Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Taurus

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Traditional astrologers believe that Tauruses are most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces; somewhat compatible with Libra and Scorpio; and less compatible with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say?

Mathematician Gunter Sachs (1998) conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce. Castille (2000) conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between 1976 and 1997, which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below.

Marriage: Taurus Men

The Sachs Study

Sachs found that Taurus men most often marry Taurus and Libra women, and that they are least likely to marry Geminis and Leos. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Taurus men (* indicates that the result is statistically significant – in other words, too large to attribute to random chance):

    1. Libra*
    2. Taurus*
    3. Scorpio
    4. Capricorn
    5. Cancer
    6. Sagittarius
    7. Virgo
    8. Aries (the marriage rate is the same for Aries and Aquarius)
    9. Aquarius
    10. Pisces
    11. Gemini*
    12. Leo*

Taurus men may be attracted to Libra women because both signs have a strong aesthetic appreciation and a desire for domestic tranquility and sensuality, and they like to surround themselves with beautiful things. Also, Libra will appreciate Taurean decisiveness, and compromising Libras are less likely to clash with stubborn Tauruses. Moreover, neither sign is inclined to fight over trivial things, though Libra flirtatiousness may trigger Taurean jealousy.

It’s no surprise that Taurus men marry Leo women less often. Leos like to go out on the town, seek excitement, and spend money, whereas Tauruses usually prefer home- or nature-based activities with small groups of long-term friends, and they dislike spending large sums of money with nothing to show for it. These sun signs tend to be incompatible in day-to-day life unless their rising or moon signs are a better match.

The relatively low marriage rate between Taurus and Gemini is also an expected finding. Tauruses like consistency, but Gemini is a shifting prism of moods, preferences, feelings, ideas, and desires. Geminis, who have low boredom thresholds, may find Taurean routines stultifying, and Tauruses may view Geminis as fickle and unreliable.

Sachs also found a lower-than-average divorce rate for Taurus men and Cancer women. This is also unsurprising, as Tauruses enjoy stability, good food, and a pleasant domestic life, all of which a typical Cancer can provide in abundance. The two signs usually enjoy decadent comforts as well as getting out into nature for hiking, picnics, outdoor sports, or other pastimes that take place outside in green spaces or on water. Both also tend to be stable and reliable, which increases the likelihood that they can count on one another in times of need.

The Castille Study

Castille found that Taurus men in France are most likely to marry Taurus and Cancer women, and least likely to marry Leo and Sagittarius women. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Taurus men (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Taurus*
    2. Cancer*
    3. Pisces
    4. Capricorn
    5. Virgo
    6. Gemini
    7. Libra
    8. Aries
    9. Aquarius
    10. Scorpio
    11. Sagittarius*
    12. Leo*

This order of marriage frequency accords with traditional astrological beliefs regarding compatibility. In theory, Taurus should be most compatible with earth signs such as Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, and the water signs of Cancer and Pisces (Scorpio is also a water sign, but it’s the sign opposite Taurus, and opposites can clash). Conventional astrological wisdom also suggests that Taurus should have difficulty with fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), though the findings of the Sachs study indicate that Libras and Tauruses often find one another appealing.

Sagittarius-Taurus is considered a particularly bad astrological match because the typical Taurus craves stability and security whereas Sagittarius has an exaggerated need for freedom and is inclined to change plans or even life directions on a moment’s notice.

Of course, if the two individuals have very compatible rising signs or moon signs, opposing tendencies will be reduced and matches between supposedly incompatible signs can be much better than expected.

Marriage: Taurus Women

Sachs Study

Sachs found that Taurus women most often marry Taurus men, while Aquarius men are their least common choice. As for divorce, Taurus women are more likely to part from Scorpios, but tend to stay married to Geminis. Tauruses may be drawn by Scorpio intensity – this is a passionate match. However, two stubborn signs, both inclined to jealousy, may clash in the long run, which would explain the higher-than-average divorce statistic.

Why do Taurus men marry Gemini women less often while Taurus women tend to stay married to Gemini men? Gemini’s chatty, hyperactive sociability and impulsive restlessness are not particularly compatible with Taurus’s calm, pragmatic nature. However, personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) stay close to the sun, so those with the sun in Gemini are more likely to have personal planets in Taurus (and many Tauruses will also have personal planets in Gemini), which may increase compatibility in some cases.

