Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Virgo

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Traditional astrologers believe that Virgos are most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn; somewhat compatible with Libra; and less compatible with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces, but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say?

Mathematician Gunter Sachs (1998) conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce. Castille (2000) conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between 1976 and 1997, which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below.

Marriage: Virgo Men

The Sachs Study

In Switzerland, Virgo men marry Virgo women more often than those of any other sign, and divorce Aries at an above-average rate. There were no statistically significant results for the signs Virgo men are least likely to marry or  divorce.

The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Virgo men (* indicates that the result is statistically significant – in other words, the effect was too large to attribute to random chance):

    1. Virgo*
    2. Scorpio
    3. Taurus
    4. Libra
    5. Sagittarius
    6. Capricorn (Capricorn and Cancer had the same marriage rate)
    7. Cancer
    8. Gemini
    9. Leo
    10. Aquarius
    11. Pisces
    12. Aries

As expected, Virgos pair up most frequently with other Virgos, which suggests that shared attitudes, interests, or lifestyle preferences bring them together.

It’s also unsurprising that Virgo men are more likely to divorce Aries women. Aries is an assertive (in some cases combative) sign, and a typical Aries seeks excitement and enjoys taking risks, while Virgo is inclined toward caution and practicality.  Virgo may find Aries irresponsible, while Aries believes that Virgo is unnecessarily fussy or or cautious. Aries also tends to be passionate and expressive, whereas Virgo dislikes emotional scenes.

The Castille Study

Castille found that Virgo men are most likely to marry Virgo women and least likely to marry Aries women. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Virgo men (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Virgo*
    2. Leo
    3. Libra
    4. Sagittarius
    5. Scorpio
    6. Cancer
    7. Taurus
    8. Capricorn
    9. Gemini
    10. Pisces
    11. Aquarius
    12. Aries*

Although Virgo and Aries may be less likely to make it to the altar because they tend to have very different lifestyle preferences and ways of interacting, if members of a Virgo-Aries pair have more compatible rising signs or moon signs, opposing tendencies will be minimized and compatibility will be much higher.

Marriage: Virgo Women

Sachs Study

Sachs found that Virgo women marry Virgo men most often, and that they are least likely to marry a Pisces (Virgo’s opposite sign). There were no statistically significant results for who Virgo women are most or least likely to divorce. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Virgo women (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Virgo*
    2. Aquarius
    3. Cancer
    4. Leo
    5. Aries
    6. Capricorn
    7. Scorpio
    8. Taurus
    9. Sagittarius
    10. Libra
    11. Gemini
    12. Pisces*

Finding Pisces at the bottom of the list is expected, as these two signs have very different ways of relating to the world and to their partners. Virgo tends to be rational and emotionally detached, whereas Pisces experiences intense feelings that may be difficult for Virgo to deal with or even comprehend. Pisces might find Virgo cold, closed off, and unaffectionate, whereas Virgo may view Pisces as impractical, unrealistic, and naïve. However, if other elements in their natal zodiacs, such as their moon and rising signs, are more compatible, romantic prospects will be improved for this sun-sign pair.

Castille Study

The Castille study also found the highest rates of marriage between Virgo women and Virgo men. However, he also found that Virgo women in France are least likely to marry Aquarius men. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Virgo women (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Virgo*
    2. Libra
    3. Leo
    4. Taurus
    5. Scorpio
    6. Cancer
    7. Pisces
    8. Gemini
    9. Aries
    10. Capricorn
    11. Sagittarius
    12. Aquarius*

Seeing Aquarius at the bottom of the list is unsurprising because there is great potential for conflict between these two signs. Aquarius is one of the least practical signs of the zodiac, which will aggravate Virgo, and Aquarians tend to be sociable whereas Virgos are often lone wolves who like their privacy (the exception to this rule is a Virgo with a more extroverted rising sign). To make matters worse, Aquarians have low boredom thresholds and may gravitate to impractical or even risky life choices to keep things interesting, whereas Virgos are usually far too sensible to upend their lives on a whim. However, there is some common ground as both signs tend to be progressive and intellectually oriented, so if their rising or moon signs are more compatible, this can be an interesting match.

The Best Match for Virgo

The best match for Virgos of either gender appears to be another Virgo, whereas Aries may be the most problematic match for Virgo men and Pisces or Aquarius for Virgo women. However, Virgos who find themselves romantically entangled with one of the less compatible signs should not despair. Plenty of relationships and marriages between supposedly incompatible signs have lasted.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are statistical tendencies; this doesn’t mean that every romance between incompatible signs is doomed. For example, out of 6,498,320 marriages encompassing all possible sign combinations in the Castille study, there were 972 more marriages between Virgo men and Virgo women than would be expected if sun signs had no effect, whereas between Virgo men and Aries women, there were 633 fewer marriages than would be expected if pairings were random. However, there still were many marriages between the supposedly least compatible signs.

Astrology is complex, and there is more to take into account than just sun signs. Two people with incompatible sun signs may have highly compatible rising signs or moon signs that can make the difference between a bad match and a good match with a bit of an “edge” that keeps things interesting.

An updated version of this article is available here: Virgo Marriage, Divorce, and Compatibility Studies

*The methodology of the Sachs study has been criticized and it remains controversial. I have found no critiques of the Castille study thus far.

Further Reading

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275 thoughts on “Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Virgo”

    1. The best relationships I had were with a a Scorpio. We would have lasted if not for his PTSD.
      I believe my soulmate was a Gemini. I will admit he ran me crazy with his lateness. I have never felt so loved than with him.

          1. Wow that’s really good to know I’m a virgo girl I’m madly in love with an Aries guy we dated for just one month and two weeks I was so crazy about him I have never love a guy like that all my life I gave him my virginity just to protect the relationship because he love sex a lot and I don’t want him to leave me or cheat on me because of that but that was a big mistake because that doesn’t stop the relationship from falling apart even though he told me that he love me then I later find out that he was cheating on me he lie to me about everything I didn’t discover early because of the love I have for him I was ready to do anything just to protect my relationship with him I love him beyond all fault I didn’t pay attention to people when they told me that he is a play boy because I know that we all have our bad side but I couldn’t take it anymore when he started showing me that I didn’t matter to him.i was really hurt and I decided to end the relationship I thought I will be able to recover if I break up with him but it more than a month now and I have not recover yet the worst part is that I have not be able to love another guy he’s the only one that I love even up till now I still cry everyday I later find out that he is my true love I have checked many places and it still bringing back the same result that he is my true love but after checking the compatibility between a virgo and an Aries it really worried me alot I’m really confused right now

        1. No Capricorn are the one’s for me well one Capricorn does it for me and I would marry he is the one! Virgo and Capricorn highly compatibility….???

          1. Definitely a high combatibilty, virgos are very loyal and caps are very affectionate and open about how much they are in love, as a virgo, we can be less open about things when it comes to emotions and love (we tend to keep our hand to ourselves) and capricorns make us normalize being the opposite.. we feel quite safe with them which is a feeling we truly value so we tend to hold on to the rare ppl who make us feel like this. In addition, Capricorns can feel ur love, virgo.. u don’t even need to say it, they are quite understanding and persistent/determined so they will see ur relationship thru to the VERY end, if there is one. Overall, great love, communication, and trust in this pairing. I personally dated a Capricorn for years and probably would have married him as well if he didn’t have trauma that got in between our relationship.. o well lol

        2. Oh boy Virgo and Aries are a HORRIBLE match, personally and professionally. Virgo and Taurus, on the other hand, is an AMAZING match.

          1. its so weird but taurus didn’t match for me lol, idk maybe cos of same sexuality and other birth charts but yeah I just find them a lil boring, but nonetheless their loving.. but not for marriage purpose “for me” (this is for my own exp, just sharing tho)

      1. I myself are Gemini, and my fiance is virgo. Ive never falling in love so fast with a woman. These stats need to be updated. Gemini and virgo are changing the world

          1. I’m a Virgo male and fell in love- madly in love with a Gemini. Lasted 2 years. Over a year has gone by- she is still constantly on my mind. We were ill-matched. A Taurus how much safer Union for longevity. It is possible I guess that a female Virgo and male Gemini are more compatible than the other way around

          1. I feel you Al, my parents are still together – 80 years!!!!

            But i have never been lucky in love, only lust.
            Can you help me Al? Xx

        1. I’m a virgo woman and was with a Gemini man not too long ago when I say every thing was great and just seem so magical and unreal but knowing that it was real not a day went by that we didnt talk on the phone the conversations we had were deep fulfilling and endless never went a day without seeing each other forever enjoyed each other’s company always
          wanted the best for one another it was never a dull moment when were together felt as though we were in our own world and nothing and no one else matter in those moments and the sex omg but we did have our ups and down but nothing that couldnt be resloved with a I’m srry a kiss and or a hug. crazy part is that He actually broke up with me i was completely blind sided and of course hurt like never before. We tried to start over fresh and new as friends it was good for a while but it was something that was hard for me to do I so much wanted to be back into a relationship with him and it seemed like he just wanted to keep it like it was i mean after months of not being together but still being around each other feeling as tho things were working out so well and also still being intimate with one another u would think that that we were still together. But I felt as tho I was being strung along at one point and maybe should have waited to see how things would play out instead . But I mean come on after three to 4 months of being broken up and working things out not to mention wanting to be back with the one person who you truly feel is your soulmate after a while you gonna start to feel played . so I decided that maybe we are just better off as friends but In my heart I felt the complete opposite and more hurt than ever. We’re still friends we talk almost everyday now but at first it wasnt at all like that but as the weeks went by we slowly started getting back to that point . I’ve never felt so fast and so hard in love with anyone the way I did with him and I still love him dearly til this day ….I too thought I would be able to just let it go but I’m still broken up inside about the whole situation I do regret losing what we had and so does he we actually had a talk about the entire situation just a few weeks back and it was healthy I actually felt alot better about the situation im still hurt about the way things ended tho but I feel like I got closure. He actually admitted that at the same time there were parts on his end as well where he felt he was wrong for the way he ended things and how he acted but who knows what the future might hold is what he said. I told him I still love him wish things between us were different he claims he still loves me and feels the same but i also told him that yes very true no one know what the future holds but you cant expect me to sit around and wait forever Everybody deserves to be happy But if there were ever a chance for us to get back together and repair what we had I would do it in a heartbeat. Even tho I now talk to a sagittarius and things seem to be great right now I know for a fact that my Gemini will always be my one true soulmate. he’s the only one I ever felt this way for beside one other Gemini that I’ve dated long ago but that goes to show that the signs that they claim to be your least compatibility its not always 100% accurate …it says capricorns are one of virgo’s most compatible signs I beg to differ I’ve been with caps and it was the worst never again will I ever make that mistake….funny thing is my son is a cap lol but I love him dearly.
          I’ve dated a virgo my own sign and yes they can be clingy but that was eons ago. As an adult I haven’t dated another virgo man nor woman since high school so I really wouldnt know. But I know one thing for sure when it comes to any type of relationship between a Gemini and a virgo that’s one unbreakable bond whether they’re friends lovers or family no matter what situation they may go thru with each other the bond will never be broken unless its caused by one another within the relationship.

