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Taurus-moon people tend to be kind, easy-going, and emotionally stable, though somewhat stubborn and resistant to change.

The Taurus moon is more emotionally stable than most, and not prone to extremes except under very unusual circumstances. Reliable, pleasant, and acquisitive, Taurus-moon people achieve emotional security through their connection with the material world, and have a tendency to attract the good things in life.

Moon-in-Taurus People Crave Cozy Domesticity

Moon-in-Taurus people find security through establishing a solid home base and putting down roots. A consistent, well-organized life is the basis for happiness, and so the moon-in-Taurus person finds change-loving, unreliable, or emotionally volatile people not just annoying, but vaguely threatening.

The moon-in-Taurus person is usually happiest with a reliable long-term partner who can offer stability and help create an attractive, comfortable home. Good characteristics in a romantic partner include a strong aesthetic sense, appreciation for sensory pleasures, and financial savvy. Economic security is critical to Taurean emotional security, so those who are financially irresponsible are not a good match for this individual.

Taurus-moon people are highly sensual and gravitate toward the luxurious, both within their homes and in the outside world. Most are nature lovers, and hiking, picnics, and other outdoor pursuits in beautiful surroundings have a soothing effect. Taurus-moon people are also sociable, but prefer small gatherings of friends at home or in restaurants or pubs to large, chaotic, noisy parties.

Moon in Taurus Creates an Easy-Going Nature

Moon-in-Taurus people tend to be affable, courteous, and undemanding. They are slow to anger, unless the sun or ascendant fall in more volatile signs such as Aries or Gemini, but also slow to forgive serious offenses, and inclined to bear grudges. While those who cross a Taurus-moon person may be surprised by the wrath of this otherwise pleasant, easy-going individual, most will find her easy to get along with as she tends to be tolerant of the quirks and idiosyncrasies of others and not inclined to make a fuss over most things.

The one exception to an otherwise placid nature is a tendency to be ambitious. Unless the sun or ascendant fall in less reliable signs, Taurus-moon people tend to have excellent work ethics and thus a high potential for success.

Dependable and not at all capricious, Taurus-moon people are usually solid friends, partners, and employees. An intuitive sense of others’ feelings along with a tendency toward compassion make the Taurus-moon friend or lover a sympathetic and patient listener.

Moon in Taurus Creates a Preference for the Concrete over the Abstract

Moon-in-Taurus people tend to prefer the concrete to the abstract – a work of art depicting a nature scene or a beautiful piece of architecture is far more appealing than one designed to make a political statement. Their finely developed sensory perception often supports a talent for practical crafts or music, but also creates a tendency to overindulge the senses, particularly when under stress, which can lead to weight gain or addiction.

Taurus-moon people do best in occupations that focus on the tangible, working directly with products, structures, or other material objects rather than in fields such as communication or marketing, unless the sun or ascendant are in more extroverted signs. The Taurus moon also favours work related to the natural world, such farming, or anything connected with food and drink.

Taurus-Moon People Resist Change

Those with the moon in Taurus have a tendency to cling to comforting routines. They find change extremely destabilizing, and are inclined to panic and dig in their heels when it threatens. The fear of change is so profound that they may even deny or repress feelings or impulses that don’t fit with their established belief systems, as to acknowledge them might require making changes to those cherished beliefs. It is helpful for the Taurus moon person to have people in his life who gently expose him to new experiences and activities in a nonthreatening manner.

Fear of change is likely the underlying cause of the possessiveness and jealousy that so often afflicts the Taurus moon. Any perceived threat to a friendship or romantic relationship evokes more than the usual anxiety or anger – on a subconscious level, it is perceived as life-threatening. For this reason, those with the moon in Taurus are inclined to stay too long in unhappy relationships, though once they do break it off, they are unlikely to come back.

Taurus-moon people are not at all impressionable; rather, they take time in forming their opinions and so are difficult to manipulate. Decision-making is a ponderous affair for this moon sign, as much time is spent in contemplation, weighing all the options. However, once a choice has been made, it is nearly impossible for anyone to change the Taurus-moon person’s mind.

The greatest challenge faced by those with the moon in Taurus is the need to become more flexible and to move beyond their security cravings in order to explore their broader potentials. However, on the positive side, the aversion to change makes the Taurus-moon person more reliable and less likely to provide friends, family, and romantic partners with nasty surprises or abandon them in times of crisis.

Famous People with the Moon in Taurus

Some famous people with the moon in Taurus include:

    • Barry Goldwater
    • Billy Graham
    • Brendan Frasier
    • Cameron Diaz
    • Christina Aguilera
    • Edgar Cayce
    • Elton John
    • F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • Fred Astaire
    • Gregory Peck
    • Greta Garbo
    • Joe Namath
    • John Milton
    • Karl Marx
    • Mick Jagger
    • Peter Sellers
    • Robert Downey Jr.
    • Ronald Reagan
    • William Shakespeare

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