The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Taurus women (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Taurus*
    2. Capricorn
    3. Virgo
    4. Aries
    5. Pisces
    6. Gemini
    7. Sagittarius
    8. Cancer
    9. Leo
    10. Libra
    11. Scorpio
    12. Aquarius*

This list provides no surprises. The three earth signs, all considered highly compatible with Taurus, take the top three spots. As for the bottom of the list, Aquarius-Taurus is considered a particularly difficult match because the typical Aquarius loves change, whereas the typical Taurus avoids it like the plague. Aquarians have a very low boredom threshold and, much like Sagittarians, may change their entire lives on impulse just to see what will happen, even if the result is likely to be disastrous. Tauruses, on the other hand, may resist even the most necessary changes. Erratic Aquarius and consistent Taurus are likely to aggravate or unnerve one another unless their ascendants or moon signs are more compatible.

Castille Study

The Castille study found the highest rate of marriage between Taurus women and Taurus men, and the lowest rate of marriage between Taurus women and Sagittarius men. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Taurus women (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Taurus*
    2. Aquarius
    3. Aries
    4. Gemini
    5. Virgo
    6. Libra
    7. Pisces
    8. Capricorn
    9. Leo
    10. Cancer
    11. Scorpio
    12. Sagittarius

It’s no surprise that Taurus women are most likely to marry Taurus men, as people tend to marry those of their own sun sign more frequently than any other, probably due to the increased likelihood of having similar lifestyle preferences, attitudes, and values.

The Best Match for Taurus

The best long-term love match for Taurus men appears to be Cancer, Taurus, or Libra; for Taurus women, the best match is another Taurus. However, Taurses who find themselves romantically entangled with one of the less compatible signs should not despair. Plenty of relationships and marriages between supposedly incompatible signs have lasted.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are statistical tendencies; this doesn’t mean that every romance between incompatible signs is doomed. For example, the Castille study found that out of 6,498,320 marriages encompassing all possible sign combinations, there were 992 more marriages between Taurus men and Taurus women than would be expected if sun signs had no effect, whereas between Taurus men and Leo women, there were 643 fewer marriages than would be expected if pairings were random. However, there still were many marriages between the supposedly least compatible signs.

Astrology is complex, and there is more to take into account than just sun signs. Two people with incompatible sun signs may have highly compatible rising signs or moon signs that can make the difference between a bad match and a good match with a bit of an “edge” that keeps things interesting.

There is an updated version of this article available here: Taurus Marriage, Divorce, and Compatibility Studies

*The methodology of the Sachs study has been criticized and it remains controversial. I have found no critiques of the Castille study thus far.

Further Reading

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137 thoughts on “Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Taurus”

  1. I’m an Aries woman and just starting to date my second Taurus. I was with the last one six years but he was just kind of insecure and clingy, not aggressively jealous or possessive. However..I already see signs that this one is, so basically if I want to date him, I’ll have to consciously bury most of my Aries traits or we’ll murder each other eventually… The only thing that helped me better understand him this time was reading Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets, it really made us more compatible!

    1. I married a cancer female and we couldn’t get along for shit, she stand in the streets and me a Taurus man homebody, great sex only but was not enough in common so I asked for a divorce!

    1. I am a Taurus and my husband a libra . We are both stubborn but in a good way, we know how to give up so we can get along with each other. To be honest libra ( my husband ) is a good ,hard working man and most of all I don’t feel like I’m married at all, he never tell me what I should be eating, where I should be going, or that I didn’t do anything around the house. If he see something hasn’t been done he start doing it or simply leave it until I do it. He cook, clean and many more. They are at times mysterious like with dark side , they act in a way of not being suspicious of something. They are good match with taurus

  2. I agree with Castile study as I just don’t want to be in a relationship with Scorpio as I am having Scorpio girls around me and I just don’t look compatible with them. And if by chance I date any of them I can become the worst person for them (probably)

    1. I am a Taurus woman and fell deeply in love with a Cancer man, 8 years ago. And he with me. Perhaps I have more Taurus male qualities and he has more Cancer female qualities because we a truly a perfect match for each other. Even though we can have disagreements, he never lets me go too far without pulling me back in with loving kindness and a joke. It never fails to soften my innate stubbornness.