        2. I’m a virgo man with the biggest crush on a Gemini women. We communicate so well and I feel a unspoken attraction to her like I’ve never experienced. This Gemini women is my dream. I will have to try my luck at a relationship with this one if the opertunity arises. I know with out any question that I could love this women for ever . They say virgo and Gemini are conflicting signs but it’s worth the posible heartbreak she is so great.

        3. I agree! I’m a Virgo and my boyfriend a Gemini we’ve been together 6years now and this is the best relationship I’ve ever had, we’re best friends and in love.
          This is an underrated but so great combination because both signs are ruled by Mercury

        4. Hey scott, i right now is falling for a virgo and im a gemini. Can you give me tips on how to know if shes also interested witb me cause we do communicate everyday and she knows that im falling for her, ived given her distance but everytime i do that shes messages me.. I dont know if shes just teasing me or just making fun of me. Everytime i ask her about what she feels, she just answer your moving to fast. And everyday that i cant stop thinking of her drives me nuts!

      2. I fall in love a Virgo woman we got along so well. we ended breaking up for a misunderstanding between all means she the best woman I have had.

      3. I used to be in love with another virgo, then I was in love with an aquarius. I’m still friends with both of them but I currently have something going on with a cancer. Also, ecven though im a virgo, I’m quite interactive and not very productive lol.

      4. same i was best with scorpio but he left and i dont why when it was just me and him it felt like we were forever

      5. Scorpio Men have always been my longest relationship!!
        The last one also had PTSD and a whole lot of issues that he wasn’t getting sorted… so it ended very badly. (He also cheated on me and always flirted with girls all the time oh then he blamed me for being jealous and ruining the relationship) ANYWAY
        Interesting that Virgo N Virgo work well! I always thought they would clash.

      6. I’m a scorpion and my family is going to select a virgo groom for me. Don’t know how it’s gonna be. Very tensed.

    2. I am a Virgo woman and I recently broke up with I a Capricorn man. It was a very bad break up. I still love him want him back and wonder if we can forgive and move forward or should I just let go … no cheating on my end but I’m not about him. Everything was all great with consistent love and affection but then 3 weeks ago it all stopped. He became distant always busy wouldn’t tell me that he loved me anymore so we end up getting into a huge fight cuz I was hurt and beg for an explanation and understanding but he was a total jerk and asshole about it and treated me like crap…

      1. I’m a Virgo man and honestly you probably need to check yourself. You sound quite clingy which is a sign of low self esteem.

        1. Your words sounds like what my boyfriend would say.. wow! Virgos are something else. I love my Virgo boyfriend. I am a cancer woman July 15 and he is September 18.

          1. Wow this is absolutely crazy too. I am a July 15 cancer and boyfriend Sept 18. Could this get any stranger?!

      2. You don’t sound clingy to me…you sound like you have standards and started to see a change that you were comfortable with; Completely Valid…you have right to question it. The issue I’m seeing is maturity. The way y’all handled the situation sounds immature.

        I am a Virgo women, and with a Capricorn man. An issue I have with him is holding grudges and not communicating properly. So ‍♀️
        Best wishes to you and yours!

      3. oh girl! Capricorn men get busy trying to achieve something or fix a problem they are having. If he’s having problems he isn’t going to talk to you about them. He will just resort to himself and figure it out. He still feels the same for you. He’s just going through something. I’ve been dating my Cap for some time and this is the pattern. When the problem/project gets done, then it’s back to normal.

      4. Don’t look back. He had someone else or he was going through his menstrual cycle. Dump it and move on. When you stay busy and fall in love again, you’ll see why it did not work out and you’ll celebrate.

        He couldn’t love you, like you needed (and deserve) to be loved.

      5. I mean Virgo woman and just read all these articles and holy crab and then I read your and basically that is what I’m dealing with right now he’s a Capricorn and he’s been busy acts like he’s busy very short with me and all the sudden he said he can’t do long distance relationship and that I don’t listen to him alright interrupt him and stuff and I haven’t been able to talk much sleeping in a relationship no sense August 15th to 2017 and he told me one thing and then doesn’t realize he has and brought it up again and ever since he started hanging around the old crowd he used to be with not good news he’s changed turn my Virgo friend he said something the other night that Ford me and then my Pisces friend hello reset it didn’t want to ruin a friendship and relationship and always think of him and lately has been on my mind more there’s a saying that says what’s worth going through Lake not able to tell the person that you love how you truly feel

  1. I have recetnly read a book Virgo Man Secrets by Anna Kovach and since then i understand much better my relationship with virgo.
    Thanks for this article.

    1. Hey scott, i right now is falling for a virgo and im a gemini. Can you give me tips on how to know if shes also interested witb me cause we do communicate everyday and she knows that im falling for her, ived given her distance but everytime i do that shes messages me.. I dont know if shes just teasing me or just making fun of me. Everytime i ask her about what she feels, she just answer your moving to fast. And everyday that i cant stop thinking of her drives me nuts!

  2. “Love,Marriage,Compatibility for virgo “I married a Leo in it has been very hard for twenty seven years ,I’m separated and going through divorce,

    1. I married a Pisces I was married for 27 years and now we’re separated and getting a divorce as well.

      1. I married to a pisces male, but we got divorce just after seven months… We had a good time together, but literally I suffered a lot… He always tried to suppress me and my self-esteem. No doubt his mother was the biggest reason we got divorce, but still we weren’t compatible…! My elder sister is Pisces, it’s quite hard to make them happy. I have some of my good friends who are pisces.

        1. I’m dating a Pisces male who is very sensitive, naive, a dreamer, passionate, reliable and generous. He is the most romantic partner I’ve ever been with. Naturally as a Virgo I’m very much realistic, straight to the point and detail oriented (which clashes with his dreamer personality) and don’t like to express my feelings much (and he is ALL about feelings) though I love and need communication. He speaks of marrying me in the near future and though I’m very loyal to him and love and care for him deeply and he is a very loyal and supportive partner I fear getting married and end up divorced seven months because of our vast differences and way of thinking…. *sigh*

          1. Wow, I could have written this 20 years ago. Sadly, my Pisces husband was never satisfied with my communication and love language. He would accuse me of not loving him and demand I do more and more to “prove it.” He also had severe insecurity so that affected his perspective as well. I finally left when he started threatening to stop loving me.

          2. I am virgo my husband is a pisces and we have been married for 2yrs on the 8 month I was ready to divorce him we enjoy each other communicate good and I always straightforward but some things with them that turn u off then back on , I here stil making it work cause we both want to .but it’s difficult at times

    2. I was married to a Leo and im a Virgo women so not really being clear and seeing that a Leo was my “warning” sign. I guess love has us blind sometimes.

      1. Yes I agree, I’m a Virgo woman & my husband is a Leo we have been together 9 yrs on and off married for two & now we’re separated

      1. I’m married to a Leo and its been so hard together 7, married almost 5. This is the 3rd leo I’ve been with, the last 2 has been a very hard lesson to learn. With my Ex Leo trying to help me thru it. My leo is just so selfish.

        1. Reason why it’s so hard you virgos cannot except people for who they are and go into all relationships trying to change people. You gise are drama kings and queens and severely argumentative and controlling. No matter how good someone is to you gise you create drama and always criticizing you do that more than complimenting. I don’t see how anyone can stay in long term relationships with such negative people. You all do no not know how to live in peace or communicate without arguing, especially if you don’t agree

          1. LOL. Looks like you can’t accept Virgos for who they are. Who’s the judge mental one now?

          2. Yeah I’m a male Virgo and I’m the opposite i don’t like to argue and i hate drama with a passion i have learned that all Virgos are different we are not all the same.. So are the way you stated but then you have the others like my self so, yeah sounds like you had a bad experience that’s all…

          3. Truth be told we are loyal people once we give our hearts to them. Leo woman are bossy and think they know it all. FYI my girlfriends one but I love her for who she is. That’s love and vise versa.

          4. That’s not virgo that’s people in general. Dont blame us cause the last person left you and now I know why your negative. Coming on here batching people you have never met. Virgos are very loving people and most of the time we get walked on because we are to nice.So get your facts right!!

          5. No, not all of us are like that. You’re only generalising towards the Virgos you’ve met. On behalf of them, I sincerely apologise for the pain we’ve caused, but not all of us are drama kings/queens. It seems like you’re the one who’s a drama queen here since you’re writing a comment like this, bashing against Virgos who haven’t done anything. I’m a Virgo myself, and I compliment people around me in admiration almost every day. How about that? Besides, do you expect us, Virgos, which are supposedly “aRgUmEnTaTiVe”, to just swallow this hate comment and move on? 😉

          6. Virgos have many great personality traits, but sometimes, and over extortion of these astrological personality traits cause them to have a negative effect on the Virgo. These negative traits include the need to overanalyze situations and hold a very critical eye on themselves along with everyone else in their life. We do things the best way ever! And your ARGUMENTATIVE talking is really when shit gets us out…if you don’t match up u just dont, I’m sorry I can’t accept u like that…think u need a CHANGE and if you’re foolish we will present u drama so here comes the DRAMA QUEEN… another thing if your blind to your falts watch me CRITICIZE u..COMPLIMENT me I COMPLIMENT u fear enuff…ppl stays or need us because we’re one in a million. none like us… neither a leo as u. Idk where u found NEGATIVITY. #VIRGODRAMAQUEEN

          7. of course a leo see’s mature conversation as argumentative. if it doesn’t concern the leo’s interest it doesn’t matter, right? since you added the criticism part, it’s “guys” not giys. But a leo is perfect and nothing can be upgraded or evolved. & that’s the number one conflict. Virgo’s are always trying to better themselves.

