Moon in Capricorn

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Cautious, practical, and self-disciplined, lunar Capricorns are inclined to work hard during their earlier years and find fulfillment later in life.

Lunar Capricorns are blessed with impressive will power, executive talent, and leadership ability, but often suffer from low self-esteem.

Moon-in-Capricorn People Are Emotionally Cautious

Deep down, moon-in-Capricorn people have a terror of being disrespected or unloved, and so they rarely let their guard down until they are very sure of other people. Because of this fear, it often takes them a long time to become comfortable with their romantic partners, or even their friends. Their reserve may be mistaken for coldness or stand-offishness, and this can prevent them from becoming close to others, particularly when they are younger. True love often comes later in life for the lunar Capricorn.

Lunar Capricorns are quite sensitive, and they are terrified of abandonment and humiliation, so they avoid showing any vulnerability to the world. Because of this wariness, it is difficult for them to open up and trust other people. However, those who are willing to take the time and do the work of drawing the lunar Capricorn out will be rewarded by discovering surprising hidden depths.

Those with Capricorn prominent in their natal charts tend to be classy, emotionally stable, and not prone to dramatic scenes or undignified behaviour, and they find such behaviours extremely off-putting in others. However, despite their emotional reserve, lunar Capricorns are known for their wonderfully dry sense of humour.

Moon-in-Capricorn people are often somewhat solitary by nature, unless the sun or ascendant fall in a more extroverted sign. When they do form associations, they tend to keep their commitments to friends and lovers, and they usually put as much into their relationships as they get out of them (in some cases even more). They are quick to offer practical assistance to those around them, and such promises are not just empty words. Capricorn-moon people back their statements with solid actions.

Capricorn-Moon People Often Have Difficult Childhoods

Those with Capricorn prominent in their charts tend to be very hard on themselves, particularly when they are young. Low self-esteem, insecurity, or even depression is common for lunar Capricorns, and this can usually be traced to their childhood experiences.

The Capricorn-moon child tends to be older than his years, and as an adult, becomes more youthful as he grows older. Childhood is a serious time, characterized by hardship of some sort. Because their childhoods cause them to expect that life will be difficult, lunar Capricorns seek safety through making sensible decisions, planning for the future, and leaving nothing to chance.

Capricorn-moon children are often expected to take on responsibilities beyond their years and are not given the sympathy or affection they deserve. This early emotional deprivation can have either positive or negative effects on the personality. In its negative aspect, the Capricorn moon creates a rigid, opinionated, materialistic, authoritarian, and pessimistic personality. In its positive aspect, childhood troubles build character, creating a responsible, disciplined, patient, committed, and determined nature.

Young adulthood is often a time of unhappiness for Capricorn-moon people, but true happiness can be found as they grow older. This unique reverse-aging effect of Capricorn can make the later years a very positive time.

Lunar Capricorns Are Self-Disciplined and Hardworking

Security for lunar Capricorns comes through earning the respect and loyalty of others, and they have a deep-seated need to feel productive and useful. This creates an achievement-oriented personality, characterized by self-discipline and a strong work ethic. Ambitious, well-organized, and hardworking, the lunar Capricorn sees plans through to completion and achieves the goals she sets for herself. Strong leadership ability often comes with this placement.

Lunar Capricorns seek practical knowledge that they can put to good use. As an earth sign, Capricorn favours practical application over vague theory, and lunar Capricorns do not just talk about their big plans – they put them into action.

Although Capricorn is not creative on its own, combined with an innovative sign such as Aquarius, there is the potential for brilliant invention with the follow-through required to make it work. The inventor Thomas Edison had the sun in Aquarius and moon in Capricorn.

Lunar Capricorns tend to be responsible and reliable unless the sun or ascendant fall in a more laid back sign. They often have talents in the areas of business and finance, and they tend to be cautious, prudent, and shrewd with money.

The Capricorn self-discipline also creates a tendency to engage in regular exercise. Lunar Capricorns often prefer solitary athletic pursuits, although a strong sense of duty and impressive will power also suit them to team sports.

Moon-in-Capricorn people appear supremely competent and in control, even when suffering emotional turmoil. They can perform impressively at work and keep their home lives well-organized even when suffering extreme stress, though they may engage in a variety of obsessive-compulsive behaviours when under pressure.

With their self-control and strong work ethic, lunar Capricorns often impress those in positions of authority and power, and ascend to such positions themselves.

Famous People with the Moon in Capricorn

Some famous people with the moon in Capricorn include:

    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Adolf Hitler
    • Benjamin Bratt
    • Brad Pitt
    • Cher
    • David Letterman
    • Dick Cavett
    • Ernest Hemmingway
    • Felix Frankfurter
    • Gene Kelly
    • George Washington
    • James Earl Jones
    • John Glenn
    • Johnny Carson
    • Johnny Depp
    • Margot Fonteyn
    • Matt Damon
    • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Ozzy Osbourne
    • Robert Kennedy
    • Sarah Jessica Parker
    • Thomas Alva Edison

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