      1. That’s crazy I met my cancer 9 years ago but we had a child and he got married on me.. we don’t speak

    2. I agree b/c right now I’m dating a Scorpio male and it is going down a
      destructive path. This will be the last Scorpio I’ll ever date again.

    3. Why is there specific reasons as I’m 64 & a Scorpio woman of 33 is crazy over getting into a relationship with me. I’ve never met her before as we communicate via a dating profile. I’m a South African Indian Asian whilst she is from the Ukraine. We’ve never met & I seek your advise
      Regards Shaun

      1. My advice would be run… there are so many scammers out there and if it sounds too good to be true…it is! Trust me…too many red flags already.

      2. I’d say you have nothing to lose except an air ticket. Meet and decide from there. If she’s a single mother then it is reasonable in Ukraine otherwise improbable but possible…scorpios are very loyal once they commit to a taurus.
        good luck

      1. I m a taurus man too… We are gentle and conservative in nature with strong feelings of love and to be loved. I have libra girlfriend. So, from my experience libra are more charming and good in making friends. But dont you worry she is completely devouted to you. She just like to chat with friends coz she cant say no where we might feel jealous… Love her as much as you can..

        1. Exactly!! I am libra and my boyfriend is Taurus. He’s very jealous everytime my friends chatted me for nonsense topic . That’s why we argued a lot. He don’t want me to sit beside other man . Haha. He’s such a jerk when he got jealous

          1. I was married to a Libra man for 33 years. He was boring as hell, had issues with intimacy, never had friends, a huge flirt apparently when i wasn’t around, had to be the loudest in the room, and was pathological when it came to cheating. He was masking insecurity. I just met a Libra and although the chemistry is there… nothing else is! Can’t carry a conversation, workaholic, no real friends‍♀️ I’ll take a Capricorn male any day. Never dated another Taurus but would love to meet one!!!

        2. My husband is libra and we get along with each other so well. I don’t feel like I’m married, he never tell me what to do or why I didn’t do anything around the house. He either do it or leave it up to me

  3. A Taurus women- I’ve been with my Scorpio bf for almost 2years. I’ve had a few Scorpio bfs prior to him and two of my best friends are Scorpio girls. I don’t know why I always seem to attract Scorpios but I must admit when I meet a Scorpio (without knowing their sign) I feel an intense amount of energy. I can’t exolain it. It’s fine having scorpion friends but before my current bf, I told myself I would never date another Scorpio man again. Clearly that didn’t work. Here’s the good thing, we love each other to the point we are both obsessive, jealous and possessive and it’s nice to find someone who’s the same and actually finds it flattering rather than a turn off. There’s something so deep, Darla fb mysteries about scorpion men and the attraction is beyond anything else. I understand more than anyone why Taurus-scorpio relationship does not often last. no one can hold such an intense amount of passion and love for each other unless it’s a love tragedy, hence clue is in the name. For now things are going well between my bf and I, but we have heated arguments quite often and then it fizzles quicker than it started. Sometimes it’s too much and sometimes I worry if it wil last but we are both determined to make this work as neither of us want to lose the other one. Also to mention, it’s a long distance relationship seeing each other once every 2 weeks or a month sometimes, so when I say we cannot get enough of each other’s love I mean it! Most people break up after someone moves to a different country but we started ours like this and still going strong! No one should question the intensity and trust between Taurus and a Scorpio

    1. Even as a gay male myself I agree with the comment when I met my bf ozzy i didn’t know his sign. Scorpios are so deep and they suck us Tauruses in like a moth to a flame. Wouldn’t trade him for the world and all its riches

    2. Totally agree…All the very best!Love this match to the core…Nature’s two strongest forces unite to form an breakable bond!