          8. Exactly! They don’t know how to accept people for who they are. As a leo woman myself going thru the EXTRAS with my ex Virgo boyfriend, he’s been miserable ever since I broke up with him the week after his birthday in September because of his “RUNNING MOUTH” as I like to call it. He gets in his emotions and feelings and loses his brain matter by saying everything and doing the most. He’s constantly apologizing. He sent gifts every other day during the Christmas holidays. He follows me on Twitter begging to marry me when all I know is I wanted to marry him in the Summer but found out that I can’t live with someone that is unwilling to listen, reason, or accept any kind of helpful advice or critique. So since he knows everything, he can step. I don’t care if he keeps begging for years! After all the negative comments, jealous accusations and insecure behaviors, I am done! My friends and family are like “HOW DID YOU GIVE HIM SO MANY CHANCES AND HE STILL ACTING AN ASS?” I forgave him but will not get back with him a 5th time. (Yes! I forgave this behavior five times and he still jacked everything up!)

          9. Some virgo dude put a serious hurting on you, Dearheart. Sorry.
            I, being a female Virgo believe that Virgos only want what they themselves are willing to put into the relationship. Nothing more and certainly nothing less! I think thats fair and if the other (no matter the sign) cant uphold thier end of the deal, then to hell with them. They’re only wasting valuable time!

          10. Stop blaming and apologizing for each other’s faults based on your own incompatibility, you just don’t match with each other. Thats it. Don’t give explanations for each others actions, they just who they are, dont be an irrelevant fucks, Move out.

          11. I’m a male Virgo. I’m always saying I’m a lover not a fighter. I hate fighting, arguing. I care very deeply for others. I except everyone for who they are. Yes there may be some virgo’s that are like what you said but not all of us are. So stop judging all of us for what a few have done.

          12. You just said it right.i am Sagittarian with a virgo ,hewas the worst kind of person that criticize most but doesn’t practice what he was terrible,we are separated now with three kids in between *sigh*

        2. I’m a Gemini women I’m opposite of the Gemini twins cause I don’t act like they most Geminis.i am woman lesbian I fall in love with with a Virgo woman by all means yes Virgo are kind people gentle and caring.we got along with each other.we ended up breaking up over a miscommunication between us.i told the truth about everything cause she thought I was cheating on her she thought I was interested in someone else I said no.she lesbian married to a guy both families don’t agree with the marriage.we would talk about it then she say I need to processes this and need space I’m giving her that.

      2. Well I’m a Cancer/Leo cusp woman, and I came into this relationship with my Virgo man with an open heart and mind. I now sense there with be heartbreak coming soon. My heart that is. He is more distant, and no matter what I do, nothing seems to help us bond emotionally. He asked me my ring size, but idk if that’s because he saw the disappointment on my face. I really love him and know he loves me, but I can feel us drifting. ☹

          1. What? Doesn’t seem to be real. But then again I didn’t even try to call the number.

        1. Chanel I understand I tried to bond with mines too, yet he starved me in everyway measurable to keep me happy. He starved me sexually, mentally, and emotionally. It was extreme. Our sex life was almost nonexistent maybe once a month and we’re in our late 30’s. He also told me not to rub my feet on him yet, I keep my feet done and my appearance up something he does not do. Any how let me just add this a healthy sex life is important in any relationship. He wanted to control every aspect of my life on down to what I said. He tried to completely take over my house. I gave him an inch and he took a mile. He went overboard and when I spoke up he left eventually but came back but I don’t think for love. When he came back he completely stop doing anything around the house and never took the car to be washed or cleaned, yet he road in it and drove it. He chain smoked and ate and watch TV all the time these activities got far more attention than me. I took this man in with nothing but a bag of clothes and paid for his bus ticket to get to me. I took him to job interviews and took him back and forth to work. I cook for him and served him in bed and washed his clothes yet I had to ask him to pay Bill’s he continued to argue about paying. He wouldn’t even buy deodorant he was using mines and got mad when I said something about it. He would not even buy soap or tissue or tooth paste I had to buy it. He bought tissue and tooth paste once after we argued about him not contributing this way yet kept his what he enjoyed doing . The man barely showered and had the ardasity to try and speak bad about me to my mom. Also he told my mom and neice that when I have grandchildren that they could not visit like that yet he felt he had the right to argue with me or criticize me what a joke. I have my shit together he did not and had no room to speak on shit regarding me let alone criticize. He should have been grateful and showing nothing but appreciation. People can dish stuff out but can’t take it in even if it’s the truth about them. He made it a priority to remind me how I did nothing for him and to continue to find fault in me. Also, If I can’t talk to a man about what I don’t like or what’s bothering me or what I need without a screaming match i don’t need him. I’m not controlling nor do I think I know it all but I do have standards and I won’t compromise them for no one. Virgos definitely think they they know it all well he did he said I did because I did not agree with everything he said or do everything he wanted me to do his way. Virgos are a lot of work well he was but my energy game is not that strong. I’m drained and tired of trying. I gave all I could but nothing really was reciprocated unless we argued about it and still was not reciprocated very much. A leo is the most giving and loving and affectionate person in the world to to his or her lover we are far from selfish but if one base their perception of our character on us conforming to total control and criticism and extreme nitpicking ( all virgo qualities) you will never see our true value and you will for ever remain unhappy and unsatisfied with a leo. By the way I put him out today I’ve had it up to here with him. He will be buying his house and land alone without this loving leo lady that took care of him better than any woman he has ever been with he said it himself and also was talking marriage and I declined. The better I treated him the worse he got

          1. Sorry to hear about this @leowoman, this is exactly what I am going through right know with an Aquarius. He’s 52 and I’m 42.. it should’ve been the other way around when it comes to maturity and being responsible but I guess not for this one. I have a very immature and irresponsible partner who thinks only of himself. We have one child and I have to literally notify the day before that he needs to bring her to school, never picks up his plate after any meals, he works part time ever since our child was born but never asked me how I am if I’m tired, asks me to pick up his soda when when works in a pharmacy inside a supermarket, puts my life and out kid’s life in danger because of road rage despite my begging him to be sensible enough to let it go whenever someone cuts him off in the road, yells at me like I’m dirt, accused me of cheating when he’s the one who has cheated on me, spends his money on weed, although he does pay for our child’s school, accused me of marrying him just to get an alien card despite the reality that I fought everyone in my family and turned my back on my friends who knew he was using me because I loved him so much! I was blinded and was sure in my heart that he loved me too but it turned out it was one sided

            Virgo women are not drama queens but give us a reason to be and we will be. We are perfectionists and want order in our lives and you’ll be surprised that many of us are positive. We are goal driven and are very serious when it comes to relationships. We value discipline and what most people think to be a controlling behavior towards others is totally incorrect. It is our trait to want to always have a structure. You need to understand that our need for structure and discipline is an instinctive method to maintain our sanity and progress and productivity in life in the face of life’s many distractions.

            We are very responsible, at least I know I am and most Virgos I know in a sense that when you’re with us everything is in place and that you won’t have anything to worry about because you know we will take care of it.

            We are also called conductors and arrangers in life. We like to align and re align situation to see what will have the best results. Many people can misinterpret this as behaviors that box people in. Depending on how a Virgo is raised, this is a great characteristic in a way that you’ll always find we always analyze solutions and we’re always on top of everything but are also willing to work with other people granting that they are open to our ideas too and that they understand our traits and characteristics and are also open minded.

            We give to you everything we have when we’re in love. We are committed individuals and will devote our whole
            lives to you yo make everything work and love you till our last breaths.

            Sadly, my current relationship is nowhere close to loving, understanding, committed and respectful.

            I wish I didn’t let my heart rule over my heart. Not sure where I’m going with my Aquarius partner right now.

            Please pray for me and wish me luck

          2. Hey Leo sistah,

            Good for you! We don’t have to take their crap. I would’ve put him out too! Judging. Criticizing. Trying to control and change who you are but will not self improve or Will not listen, and Only think that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Sorry you went through that and I know what that’s like but on a different level. My Virgo Ex? Didn’t smoke, didn’t drink alcohol, is a gym rat due to the fact that he was a former alcoholic as a veteran and almost killed himself and his liver! He is a walking Trauma. He had trauma as a young child that he never got help for, then made it worst when he went into the Navy and Army. He was Emotionally closed off, and an inadequate, petty-betty juvenile for a 40 year old man! Now, he is apologizing all day, every day in my Twitter account. Begging for me to marry him. Why would I want to marry someone who does not adhere to anything and tells his mother everything but expects loyalty, love, and respect? He bad mouthed me to “his religious, judgemental mother” who told me to my face that me and her son was going TO HELL because we were having sex and got her thinking I’m an alcoholic chain smoker because I like red wine and an occasional shot of bourbon with a cigar when I’m hanging out with my friends. The more I forgave him after breaking up, the worse he got too! GOOD RIDDENS! I just wish he’d move on and stop trying to get back together. Ugh!

          3. You are bang on Lonely Virgo. I hate drama. I am a perfectionist even though I know perfection is unachievable. Luckily perfection is also in the eye of the beholder. I will never stop striving for perfection and wouldn’t want to. Everything has a place and I can not live in chaos. I give everything I have in everything I do. Love, family and just everyday life. I don’t start things but I will finish it, fighting for what I believe in. That’s just human nature.

            I have been with a Gemini for 5 years now. I believed in him and loved him for who he is when nobody including his family could. And it’s destroying me. I am the only women hes brought home that made his mother proud, his mother ever hugged me upon saying bye the first time we met, even he was shocked she did. She also when finding out we were moving in together told him to let me go because he was going to destroy me, his own mother. He definitely has that split personality of Jekel and Hyde. Gets bored quickly and always moving from one thing to the next wether it’s completed or not. He can be so amazing which is how I keep getting duped. His famous line is “I did nothing” his alcoholism and drug addiction definitely do not help and why I’ve even excused things and stayed. If he got help though maybe we could be everything he promised. He definitely is the exact opposite of me. Sloppy, messy and above many things. To which I accepted but struggle now with him taking advantage of me and taking me for granted, I feel used. So secretive and arrogant… down right narcissistic. Accepts no responsibility for anything. Sure he’s fun but reckless, selfish and loyal to no one including himself. And when there’s kids involved that just doesn’t work. I basically have 7 children and everything I work so hard to achieve like structure (needed with kids especially a big family) and he can destroy it in 1 night. He can not take constructive criticism and it’s not just in relationships but in the workplace too. I own who I am and he he is well whom ever he is with. I actually know him better than he knows himself because I am attentive and aim to please. He is a dangerous lier as he believes his own lies, even when he’s caught with proof. My brother is also a Gemini and they are like 2 peas in a pod. It was to late before I recognized just how alike, I was so in love and he was so in lust and than I was pregnant. I knew we were so not right but he was so convincing that we were and he made all the promises. I didn’t expect anything other than loyalty and being an involved father and you better believe I was upset and angry when they all ended up being broken promises. Definitely a man of intent but no action to back it up. No self discipline or integrity. Love isn’t enough and children are no reason to stay especially when it starts affecting them. I thought I could hang in there after all I was conditioned by my brother all my life but very different when its supposed to be a relationship involving love, respect and honesty.

