, or otherwise behave in an undignified manner. Reserved and classy, she is firmly in control of her emotions, and is put off by those who lack this control. If there are problems, she wants to seek practical solutions rather than wasting energy on emotional displays.

Because the moon-in-Virgo person tends to keep a poker face even during the most emotionally intense exchanges, he can come across as cold or standoffish. However, this apparent detachment usually stems from fear of embarrassment and discomfort with emotional expression, rather than indifference.

The Virgo-moon person is often far more insecure than she lets on. Lack of confidence is common with this placement, as many Virgo-moon people are treated unfairly or even coldly in childhood. As a result, when hurt, they are more inclined to suffer in silence than to complain and seek attention and comfort.

Because Virgo-moon people tend to over-think things, they can have difficulty understanding their own emotions. It may be hard for them to fathom why they feel or behave the way they do in certain situations, and to trace these instinctive responses back to childhood experiences.

While not inclined toward histrionics, the lunar Virgo can be extremely argumentative, picking apart the statements of others with his cold, brutal logic. Even when he is right, his approach is often not right for the situation. However, this apparent cruelty usually stems more from the lunar Virgo’s difficulty in understanding the feelings of others than a desire to cause harm.

Virgo-Moon People Are Health Conscious

With the Virgo moon, health and hygiene concerns are enhanced. On the positive side, this creates a tendency toward cleanliness, good nutrition, regular exercise, and avoidance of addictive substances, but the negative expression of this trait may include hypochondria, germ phobias, and other neurotic problems.

Health-conscious and intellectual, the Virgo moon favours occupations related to health care, nutrition, scientific pursuits (particularly chemistry), and teaching.

Famous People with the Moon in Virgo

Some famous people with the moon in Virgo include:

    • Andrew Carnegie
    • Courtney Cox
    • Edward M. Kennedy
    • Ingrid Bergman
    • J. Pierpont Morgan
    • Jean-Claude Van Damme
    • John F. Kennedy
    • Katharine Hepburn
    • Leo Tolstoy
    • Madonna
    • Marlene Dietrich
    • Richard Burton
    • Shirley MacLaine
    • William Faulkner
    • William Randolph Hearst
    • Winston Churchill

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  1. Lunar virgo man is the most misunderstood person and being exploited
    for his sincerity ans honesty. He can go to an y extent in helping people
    and sharing their feelings. He is very orderly, and gets perturbed when
    the system is disturbed. The Moon virgo man likes company and has a
    vast knowledge in almost all the subjects. He is frank and wish others to
    be frank.

    He suffers in the initial age and slowly regain his status in the later half
    of his life. He is a good orator and regards and respects elders. He is
    an able administrator and will be more efficient under somebody.

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