    3. I’m an Aries my one relationship with a male Scorpio. The relationship lasted 3 years on my effort alone. I learned that he was bi-sexual, dishonest and try’s to come up on others purse strings (used everybody) Is not saying all scorpions are dishonest, but my experience with one taught me how necessary it is to love myself. With any relationship we should learn something, if not we will make the same mistakes over and over until we become wiser

    4. Hi, I agree with you. I find myself doing and saying stupid things when I’m around a Scorpio male. The attraction takes over and renders me to a bumbleing idiot. And it’s only Scorpio men that happens with. With other signs I’m in charge. Scorpio men are also attracted to me as well thought. I would love to have a relationship with a Scorpio man, but I’m too sensitive. I get my feelings hurt by their moodiness and their mind games. They also have a very brash way of dealing with ppl when they are annoyed. The only way I could deal with them is to be a bull and put them in their place.

      1. I know I’m late you wrote this in 2017 but me the Taurus n my husband the scorp started off the same way until we just agreed we just couldn’t take the distance and after a year of us being distant we moved in with once another we been married for a year and few months n been together for 3 1/2 years despite all that feelings of wanting n couldn’t be with out cause his actions of verbal n mental abuse I wish I never met him it’s sad cause he don’t get that you can not make someone feel like shit in the worse way and expect them 2 continue to love you…. any abuse isn’t right he knows I don’t want him but he swears things aren’t gonna change cause of the passion we have for one another can fix what happens after that passion was just for a moment and then we right back to same situation yesterday news and same o shit that made me regret us in the first place….ps I guess you can’t turn a ex hoe scorpio man into a husband cause their wouldn’t be no trust all cause of his wrong doing in his past

    5. You need to look at your moon and venus sign as well.
      I am a Virgo with a Taurus moon and venus in Scorpio. Im attracted to Scorpios and have many Scorpio friends. Scorpios are attracted because I love(venus) like a scorpio.
      These article never take into account the 4 important planets, moon, venus, mercury and mars. Its annoying.

  4. I’m a Tuarus I’ve be in 4 times in relationship in all my life, All of them are serious and I had never been a failure in love, I had tried everything I could to make every relationship sparked, the first relationship last for 3 years 8months and I’m still quiet so young by that time and she is a Virgo, the second was 9years and she is a Gemini but eventually she got pregnant from bestfriend, 3rd was a Pieces, we last like 2year and 3 weeks, it’s my fault the reason why, it’s just I’m not (yet)” totally move on from my 9years. Then last and list is Leo, we only last 1month and now I’m In freedom. Sometimes it’s just so complicated to believe that this would be possible to be true of all about Sodiac Signs but I believe that everyone has its own destiny to be with, it’s just something it’s is so painful to accept pain.

  5. I’m a Tuarus I’ve been in 4 times in relationship in all my life, All of them are serious and I had never been a failure in love, I had tried everything I could to make every relationship sparked, the first relationship last for 3 years 8months and I’m still quiet so young by that time and she is a Virgo, the second was 9years and she is a Gemini but eventually she got pregnant from bestfriend, 3rd was a Pieces, we last like 2year and 3 weeks, it’s my fault the reason why, it’s just I’m not (yet)” totally move on from my 9years. Then last and list is Leo, we only last 1month and now I’m In freedom. Sometimes it’s just so complicated to believe that this would be possible to be true of all about Sodiac Signs but I believe that everyone has its own destiny to be with, it’s just something it’s is so painful to accept pain.

    1. I m a taurus woman, I v been with a taurus man before and i think he was the best for me but I had to let go. After the taurus guy, i meet a virgo man OMG his my best friend and not sure whether the taurus guy was the best for me or this virgo, had to let go. I am currently married, 3 kids with an aquarius

      1. i’m getting to know this aquarius man, but i don’t know what to talk about with him, i need help i really like him

          1. I have the same problem as i’m dating an Aquarius man. Its hard to communicate with him as i dont know what to talk about and even if we are talking with one another we dont really connect. We have a lot of little arguments beacuse of misunderstandings and miscommunication and he wants to break up with me everytime we fight. I like to talk about our problem and but he avoids talking abt it for days… Idk how long we will last like this

          2. I’m an Aquarius male, interested in a Taurus female. Perhaps we could help each other out. I do get along with the Taurus female, we have had many deep conversations. I usually talk about relationships, investing, work, family, kids, we discuss cars, etc.