            My previous relationship again I gave everything and got nothing in return. He was a Taurus. Definitely not reliable. I litterally ended up in my friends basement with 4 kids as he was a lying manipulator and it all caught up to him and our children and I suffered the consequences. He had no involvement with his kids and still doesn’t to this day. Pays no child support even. He basically asked his employer to lay him off and went on disability. Slept all day and stayed up all night playing online games spending our rent to get ahead. We were evicted and than the month we had to pack and find a place he did nothing. Well maybe not nothing. He did respite for a friend of his who also kept the liquor flowing but 1 night he ran out and drove to the liquor store hitting something thank God not a person but someone reported him (rightfully so) however now he lost our van too. And I was left borrowing whomevers vehicle I could ude to move what I could to my friends and mothers untill moving day with the moving truck to the storage unit. He had control over all the money even after we moved (my friend wouldn’t let him come and he went to his dad’s bachelor apartment) as it all went through his bank. Because I had the kids and expenses still I had the bank card. He pretty much cleaned out the account having the money transferred to his brothers account to withdraw. I tried…7 years I was patient and understanding to a fault.

            My first real relationship was with a Leo, he was amazing and definitely the best match out of the others. But he was more in love with the status than actually being apart of it. I actually found out his ex wife said the same thing. But I brushed if off because he told me they only got married because her father wouldn’t allow them to live together in sin (not married) so they got married. He truly was a good man though we just were not right or our timing wasn’t.

            As much as traits of signs can be so accurate, life also plays a huge role the biggest role. I know my Leo had amazing parents was probably the hardest part of the break up. My biggest loss was them. Maybe there is the saving complex, those that need love the most show it in the worst ways. My ex and current did not have good examples of relationships to strive for. Both from addiction. Both addicts. I to come from a line of addiction but I wanted better I wanted more. I made a choice not to indulge in what could be my destruction. Only to be destroyed by the one I love and their addiction.

        2. Virgos are bad in fact they are worse at expressing their feelings… M a VIRGO I can understand his situation…

      3. I was married to a leo man also i am virgo woman, 2nd stage, & he cheated on me for 10 of the 12 years we were married.

    3. I was in love with me.I for 5 years and then I met a Virgo man..Things changed.Virgo to Virgo relationship is better

      1. Aj , not always, well I’ve been in a relationship with a Virgo, myself a virgo as well, but was the most difficult relationship, we lasted 10 years togheder, but left marks on my life. I finally had the courage to put an end of it , as it became very toxic and i finally feel free to express myself as well!!! Fell in love now with a cancer sign guy,it feels like he’s my soul mate, and i hope he is.

    1. I married a virgo 40 yrs ago and im a female virgo. In the middle of a divorce. Virgo men and virgo women do not fit at all.

      1. I beg to differ. Me and my husband married 25 years ago. We have 2 Beautiful girls and he is actually 5days older than I am. We Think speak and do the same things at the same is amazing so long together since high school. Who would think this happens. Proud grandparents and all

      2. Agreed..I’m a 10th September Virgo Woman I found the few Virgo men I’ve met to be sly and liars..I dated one and he cheated on me..I no longer gravitate to Virgo men ..I get on very well with Taurus and Capricorn men..Pisceas for me are very unstable and all over the place..Scorpio Capricorn and Taurus are my matches..

  3. Virgo, currently pursuing a relationship with an Aquarius. Glad that incompatible signs are not always incompatible. Thanks for the info!

    1. Im in Love with a Aquarious Man tht I been seeing 5 years now and cant get him to settle down with. By the way Iam a Virgo Woman. Its like I hve to chase after him and call him when he finally sees me its like weejs go by before I can see him again. In the beginning me and him couldnt stay away from eachother he said he loved me I found out he was living with a woman for past 12years! Their not together nomore dont knw why he wont give me a try??

      1. I am a Virgo woman and was in a relationship with an Aquarius man for a year and a half when he decided to walk out on our relationship just a week before he said he knew that he belong here with me. Best relationships I ever had was with Aquarius men but they need variaty in their life and tend to have a lot of relationships.

        1. Virgo girl with a aquarious man for 9.5 years, he cheated on me the moment we got pregnant Up until 8 months before I left him. We are divorced now, he is a narrsasist!

          1. Yes! My son married an Aquarious woman and she fit the narrsasist profile to a “T”!

          2. One Aquarius man being a narcissist doesn’t mean all Aquarians are narcissists. It’s a personality disorder that has nothing to do with zodiac signs.

      2. I was married 25 years to an Aquarius and they’re a horrible match for Virgo, especially Virgo women. If I had a Virgo child I would do my best to dissuade them from involvement with Aquarius. They don’t do love or mutual reciprocity well. Emotions are not really in their wheelhouse. Don’t chase him or any man for that matter. Men are natural “chasers” if one is not chasing you it means he’s not really interested. He’ll sleep with you or accept whatever you willingly offer but he’s not into you. You deserve better 🙂

    2. I’m a Virgo woman and married to an Aquarius for 19 years. Now thinking of divorce; I’ve had it with his self absorption and egotism.

    3. No stay away from them aquarius woman. Im.a virgo man and was married for 7 years and together for 13 with an aquarius woman. It’s the worst relationship ever in my life. It’s not good for any virgo aquarius relationship and it will.not ever last at all. They are very controlling and manipulative. Think they know it all. Stay away. Trust me. We have 2 children together. She went off with another man and had another child after we divorced of course but was with him before we divorce and now she wants me back and not with him anymore or in the child’s life.

    1. Im a virgo and i just can’t find the right man seems they all are just wrong lol u found out that Aquarius is the worst

        1. Yes this is very true on the experience I’ve had on past relationships I am with a Virgo now and we are a great match and so much alike we have a lot in common with each other Wich I great….

        1. Definitely agree, I’m a Virgo women and don’t feel compatible to anyone sadly. Cancer was the absolute worst talking stage for me. Scorpio I found to emotional and Pisces was just as crazy and toxic as me.

  4. Virgo with Aquarius man for nine years. Still very much in love. We get along very well. It’s too easy. Was originally concerned when I looked into the horoscope predictions. It’s working!!

    1. What?? I’ve been scared so far coz I have seen any positive reviews for virgo aquarius couples. Thank you for your encouragement

    1. I’m a Virgo Man. Best relationship i ever had was with a Virgo woman . I am definitely looking for a virgo woman to start a meaningful relationship with. (

        1. Im a virgo woman and im dating a cancer man
          I swear dating a cancer is the best thing you can do! We understand each other even without speaking, he got a very strong connection. He is very sensetive and will do anything to make me happy. We got a lot of goals together and he will always support and help me to anchieve my goals, he suprise me everyday again cancers are the best to date

  5. Virgo with Aquarius man for 25 years and 3 wonderful children. He left us 5 years ago for someone else with 4 children and has had another 2 with her.He texted to remind me last month it would have been our 30th Anniversary!
    Decided to stay away from Aquarians from now on.

  6. I am a Virgo woman and was married to a Sagittarius man for 32 yrs who walked out on me, left me broke when he found out I was very ill and could no longer be fun to be with. Super shallow, self absorbed greedy, & a good time Charlie our whole marriage. He was very abusive, jealous and his friends always came first. I had a good friend exactly same, she was Virgo, ex was a Sag.

    1. Omg my ex fiancé was sag. Broke up with him because the relationship started to become exactly his you just described when we moved in together. Never again! I’m sure it would have ended with the exact same issues.

      1. I’m a female Virgo, and my father is a Sag, and so was an ex of mines a while back. My father has 10 kids, 4 baby mothers, and he has cheated on every one he has ever proclaimed to love + he has never really cared for me. As for one of my ex’s who was also a Sag: he came off as single and even claimed such. He moved me into a trailer with no furniture and he never came home to see me. He also turned out to have 4 kids and a baby mother who was looking for him. HE also was using her car to take me around. They are selfish and are not loyal (in my experience).

    2. I’m a Virgo & my ex boyfriend was a sag. He was like u said & it’s all about him, flirts with women, friends r 1st over me, ignores me, very controlling, no compassion or empathy either.

    3. I totally Agree with you on the Marriage of a Sagitarious. I am a Virgo Woman; The one I was married to was Also Jealious, Abusive & I couldnt never do anything right in his Eyes

      1. I’m a sag women and have been with my virgo man for 5 years now( definitely short compared to some of your guys relationships) and we’ve been great and have never once thought about leaving for any reason. I’ve dated other virgos who have walked out on me like your ex’s. I don’t think its a sagittarius thing,just a guy problem .

    4. I am virgo married to sagittaruis 20 years. Also walked out when I lost my job and had a stroke. Always been a cheater, self absorbed and only ever took care of himself.

  7. I am a Taurus woman who is in love with a virgo man. He is the best relationship I’ve been in. Every day & everything we do is exciting because I’m with him. I’m wondering if being both earth signs has something to do with it.

    1. I Am a Taurus Woman Who Once Was in A Relationship with a Virgo Man. He was my first, true and real Love. We went our separate ways for some unseen circumstances. Now we are trying to rekindle our Love after many Years dating other people which didn’t work out, it seems like we are meant for each other and would like to give it a try once more.

      1. i’m also a taurus woman who’s falling in love with my virgo man. as of now we have this kind of LDR for just 2 months cause his working as a soldier .. . he keeps on calling and texting me despite of his hectic schedule,….his kind of sweet & used to worry a lot!.. his quiet different from other virgo’s ive known before.. he really wants to marry me but i’m scared to decide cause we have different religion his a muslim and i’m christian.. besides he also married before with this virgo woman he keep on saying that i’m really different compared to his wife besides from being sweet ,. he said .. i also cared a lot and even thou im tired i still have time to cooked some meals for him … we both love cooking while listening some musics.. he always helping me also ,we’re liked bestfriends & lovers at the the same..

