Moon in Leo

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Passionate, optimistic, and assertive, Leo-moon people have a strong desire to seek the spotlight and make their mark upon the world.

The Leo moon is known for vitality, warmth, charisma, creativity, and the ability to entertain. This placement often creates a show-biz personality, and many Leo-moon people have a talent for acting, athletics, artistic pursuits, or organizing and hosting events.

Leo-Moon People Need Attention and Appreciation

Leo-moon people like to be the center of attention. They require a higher-than-average level of appreciation from those around them in order to feel secure, but most earn this by being generous and helpful.

With the negative expression of the Leo moon, the ego may be overinflated, the personality conceited and overbearing, and the habits self-indulgent. The positive expression, by contrast, turns the Leo ambition and energy outward, motivating the individual to achieve recognition by doing something significant for others, such as engaging in charitable work or organizing fundraising events.

A particular vulnerability of the Moon-in-Leo placement is vanity. The craving for compliments can blind the individual to the faults or malicious intentions of those who flatter him. There is also usually a particular love of luxury and affluence, as well as an appreciation for appearances, which may cause the Moon-in-Leo person to choose style over substance in his companions, inevitably leading to disappointment.

Charming and good-humoured, with a tendency to be open, sociable, and sincere, moon-in-Leo people usually have no trouble attracting friends and lovers, and their cheerful exuberance can have an uplifting effect on those around them.

Moon in Leo Enhances Leadership and Organizational Skills

Ambitious, self-reliant, and self-confident, the Leo-moon person has a strong desire to make her mark upon the world. This increases the likelihood that she will ascend to positions of leadership, both socially and in her career. The tendency to confront problems immediately and directly rather than avoiding them also suits Leo-moon people to managerial positions.

The moon-in-Leo person usually enjoys taking on a leadership role and doesn’t shy away from responsibility. He is extremely ambitious, with a strong need to impress others in a big way. Without achieving something noteworthy, he feels unfulfilled.

Many Moon-in-Leo people have excellent organizational skills, and they can be somewhat controlling and bossy because they have confidence in their own strategies. This lack of diplomacy or unwillingness to share control can lead to friction with others. With the moon in Leo, this friction is most likely to occur in the home, as the moon rules over the domestic sphere.

The Moon-in-Leo Temperament is Passionate and Intense

Unless the sun or ascendant fall in more pragmatic signs, Leo-moon people are natural romantics who tend to be generous, impulsive, and idealistic in love and friendship. Many Moon-in-Leo people put their lovers up on pedestals from which they inevitably fall.

It is often difficult for the Leo-moon person to see others as they really are. Instead, she is inclined to gloss over the negative traits of those she likes and see nothing but evil in an enemy. While most people do this to some degree, this tendency is more pronounced with the Leo moon, which tends to view things in terms of extremes.

The Moon-in-Leo person is prone to dramatic emotional displays or sulking when slighted, unless the sun or ascendant fall in a more reserved sign, such as Virgo or Capricorn. However, such emotional scenes are usually played out in a private space such as the home, because the Leo-moon person can’t bear to appear undignified in public.

Although the Leo-moon person is inclined to be possessive and jealous, he is also flirtatious. This is not necessarily a desire to cheat on a partner, but rather a craving for admiration. Also, because their need for appreciation causes Leo-moon people to strive for the spotlight and make impulsive decisions, both fame and notoriety are more likely with this placement.

The Leo-moon person often makes decisions based on her emotions rather than her intellect, regardless of her intelligence, so choices tend to be made recklessly. For this reason, the Leo-moon person is usually more responsive to emotional arguments than rational ones, so the best way to change her mind is to change the way she feels about something, rather than what she thinks about it.

Despite their intensity, Leo-moon people tend to be optimistic in outlook. The idea of limitations is rejected, and there is a strong belief in the capacity to make things happen if the individual puts forth sufficient effort. This optimism, combined with a love of expensive objects and pastimes, means that money is often spent carelessly, particularly when the person is under stress. Financial problems may result, though the Moon-in-Leo person usually has a talent for generating money when needed.

Given the passionate intensity associated with the moon in Leo, pride and honour are particularly important. As such, the Leo-moon individual may be drawn to careers or pastimes where such factors are emphasized, such as military service or team sports.

Famous People with the Moon in Leo

Some famous people with the moon in Leo include:

    • Anna Kournikova
    • Barbara Streisand
    • James Joyce
    • Jonathon Frakes
    • Julia Roberts
    • Katie Holmes
    • Mao Tse-tung
    • Margaret Chase Smith
    • Marlene Dietrich
    • Martin Sheen
    • Moshe Dayan
    • Oscar Wilde
    • P.T. Barnum
    • Paul McCartney
    • Pearl Buck
    • Peter O’Toole
    • Prince Philip of England
    • Queen Elizabeth II of England
    • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    • Renee Zellweger
    • Susan Hayward
    • Tom Cruise
    • Tom Selleck

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