        1. Im a Taurus women married to an aqaurius and when we first met it was always akward and i never knew what to say to him, but for some reason i couldnt let him go i was drawn to him. I ended up getting pregnant on accident so we stuck together. The beginning was a nighmare it was so hard for me to ground him but i did and till this day sometimes when hes talking i have no idea what hes talking about. But here we are 6 years later and we are the strongest couple i know. We level each other and love each other like crazy……i believe most marriages can work if you put in the effort.

          1. I’m a aqaurius man and I am in deeply love with a taurus girl
            We want to marry each other, what can we do to grow our relationship? She means the worls to me.
            I really need your help.

          2. I’m a Taurus women and I recently got married to my boyfriend of 2 years. He is an Aquarius. We do love each other so deeply, but we disagree on small things and it leads to arguments easily. Can you please help me and let me know how you guys keep it together.

      2. I’m an Aquarius male with a moon in Virgo. My girl is a Taurus with a moon in Aquarius. We’ve had a long history back and forth where we were always really close friends. There was always something that kept us from fully connecting. I have always been the man she ran to when her heart was broken though. She moved a couple hours away years ago. We recently hooked back up though, and now we seem even closer than ever despite the distance.

        1. I’m an Taurus woman off & on with an Aquarius male for 13yrs we are currently off its been 2 weeks now I don’t know if I want him back this time it’s something about you Aquarian

        2. Yes! Im a Taurus. I’m not sure why but i always attract my opposites. Gemini & Aquarius (especially Aquarius lately) but it never lasts. Great people, sometimes i have deep conversations with them about any and everything while other times I’m not sure what to talk about with them Bc they can be stand offish sometimes but still loyal. I just don’t like how secretive they are & can be very temperamental. Sometimes it’s hard dealing ugh a man like that but u know they can’t help themselves. Least until it’s too late smh. It. Sucks Bc i always have a huge attraction to them. Sometimes Libras also. & scorpios . We are the sister astrological signs so our energy is always so intense. Although we’re compatible, it doesn’t seem to last but i think i know one reason why. Taurus don’t always react when people want them to & that drives them crazyyy

        3. Taurus Women like loyalty and security in a person. If she can trust you with her heart, you don’t have a chance. Because Taurus are always switched on to the feeling of ppl, if you’re too flighty or pre-occupied when you’re around her she will sense it and take it for a lack of interest on your part. Taurus are very devoted to ppl they love and they expect the same in return. Hope this helps. And they love fun and light heartedness in a partner

      3. I’m a Taurus woman, divorced an Aries was a horrible relationship now I’m in a relationship with a Scorpio going on 3 years and I can’t complain we compliment each other, and no difficulties at all so I can’t agree with the study

        1. Im a Taurus women and I’m deeply in love with a Scorpio(together for 2 years up to now). As a Taurus women, I discovered that Scorpios have three great qualities that makes a Taurus women so attracted to them
          1) Passionate lovers
          2) They know how to compromise
          3) They spoil you (overly generous)

          As a Taurus women we love passionate lovers and the attention that Scorpio men give us. We also are very stubborn but love a partner (scorpio) that can calm us down and be understanding/reasonable that is willing to compromise. None the less we love the good things in life and Scorpio men has no cap is willing to give anything no questions!

          BUT no ones perfect, because Scorpio men cannot stay faithful for the life of them, not only that, but because they are so good in talking ( which we love) they know how to sweet talk you back into the relationship. ughhh sometimes i question what is my real zodiac sign match. I love my Scorpio men, but at one point can you stay loyal?

          by the way I never tend to match with an
          Aries: (there to selfish with there time, dont give the attention taurus women need)
          Leo: we just clash, they always want to be right and our stubborness does not let that fly.
          Aquaries: Cant really keep a conversation for to long, there sweet and all but no thanks.

    2. I am a Taurus woman I was with a Aquarius man for 4 years. NEVER AGAIN! He was all I ever wanted until he decided to hurt by hitting me. He was extremely quiet and sweet and we always were honest to each other. Then he cheated and I found out. Then when I did he insisted life was to short and wanted to be free. Taurus can be friends with Aquarius but being together is a no . I did everything to keep this man. You know how Taurus always give there all. We argued over dumb shit just so he can do what he wants.