        1. Am a virgo man, married to Taurus woman
          .. It was love at first sight.. We still in love till today’s.. 7 years of marriage.. Taurus is one of the best partner for a virgo man.. So my dear, u can marry him, it won’t cost your life..

  8. Im a virgo woman in love with a pisces man. We have a very strong respect for each other. Very caring to each others needs. We reach out and enjoy each others friends and share each others interests. Blending our worlds is how we live day to day. Conflict is no issue i think it means too much to us to let go of the little stuff. I certainly understand his past has been a challenge for him to prove himself, being deaf. I see hes already done that. Hes achieved by sheer determination and strength of character. This as my partners foundation will carry us through any thing up ahead.
    I needed to feel loved and appreciated, its all I was looking for. I found this and more, hes my hero in life and love I
    look up to him and give him my all.
    We are truely happy.

    1. I am a Virgo Woman ,who is in love with a Pisces Man,who has been for years,I meet him when I was very young,had a child by him,who is grown now,we stopped seeing each other when he was 1 year old.Got back together,when I reach out to him this year when “our” son was very ill, Start seeing each other,getting along great(I thought) told me one week before my birthday that he was not feeling me,and that we could be friends,and that he still will keep in contact with me and my son. Hurt ,sad but I know that it was’nt meant to be,I will always love him,not because he’s my son’s dad.
      I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.

  9. Im a virgo woman that has always been drawn to libra men my whole life. Currently with one right now been together for 2 years and just had a baby. Best relationship ive ever had.. Very loyal man.

  10. I am a libra woman having a child with a Virgo man He is hands down the best man yet I’ve ever opened my heart to but we are taking things slow and he is not abandoning me or my children prayers we work out in my heart that’s what I want is to give him my all and be His forever for however long I can. We share a lot of the same goals and likes he is earth I am air our baby girl is due October as well and we are ten years apart

    1. I’m very happy for you. I’m virgo and was smitten by a Libra, she meant the world to me. I didn’t pursue because we’re 13 years apart. I would love a baby girl in October as well! You’ll always have my blessing.

      1. Henry— If there’s a connection, and it is meant to be, your energies will be drawn together someday. Don’t give up. The universe has a funny way of stepping in at the least-expected moment. Best of luck to you.

  11. I am a 62 year old Virgo man getting ready to start dating a 68 year old Pisces woman. I am not the typical Virgo because I have done a full chart on me. My ascendant is Scorpio. I have been with most other signs and honestly it is the person and not the sign, however there are still generalities from their sun sign. Any advice on wooing her would be appreciated. Take care all and NAMASTE.

  12. I am a 59 year old Virgo man. Yes, I married an Aries woman 28 years ago. Interestingly, she has Moon in Virgo and I have in Aries. Both have Jupiter in Scorpio. May be, these celestial configurations are the reason for our compatability.

  13. I am a Virgo man of 59 years married to an Aries woman 28 years ago. Interestingly I have Moon in Aries and she, in Virgo with both of our Jupiters in Scorpio. So, even if you are “supposed” to be “incompatible” per these broad studies and still if you both are inseparable, then you may conclude that other celestial factors are overriding this broad guideline.

  14. Ive been married to a Virgo man for 4 years being a Taurus woman an having 2 babys i haven’t had any problems other then me being stubborn but is expected from my sign hes the best dad very hardworking i couldn’t think of being with any better sign

  15. I am a Virgo woman and have been married to a Leo man for 28.5 years. The first 14 years were extremely hard and very volatile. The last 14.5 have been a blessing. We get along so wonderfully and don’t even argue. We disagree from time to time but that’s about it. We enjoy our time together and miss each other when we are apart. I can’t imagine my life without him. He keeps me laughing all the time.

  16. Virgo ♍ woman and I’m entangled with an Aquarius ♒ man. I went through a lot of heartache in the beginning and there was miss understandings of all sorts of things but I can say it’s been a rough journey to make it to 11yrs. Trust me if u don’t have the patience don’t waste your time but if you’re serious and determined and in love with this sign the very first thing to do is PRAY EVERY MINUTE OF THE HOUR, NIGHT AND DAY FOR THAT INDIVIDUAL BECAUSE U WILL HAVE DAYS WHEN YOU’RE SO EXHAUSTED THAT YOU’D FLIP TO THE OTHER VIRGO NO ONE WANTS TO MEET OKAY! And secondly find things to do together very often. Be a friend first then a wife but both equally important. TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL is a must because this sign needs excitement. AND THE BEDROOM virgos you have to let your sex demon out but be careful not to drive him crazy in there because you might catch an argument when you want your space or he might even bug you to the point of attachment or being to needy. He will say he’s done and then come back to say you were the best woman I ever had that truly loved me blazay blazay boo hoo the typical crap they say when they realized and run back home with their tails between their legs that this Virgo woman loved me and I was too childish to see it ( after 6 tries). But trust me don’t even worry about when they wonder they will come right back because they need to be brought to reality. Just like a stubborn child but this is my stupid advice also experience so take it or leave it. Not everyone would have the same experience I did but loyalty and crazy love kept me going and the arguments is where we grew closer. I don’t know but it just happened that way but both of you have to want each other.

    1. I’m a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Scorpio, although we have different signs our stories are very similar. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone & not crazy for staying.

  17. I am a virgo man married a sagittarius weman. We been married two years. She has cheated on me four times, and keep on talking on messager to men. She saids she wants to try working on our marriage but never dose, she never thinks about me or my feelings, we make love when we do, not very often, she only thinks about her needs. When she is done ,she is done even if I am not. She is self center, selfish ,conceded. I have to tell her she is beautiful so many times a day, or she’ll cheat on me on line.

  18. I am virgo man, married for 4 years to an Aries woman.
    At the begining of our relationship things were ok, then rapidly things went on fire, we argued about my jealousy often. We argue about everything now. I regret my existince now as I love her and in the same time I hate her. We are at the edge of the marriage now and I feel its just not meant to be with an aries woman.

    1. I am a Virgo woman. My father is a Virgo also and mother an Aries not a good match at all. Don’t regret your existence be optimistic – life will go on afterwards and you’ll be happy again!!

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  19. Well.. ☺ im a woman Virgo and I’m with a Gemini and has been for the last 7 year’s im getting married . Once u get to really know your partner and who they really are determines a lot .But as far as he and him he’s loving understanding compassionate prays with us in thankful .. And I’ve learned it doesn’t matter who u love or were u find it if it’s true it’s true

    1. Congrats Virgo Lady with your Gemini man I was married to a wonderful Gemini man for 12 years before he was murdered in 2016 Life will never be dull with your Gemini man and my husband and I also prayed together! Enjoy your Love! Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. I’m a Virgo woman in love with a Gemini man it’s been a bumpy first year but he’s like my best friend and can always make me smile and laugh no matter what

  21. I’m a Virgo woman married to an Aries man for 15yrs. He’s the love of my life. Even though we are complete opposite we compliment each other. Where I fall short he compensates.

  22. I’m a Virgo Man. Dated a Virgo WOman and it was perfect just went our separate ways. Ended up marrying an Aquarius and it’s not compatible at all.

    1. Too bad I couldn’t get to you first! We could’ve been and would’ve have been….. just like old times. But I understand everything, I really do. And I still believe in you!

  23. Virgo male, and I love aries women hahaha. Kinda funny turn of events….but they’re just adorable. They try to be tough all the time but they’re all just super soft goeyness who just wanna be held.


      1. As a Virgo man Aries woman always draw a smile on my face, they are crazy in a good way.on the other hand , Aries men annoy the hell out of me!

  24. I am a aries and my partner is virgo and seriously be always ends it up fighting but in another way we love each other a lot, it’s a love hate relationship

  25. I am aries and my partner is virgo.things were good in the beginning and slowly he was yelling and blaming me for very thing s.we are apart now but still we love each other a lot.

  26. Wow…Nobody mentions Scorpio.
    Ive been in love with a Scorpio man for 5 years. We are very close. We both share a Taurus moon(Moon is how you emote) and a Scorpio Venus (Venus is how to love and relate).
    Its been rough but I stuck by him while he was struggling. We get along very well We have similar outlooks, values and tastes but it apparently doesnt matter. but he likes his women sporty and petite. Which I am not. Very sad

  27. Hi, my name is Gage and I am a Sagittarius man and I am totally in love with a virgo transgender woman. Head over heels in love. I have Virgo rising sign so I hope that makes up for any Astrological deficit.

    We live in S.E. Asia and plan on going to Australia to get married next year. I gave up a heterosexual engagement to a beautiful Chinese/Thai woman for my gal, so I know this is not some flirtation. Any thoughts as to compatibility. I am in my early 60’s now, so I am not a butterfly. Thanks

  28. I am a Sag man and head over heels in love with a Virgo Transgender woman. She is everything I desire for my life. My rising sign is Virgo so I hope that can transcend any incompatibility issues. Also, I have Jupiter in Scorpio.

    I would appreciate any thoughts and insights.

  29. My husband is a Libra, he just missed the cutoff to be a Virgo haha. I’m 27 he’s 28 and we’ve been together for 10 years, married for going on eight. He’s very relaxed and doesn’t stay angry for long, so that really helps when I go into my “Everything is wrong!” phases and start stressing over the house not being clean enough, or everyday life. He’s says I have no chill, which, frankly, describes me perfectly haha.

  30. I am a Virgo woman been with a Cancer man for the last past 5 1/2 years. It’s been hard, but we are still together. Just had our 4th baby last night, 11/16/18

  31. This was disappointing to me. I feel like I can’t trust it because I already can’t relate to any of the descriptions of Virgo. I know we’re supposed to be practical, cautious, organized, etc., but I’m overemotional, very impractical, spontaneous, and a complete mess literally and figuratively. Sick of not being able to relate to anything astrological because it puts us into tiny boxes I don’t even sort of fit into.

    1. You should pull you astrological chat (google) to see where your planets align. I had a friend read my chart and many of my planets were in Sagittarius, which explained why I can be impulsive and why fire signs and I seem to have a lot in common.

    2. Totally agree. I’m a messy, emotional and disorganised virgo female. I don’t fit the virgo profile at all. Had a wonderful but difficult Piscean for 14 years. Two years ago we moved from the depth of the countryside where it was just he and I to a town next to a pub. Not a good move when the piscean is an alcoholic. For the last two years, although we both know that too much had changed – we just couldn’t seem to let each other go.
      Two weeks ago he told me that he had met someone else. My heart is broken. Totally devastated.

  32. I’m a Cancer woman been with a Virgo male since I was 12 it will be going on 12 years on and off we have 3 kids and one that’s due next month. He has a child with someone else she is 8 because he messed around. It has been really hard and he has put me through so much hell. I love him and I want to marry him because I do believe good in people and he has changed alot as far as messing around with other females. I just don’t know if marriage is the right thing for us or if we should even be together period it’s been very toxic over the past few years. We were doing great from 2016 till the end of last year and beginning of this year when he slept around again but hasn’t since then.

  33. I am a scorpio woman madly in love with a Virgo man, but although he says I am his needle in the haystack woman he has been looking for all his life, he decided to move to another state. Now we see each other when we can and correspond in between. Really wonder just exactly I mean to him. Ready to just walk away.

  34. I am a virgo women that has beed seeing a virgo man for over 2 years and it has been a long distance relationhsip, on christmas morning first thing he broke up with me and then 4 days later he called me acting like everything was fine and wanted me to come see him but since i have found out i am was oen of many different girlfriends hes had since we beed dating.

  35. I am a Scorpio woman about to marry my Virgo man:)) since day one we have had an intense love and emotional bond. He says it was love at first sight and loves to tell the story to anyone who’ll listen haha I have never wanted to ravish someone while also smothering them to death with a pillow!! I love him beyond words but he drives me BANANAS! All in all we are each other’s biggest fans and I just can’t wait to say I do! ♏️❤️♍️

    1. I’m a Virgo woman & have a Scorpio man our love is definitely a deep spiritual connection but also deep on so many levels. He is my best friend and we have been together a little over 2 years. We have had our share of ups & down but through it all grew a stronger bond & love for each other. It’s Unbreakable..we are soulmates. Happy to know there are other Scorpio/Virgo relationships. Best wishes to you & yours

  36. I’m a Virgo woman, I’ve been married to 2 cancer men ending in divorce.
    I’m now married to an Aquarian man why? All of the above comments are true. Self absorbed, selfish, womaniser, control freak and much much more.
    Because of my failed marriages I really thought it was me, so I tried to be more tolerant and change. I wish I had run xx I’m in the process of trying to sort out my life to move on.

    To all Virgo woman stay away from Aquarian’s born especially in January.
    They should come with a health warning ⚠️

  37. I am a Virgo woman and I am in a relationship with a Taurus man. Is the compatibility a positive in case of marriage?

    1. February Aquarius man my mother is a Virgo and was married to a January Aqaurius man and it was the worst for her. He was an abusive womanizing jerk. I’ve always been a one woman man. Might be due to the way he treated her. At any rate I dated a Virgo and she was a sweety. We were together 4 years but she couldn’t be faithful. Aquarius people if nothing else are very logical almost to a fault. Biggest problem I learned in our relationship is that a virgo and an Aquarius just love differently. To an Aquarius a Virgo is all heart and feelings which is all well and good but for us it never stops. Theres no freedom in it and it feels stifling after a while. To a virgo I’m sure we’re aloof arrogant horses behinds or almost robotic with our emotions. Its flip sides of the same coin. Our thoughts often supercede our feelings. Its hard to make it work.

  38. I married a Tartarus 21 years had 5 babies together! We have been together for 23 years, stronger than ever! I’m a Virgo women!

  39. I am a virgo woman.
    my most “out of this world” relationship was with a scorpio man. With him I had felt things I never knew I could and never knew I needed. He was a great balance of calmness(just like me), observation(noticed the details just like I did), and intense passion (something I do not have as a virgo, but really do need). Till today I believe that we were true soul mates, but I had to leave (extremely hard break-up) due to his dark past which involved hardcore drugs. After our break-up, he began to self destruct with drugs…..dark times for everyone.

    When I was younger I had a virgo man in my life the I was obsessed with. It was great to have so much in common, but after being with a man (scorpio) that can be extremely passionate, I understand that I could never be with a non passionate man again (virgo). recently I tried dating a different virgo man, but after being with a scorpio, now I feel like I was dating my self, we agreed on many aspects of everyday life, but he could not give me anything that I could not give my self, emotionally I felt as if I was lacking something. something that me or any other virgo that is just like me, can’t give.

    Now, a few years after my breakup with my scorpio man, I realize that the only men that can provoke emotion in me are passionate men. I am attracted to a leo man. This leo man is the most passionate man I have ever encountered (somewhat aggressively passionate, in every aspect of his essence). I highly dislike his arrogance and proud nature and need to be in-charge of every one in the group……but I feel a high sexual attraction towards him for the past 2 years. Me, virgo woman, and leo man, are so different and this difference both excites me (interests me), and also doesn’t give me enough common ground o feel like at home and as a unit.

    My scorpio man had enough similarities in views and other elements of life, in-order for me to feel as if we are a unit and to feel at home and as if we are a part of each other. but we had enough differences to be intrigued by each other and arise great emotions and feelings, and give the other what the other can not give themselves.

    I believe that a really good relationship is like 2 perfectly fitting puzzle pieces; there needs to be strait edges that are perfectly alined with each other, and also there needs to be areas where they fill-in each others gaps(missing areas). There are no perfect people, which means we all do have those gaps. When we choose people that are a copy and paste of ourselves, we aline the strait edges of the puzzle pieces but do not get to fill-in the missing areas, we feel safe but not truly as a whole. When we choose someone who is very very different from us, we fill in some of the missing areas, but the strait edges do not aline, and although we feel new great feelings we never knew we were capable of feeling, we do not feel at home and as one unit.

    There must be a balance of similarities and differences.

    The is my experience with a virgo man #1, scorpio man, leo man, virgo man#2.

  40. Interesting. Virgo man here I met a Virgo woman and she is like my soulmate. I have never met anyone so compatible. It’s scary. But I don’t think she sees it, which is surprising because Virgos are supposed to be so intuitive. Or else she’s denying it. But I worry because what makes us so alike could separate us. Then I met an Aries woman online. It hasn’t gone anywhere but I wonder if I’m wasting my time because we are supposedly so different.

  41. I’m a Leo with a virgo and our biggest problem is he wants to control everything and his constant criticism and fussing constantly. I do everything I can to make him happy. He is getting better with the criticism and fussing but their does not have to be a argument everytime he does not agree but our views are mostly the same. I feel entrapped by him and need some freeddom or I will leave him and he said that I’m the best woman he ever had, so why try to entrap and control me so severely. By the way I’m a Leo- August 4th and he is – Virgo 20th of September

  42. Virgo men need to stop being so controlling that shit is a headache and so argumentative. I don’t care how much you provide nobody wants to be bothered with continuous drama kings. Libra are very easy to live with and to get alone with. If you find so many things wrong with a person don’t be with them but stay and try to fuss them into what you want them to be is insane

    1. It seems like you just got your heart broke by a Virgo man. You must have, if you’re able to devote so much time to go on a random website and reply to every comment on how awful Virgos are. Maybe just stay away from Virgo men and move right along??? I get it. I don’t particularly care for Virgos as romantic partners myself (I’m a Virgo). They make much better friends. But still. Why devote your life to flaming Virgos on random websites? Go to a spa and focus on some self care and find you a lovely Libra, or something. Jeez.

  43. I’ve never understood why Virgos are allegedly the best mates for Virgos. My relationships with Virgo men always always always slowly morph into friendship. I could never see myself marrying one, unless we were doing it for tax purposes and more convenient “co-parenting.” We’d just end up being more like roommates who occasionally hookup rather than a couple. We’re just too much the same and everything becomes predictable and sort of… bland. Plus our flaws are not balanced out by the other partner because we have the same flaws and strengths. Not a good idea imho.

    My best relationships have always been with Pisces men. I think the fact that they are the complete and total opposite of me balances me out. They keep me chill when I’m being too headstrong. I keep them rational when they’re being to day-dreamy. You know, things like that.

    At the same time, it might be because many of the Pisces men I’ve dated share the same Moon sign as me: Capricorn. In all honesty, I think Moon signs are better for interpreting romantic compatibility. I usually only look at Sun signs for platonic relationship compatibility. Hence why I always turn into friends when I date Virgo men.

  44. I am a Libra woman married to a Virgo man now for 19 years together 25 years. My husband is beyond thoughtful and considerate. Yes, My Virgo can be fussy and critical. The important thing is knowing he doesn’t mean anything bad by the criticism. I believe he consider’s he is just helping. So most times I just listen. I almost laugh about it when it drives me crazy like when he looks over my shoulder while I am cooking. 🙁
    I know I drive him crazy with not making up my mind about just about anything…#NUTS!! but our relationship is strong.

    1. Oh my gosh I am a Libra and I also cannot make up my mind and my Virgo man he’s just like okay baby since you don’t like to decide let do this or go here and I just say yes cuz I like his idea and I didn’t have to decide for an hour what I want haha I’m very happy with him and they are critical and opinionated but we have the same views and values so I think that’s where it comes in that I listen and we agree. Not on everything but of course that’s normal and healthy. I want to marry this man. I am so in love. He is so good to me and driven and responsible and I love that. I feel so amazing with him and secure. I cook for him and he is obsessed with polish food we make at my house. Im a Polish woman and he’s half Polish and I think I bring that part of him out and he loves it. He is in the process of learning the language now with me.

  45. I’m a 39 year old female Virgo. The first guy I dated was an Aquarius. It didn’t last. My soon to be ex-husband is an Aries. That relationship started off long distance (different states). It started off great till I became pregnant. Got pushed into the marriage (I knew he wasn’t the one but went along with it anyways). He is the laziest person I know. He blames his bipolar for his issues (he is on SSI). I recently started dating a Leo over the weekend. I met him around the time my soon to be ex-husband and I split up. Of all places to find him. It was while playing Pokémon go. Even though I just started a relationship, this is the first time in my life that I truly see a future with someone. Yes I am going to take my time introducing my son to him (soon to be ex-husband didn’t do that with g/f. Son met her the very first time they met).

  46. Virgo and leo not a good match divorced
    Virgo and Virgo to much a like that we need up separating and now just waiting for divorce
    Not good

  47. Virgo with Virgo to much alike and it’s just crazy relationship a lot of mind games we ended up separating

  48. What’s a relationship like with a Virgo male? I am a Gemini female.
    Is it exhausting? What is everyone’s experience?

  49. I married and Aries and am very accepting of who he is. I think the issue comes down to what people can handle, my boss is also and Aries and is missing all the traits that drew me to love my husband. I am very critical of my boss because of his approach not aligning with principle & policy. Virgos are discerning in our view of the wold.

  50. Virgo man (31) married to a sagittarius women (31) for 14 years now. As a typical Virgo man I failed her as a husband and was emotionally detached for years which lead her to cheat. In my opinion I don’t think this is a good match. The years have been difficult and I’m thinking divorce is around the corner. Sex is very unemotional and no passion, with us it’s just sex which is not what I crave. I work 16 hours a day for months at a time which she is alright with so that’s a plus.

  51. VIRGO MEN ARE PLAYERS AND SWEET TALKERS. They just want to play games and mess with Virgo women’s hearts. Virgo women are sweet, sensitive, highly intelligent, and highly sexual and Virgo men know this. The women always end up with a broken heart because she is not used to this type of charm and attention and of course she is highly emotional, more so than the Virgo man. So of course in this love game the Virgo women lose and the Virgo men see it as another conquest. Virgo women are better off with a Scorpio man, he is emotional like her and open to sexuality and will help her open up instead of shaming her like a Virgo man would. We can make any man fall in love with us because they see how amazing we are don’t waste your time, energy, and love on him he’s not worth it. Virgo man will end up marrying a woman that has low self esteem and will always be there while he’s out breaking hearts and getting laid but in the end he will never truly be happy.

    1. I agree to what you just said, I’m a Virgo currently dating a Virgo man, he is so good with his words and can easily mend me and make me do things I would never want. But my rational mind can see thru his BS and now I fight back coz I love him but I’m trying so hard to get away from him and it’s a war with my self. He is well read and smart, clever to a point still, every time he moves away with his phone I can tell that he is trying for other women. I caught him so many times checking out his ex’s profile and ignored like I didn’t see. But then comes the other sweet side of his that I’m so mesmerized with that everything else is blurred. It’s like I’m waiting for our relationship to fail on its own. I don’t seem to have what it takes to end it . Virgo Virgo good Match coz we understand each other without words but just ahead is a dead end coz they are players and don’t care who they hurt or what attachments they built. All it takes is just another pretty face who would treat them like shit and that would grab their attention enough to lose what they had with u.

  52. Hi I am a male Virgo. Love, kindness, happiness, positiveness, care, respect and intelligence there could be more positives on the list. There’s other star signs of people that don’t seem to understand the proper Virgos ways. For me because I am a Virgo, Virgo is at the top of the table because if you’ve just read what I’ve said so far all that is what the world needs today. It’s the Cure to help, mend, heal and to diminish negativeness. The hard bit is the bit where some people don’t see to join in and become one as a family to make the world a better place. OK this doesn’t seem to be much about a relationship with someone but it’s Virgo power! I mean planet earth is my best Earth friend because it makes sure we got air to breath for another day, food, water etc and for that all living things within earth should treat our Earth friend with respect! It’s hard, there’s so many people that rely on burning fuel burning something toxic! Yep this is my Virgo and if you like what you’ve read then it’s easy for you be in a relationship with a Virgo

    1. I’m a Virgo woman that was in love with a Virgo man. But he’s deceased now ,would very much like to meet a Virgo man. or someone who is really ready for something real , no games

  53. I always end up with Gemini’s and they are always the shittiest people. Never met a Gemini guy that didn’t turn out to be trash, and a cheater.

    – female Virgo

  54. Typical Virgos, very loving individual but too critical. Addicted to small details that leads me astray most of the time. I broke up with my sweet Libra wife a couple of months ago n I so understand why…taking small useless details personal got me screwed by the system. I have a problem of moving on with my Life, n I so doubt that she will ever come back to Me. A short msg to all my virgo fellows. Everyone is perfect according to his/her on kind….let’s appreciate our partners the way they are, avoid to judge.

  55. Aquarius male here. I was shortly involved with a very sweet and kind Virgo woman- though she couldn’t remain that way, and the reason was because I was a stumbling block to her double life. We met at work, she already had children by a few men before and a partner she was sharing a family with. The issue started when I fell for her too fast and was blind to her cheating. She cheated on her partner with me but she acted like I forced her.Anyways she actively took me into her home with her children and her Gemini partner. I paid for her bills and did things for her and her children just as if I was her husband, but I don’t know if that was a mistake on my part because it would mean that she used me. She said we were friends and that part I respected, but I deeply cared for her alot. She was actually the very first woman to take my hear, but she wasn’t the first to bring me in with messy drama. We had one big argument and I was an ass, but I would have stayed where I was before, which was alone, if she hadn’t been unfaithful to the person she was romantically involved with in the first place. ‘Til this day, I still hold a torch for her simply because I understand that good and kind people do crazy and senseless acts out of desperation sometimes. I know it’s crazy on my part to still think about her every night while laying in bed and want to hold her so she would know I am not someone she has to be afraid of. I tried many times to reach out to her, but she won’t listen to thing I say much or try understanding that we both had faults, but one thing for sure is that I am not a cheater. I have never even been in a exclusive and committed relationship, but I planned on being it with her for the long haul. Will she ever reach to me and forgive the past and start to reestablish communication again on her own or is this just me wanting something or someone so bad that I am driving myself crazy?Should I stop trying to reach out?

    1. I’m a Virgo and I wish I had someone like you, I’m married to Sagittarius and have been married 28 years and I have been miserable for 28 years I absolutely hate him we are not compatible at all. He has cheated so many times and has another from cheating. He always put his friends first and at as if I’m nothing, he shows no compassion to me at all. I don’t know why I haven’t divorced him yet. I feel like I need him or I can’t make it on my on now that I’m disabled to work due to back problems

  56. Virgo/Virgo is a match made in heaven, hard to find impossible to forget. No relationship is perfect but I would rather go through these relationship problems with another Virgo than with a different man. My ex before him was a Leo and never thought of having a family i thought that was as good as love got, boy was I wrong. I met my virgo a couple of years ago although I can honestly say I fell in love at first sight and I never believed in it, or horoscopes until now. The truth is I loved being with him the best feeling ever hands down everything we did together, I fell in love with every part of him I never knew someone could exist that would make me feel like this, sexually he was amazing too. I am thankful for him showing me love what it feels like, I know he’s my soulmate and in a different life we’d be together if we met sooner I know I’d fall in love with him again. Anyone involved with a Virgo is a lucky person stop criticizing so much. Hold your Virgo man right every night and love him like there’s no tomorrow he’s a real man, trust him, make him happy, have fun with him and let him make you happy, I would give anything to be with mine and grow with him I would never lay eyes on anyone else because i know how hard it is to find a real man. Im still here for him and always will be. I also never experienced heartache like I did with him the worse feeling in the world extremely painful. Still, I’ll always care for him and he’s shown me the same, there’s no way anyone can fake this type of bond, If i ever have kids, he’s the man I will tell my grandchildren about I’ll never forget about him.

  57. I am a Virgo Woman and I was married to a Pisces (Man) for 20 years. I was MISERABLE with him because he was a liar and not sure of himself VERY JEALOUS!! My second husband was a Libra. I was married to him for 2 years. He became very cold and very lazy in bed and work. Very antisocial just a JERK!! I have dated a few different signs but at the moment no one has peeked my interest.

  58. I’m a Virgo and my best relationship and current relationship is with a Scorpio. For some reason, every time I’ve been with a Cancer or Aquarius it’s been the worst. I guess everyone has their preferences. I love my Scorpio.

  59. As a Virgo woman I’d like to comment that I’ve had several long term relationships, It all started with me dating a Virgo, my first love… the ups and downs are not just with zodiac, but maturity level. The ability to truly communicate with no fear is not given to Virgos at birth, it is learned with many experiences. My relationship with a Leo was slightly short lived, fast and good loving but burn out real quick. A cancer who was always there as a beloved friend, but we couldn’t get past much more than the friend stage, and the sex was not satisfying to me, he took control in the bed, and wanted the same thing repeatedly…boring, I did not feel empowered enough or love enough to marry them, but I am great friends with many cancers.

    The Capricorn I dated was deeply damaged and rebounded onto me so I will judge by my own rising sign(capricorn) and my many capricorn friends that they may give you ups and downs but the love always feels worth the work,and if you can let capricorn be carefree and themselves you’ll have some magic together, they will make you feel like a kid sometimes and that’s a good thing in the right time! Don’t forget capricorn is also very serious, love to give with all their hearts to those they care about, & sensitive too, arguments with them need to be approached with utmost care, they tend to shut down if you get too blunt and bossy. Virgo plus Virgo can take a lot of work, someone always has to figure out the balance, especially in boundaries and roles. If you do find yourself a difficult stubborn virgo not happy with their life good luck trying to uplift them and give them the positive views they’ll likely have their blinders on and be deaf too, seek the Virgos already stable in themselves and secure without you. Some would think virgo plus virgo would be a wreck, and it can be if you let the balancing act fall. Virgo plus virgo has all the possible tools to work out, I think if their ready for each other and on the same page the journey is worth fighting for. This is my own personal views of course and others may have much better results, I think honestly the older the virgo and yourself the better chance of them working out for you probably due to life lessons learned and experience in handling situations with good communication. One must understand what good and bad communication is to even build a foundation to truly understanding each other without trying to change each other. I base most views off my experience of many young loves. I don’t need to ramble further on any other signs but one last one….

    My end of all ends is the fabulous surprise of a Gemini man, we were good talkative friends and when we fell in love, he literally swept me off my feet. Romance was the best it had ever been, and I learned more than I thought was possible, and I still learn new things today which I absolutely have a steady thrist for. Gemini men I must praise deeply as no other man in my life ever backed me so much and empowered or believed in me and dared not to change me but also not fear to talk to me about the serious things many shy away from. Communication between us smoothed out over the years, some lows but ever so many more highs… I married this man and I am happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. No relationship is going to be perfect, but the perfect person FOR YOU does exist. Sometimes when you least expect it….I never thought I’d be with another Gemini ( My first experience was a short bad one from a rebounder, but again, that person was young and immature. The one I am with now is so very different from the other.) Best wishes to everyone for a good life full of love, happiness & health.

  60. I’m a Virgo woman that was in love with a Virgo man. But he’s deceased now ,would very much like to meet a Virgo man. or someone who is really ready for something real , no games

  61. I’m a Leo female and I’ve been talking to a Virgo male for 8 months and we have had a lot of amazing times together but we haven’t got anywhere and he doesn’t show any emotion and doesnt like to speak on how he feels and I want to get somewhere with him but I don’t want to force him into anything that he doesn’t want or isn’t ready for or get myself hurt because I’m all based on emotions

    1. Hi there, I have been were you are right now… It all boils down to you being open towards how you feel, they tend to seem like they have no heart but they are loyal once you have won their hearts, my boyfriend never ever held my hand in public but today he calls me his baby in front and squeezes me in public… Virgo men love women that know what they want and are not afraid to get it. So be patient because those are some hard nuts to crack…

  62. I’m a Libra woman and I am with a Virgo man who I’ve been friends with and in love with for many years but now destiny has finally brought us together and I’m so in love and happy like I’ve never been before.

  63. I am a 47 year old Virgo man. I was married to an Aries woman for 7 years before we divorced. It was a painful experience. She was unfaithful and lied about everything. It’s all gone now. I am now searching for true love. I am available and will be open to meeting anyone compatible with my star. In particular, I am looking for a Virgo, Cancer or Taurus woman. I have learnt!

    Wilson, UK.
    wilson dot osemene at gmail dot com

  64. So, true, I’m a Virgo & married a Virgo man, it’s was Blissful, we could talk without speaking to each other and we had our own private conversations only we could understand, our love never faded, we were together for 14yrs which felt like we just met yesterday, everything we did together was exciting & adventures, I couldn’t get enough of him, everytime I was near him, I’d go weak in my knees, love that he was active, kept himself looking young, He was healthy eater & worked out, u wrote me love letters, poems, spent hours talking on the phone, he was sweet talker & romantic, best lover I ever had and no one could ever replace him.

    1. Yes I’m also a Virgo and my partner is a Virgo man, and the love is very different than any other past relationships!! I feel as if we have a lot of the same personality characteristics! However, that is great at times but can also be a hindrance to the relationship due to both of us overthinking different situations and not really being a sign that expresses or communicates about our feelings that often!! But even with the communication problems the Virgo/Virgo relationship almost feels like a drug because it is an addictive combination that even during some of the roughest fall outs it’s hard to let go!! #5 years strong with a lifetime to go!!

  65. I myself a Capricorn woman I’ve been with my husband that is a Virgo we have been together for 7 years about to be eight years and we still in love with each other we do have our up’s and down’s but we do communicate with each other yes us Capricorn tend to not show our feelings sometimes hold our feelings back the same as with Virgos but doesn’t make us cold hearted takes time and patients to open up to each other also building trust although Capricorn and Virgos are like twins and have a lot in common which I found out about my other half ( my husband) we do think alike have the same common interest etc I’m glad I met mines not all Capricorn’s and Virgo’s are bad , I had a lot of experience dealing with other signs but my best match and soulmate is a Virgo which I’m glad it worked out for so many years I never thought I would end up with a Virgo honestly but I’m very happily married with mines , but I hope you all find your soulmates for those who had bad experience one day you will find your match my best wishes to you all

    1. yes.. it soundz great.. am a virgo man.. To be honest i fall in love with a scorpio woman.. i wanna know that she could fall in love with me.. after all does she compatibility with me??

  66. I’m a Leo woman and head over heels in love with a Virgo… We fight like cats and dogs but our bond is so strong… It’s not about our star signs as such… It’s the emotional attachment that goes with it…

  67. I dated a Gemini male and the reason as to why I broke up with him was because he would never talk to me. If I wanted to talk to him because I missed him he would say that he was busy when I knew for a fact that all he was doing was playing video games in his room. I spent 6 years of my life crying myself to sleep because I loved him and I never knew if he loved me back.
    After I broke up with the Gemini boy I fell for another Virgo male, we talked a lot more and he treated me like nobody has ever treated me and I truly did love him…I wish I could say that it worked out but it didn’t…he said that I wasn’t what he wanted in a relationship and broke up with me…not even a day later I found out that he got with another girl….so now I’m single, which isn’t too bad I guess. I mean I don’t have to worry about anyone other than myself now.

    1. I agree. I am an Aquarius female married to Virgo male and OMG. They are everything and some. He is very organized, generous and let’s not forget he is controlling. Has deep anger issues, etc. I could go on but it would be an endless list. It is a nightmare!! I thought this was me.

      1. I agree and disagree I’m an Aquarius male and all of my partners (with the exception of my ex wife who’s a cancer)was with an Aquarius or a Virgo cancers are needy and home bodies so that did not work out only the sex was good but she felt I was emotionally detached which isn’t true but anyways every Aquarius I’ve ever dated we got along finished each other’s sentences and loved are time together but for some reason I could never get passed the friends with benefits stage….but virgos have always loved me more than I do them which breaks my heart for them because they are so nice but I always end up hurting them because I don’t get attached so quickly and they do they fall in love to fast and they scare me so I run away….and I love them but I’m not in love with them I just want to be friends and every Virgo tells me how they feel and remain good friends it’s just weird cuz I care about them but they want to be with me and we just ignore it but virgos are not perfect but they do love hard can’t say if they are loyal in every way because I’m not a jealous person so I wouldn’t know but they get in there feelings at times and get the vibe fucked up aquarius women and I feel extremely comfortable around each other and always have a good time but neither of us get attached to quickly and we tend to just hook up and stay friends randomly hooking up when we are both single threw the years of our friendship I never cheated on a Virgo or Aquarius but cancer I did she felt hurt by me because I wasn’t affectionate enough but I truly loved here and would have done anything for her even thu we didn’t match she ended up fucking my best friend and when I found out I did the same and I regret it because I went against my own morals but I’ve never done it since and I deeply regret it because I turned into the very person that I despise I always said if you don’t love someone and u just want to hook up say just that I’m looking for a serious relationship but am in no hurry I have a girl who is my best friend and we have benefits she is a Virgo but once I find my other half we will call it off..

  68. I am a authentic virgo man who is married to a pure aries woman. Like all the couples, we have our differences even after 30 years of togetherness. Sometimes life surely gets quite tough to be honest but we have happily survived 🙂 so far. I feel if we drop our ego and make some adjustments in our life according to our other half; most of the marriages will have long life. But again that’s my point of view.

  69. I’m a Virgo and so so attracted to this Greek God Aries.. Our physical compatibility is FIRE.. LIGHTENING.. He’s hot and cold to me about being with me but the fireworks!! I cant find it anywhere!!!!

  70. You are right on, I am a virgo woman and my husband is a virgo male. We get alone great!!! We have the same drive, goals, organization and thrill about life in general. We’re not sensitive (ugh emotional people get on our nerves.) We are both straight to the point, and strive for the quality things in life. We have been married for over 12 years, with minimal arguments, but a whole lot of laughter. We speak with our eyes when we are in a room full of people, we get one another. Virgos mash well with other Virgos.

    1. Honestly, I’d say yeah. I’m a Virgo woman, and I’ve gotten along great with loads of Taurus’. They say that Virgo and Taurus are very compatible, so good luck to you, David

  71. I’m a Virgo female who has been dating a Virgo male for just over a year. We actually share the same birthday, August 23rd, so we are both cusps!
    He is the male version of me …super compatible …oddly so at times. I guess I was just wondering if anyone had any input on this or reading recommendations. … I would just like to have a more educated, definitive answer as to why August 23rd is Leo with some and Virgo with others. Great commentary!

  72. I’ve read almost all of these comments and y’all all have helped me to realize that I need either a Taurus capricorn cancer or another virgo. I’m a virgo myself and I recently broke up with my girlfriend that was a Gemini I should’ve kept her in the friend zone. She went to Houston tx and never came back afterwards and I got her some roses and they went dead and some earrings for valentine’s day and she’s not even coming into get them so now I need someone to give them to but the roses are going in the trash bc they went dead.

  73. Im a Pisces male,have a Virgo female friend (polish) I’m.very into, but indeed I find her hard to read some times, I am scared to admit I’m into her, she’s a lovely petite ,almost introverted female ?.

  74. Being with a Virgo man was the best relationship I’ve ever had even though his addiction finally caused an end to it. Best friends for 4 yrs then best friends/fiance for another 13 or 14. Another 3 yrs have gone by and we r still good friends as far as I know and we been through some really bad times because of his addiction and really bad choices. Hes was also the Only I had ever said yes to even though we never ended up getting married do to me waiting for him to get better once and for all.

    1. I’m in a relationship with a scorpio girl and I’m a virgo and our relationship up to today is about 3 weeks now and i really would like our relationship to last for life , will it or what is the chance that it will? And how compatible are we?

  75. I (Virgo) have been married to a Gemini man for 19 years. We butt heads a lot over small things because the man has zero chill, but he makes me feel loved unconditionally (he’s super sweet and romantic when it matters), and he has made my life so unbelievably exciting! I love our life!!

  76. I’m a virgo boy and my ex is a Taurus , i thought our relationship would last forever but it dident , so any advice ?

  77. Yeah I’m going to go!! See you lol!!
    This is adult business.
    I’m going to be alone, and I’m happy with it. I think.

  78. This is so funny to read as I’m an Aries woman and my husband is a Virgo. We have an incredible marriage and as we are different, we are so so so so much alike. We communicate well, have a great sex life, have mostly the same point of views, and think the same in a lot of situations. We also have a baby boy and parent very well together.

  79. These all things are good but life is not good i want to know more about virgo sign and me too please these all things are good

  80. I am a virgo woman and my weakness is Scorpio men but every relationship that I have been in with a Scorpio has been toxic sad to say I am in love with aries and he has always been there in some way we complete each other with in the 9yrs weeks have known each other

  81. I’m a Virgo woman and I’ve been married to a Gemini man for 19 years. He’s so good to me and life with him is spontaneous and exciting, and at the same time secure and dependable. However, I do not get the depth I’d like. There are no contemplative insightful conversations and that’s a drawback.

    There is a Taurus that fulfilled that for me, but the timing was off. We were very good together, but we’re only ever friends. He’s back in my life but again as friends. We are both in committed relationships. They say if the timing is always off then it’s the wrong person. I believe I’m with the right person. It just sucks I’m missing that deeper connection spiritually and intellectually.

  82. If this case study is correct, then what is all this nonsense about sun, moon and rising signs and how that actually affects our compatibilities?

  83. I’m a taurus woman. Think virgo women are the best.
    Their mind, intelligence. Even when they start getting all picky I love it. The team we were.
    Best friend and lover all rolled into one. Simply the best, shame the relationship had to end.

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