  6. My first love is a Taurus and our love for each other has been here for 30 years, but we can’t be together because we have different lives. I’m dating a Leo that seems to be a little untrustworthy.

  7. I’m a taurus woman and I’ve been married to a cancer for 2 years, I feel like I have to bury my stubborn taurus tendencies for my cancer is quite emotional. When it comes to arguments I generally never back down unless it’s with him. Taurus and a cancer to me are a hard match. I love my cancer though.

  8. I am a Le woman and I am dating a taurus Man. He is the love of my life responsible, loving, affectionate, and the sex is Amazing not like any other. t He can be stubborn and cold but he like security and is looking for a family. My taurus man is on the aries cusp so I dont know is thats what makes a difference this is ne of the best relationships I ever had

    1. Hi Natalie I’m also a Leo woman dating a Taurus man… he confuses me one minute he is making plans for the future then the next minute he’s telling me to go with the flow . He tells me I’m special and I should stop trying to get rid of him. As a Leo I want to know where I stand because I don’t want to get hurt and I have a bad habit of pushing ppl away .. please give me some onsite .. his bday is on the 19th may not sure of what time he was born

        1. Yes scorpio will make you feel like your everything until they feel like they cant trust you cause of their insecurities and their wrong doings they have done in their past relationships which falls on you n trys to make you seem like your doing the wrong or have done wrong until it comes down to them wanting your love again and they to take it away I will never get with a scorpio eva in my life again ps Taurus woman

  9. Um, hi, I’m a Taurus male and I’m dating a Scorpio that i LOVED ever since i met them ( not knowing a they were Scorpio ) and… well really i’ve just been attracted to Scorpio’s a lot. They’re just so silly and mysterious meanwhile Taurus are more practical and open about things. They’re opposites on the zodiac wheel, therefore either giving them a silly fight, or spunky romance. Either way, it’s passionate. Scorpio’s are possesive and clingy, and Taurus tease them for silly things daily like being ” short.”, and Taurus love when Scopio get jealous, it shows that Taurus are loved. As a Taurus myself, i notice the little things in life that make a difference. My Scorpio bf hides a lot of his feelings, and I’m usually concerned for him. But i figured out, Scorpio need a lot of reassurance in a relationship, as does Taurus. In the end, it’s a strong relationship. :)))

  10. I am seeing a Taurus and I am a libra and everything about us is totally awesome. Didn’t even kno he was checking me out, lol. Not to mention, I’ve known him since before I was 12. Don’t know if that had anything to do with it, but we both asked each other why we waited so longs.. Friends are definitely the beat lovers

  11. I’m dating a scorpio for 2years now someone told me we were unequally yoke better drop her fast

    1. No, is just opposite sign but is your evil side or good side depend what energy you giving off….but if u can make it thru and strategize you two thru the storm….is the only made in heaven satisfied the other sign…we but made each other if u like it or not….we became powerhouse once both parties just understand what is going on. Is really a mud situation if can communicate to get out the mud as together because both parties try to show there love each other

  12. Female Taurus here getting married to a Sagittarius i’ve know are signs are incompatible but our love is strong and I find myself teaching him ways to be better at life and him accepting the changes.. I don’t see divorce in our future and pray i’m right lol.. our horoscopes being one of the worst compatibles has been tough on my mind thats for sure

    1. Im a taurus female married to a sagitarrius man, together for 8 years. Its been one of the hardest relationships Ive ever been in! There are so many things I love about him, his humor and he can be so much fun to be with. How ever he is always dramatic and makes a mountain out of a ant hill. Im trying to get him to chill out more! Also as a taurus I like being control of everything and sags are just too out of control and don’t like being controled! Its a struggle. Lol…

      1. I’m a Taurus and dating a Sagittarius. It’s been a year in the relationship. But he has been separated with his wife of 11 years. It’s the most difficult relationship I’ve ever come across. I have been teaching him to be more calm and not lash out on petty stuff. I’m hoping the relationship will continue further. We both have kids. It’s been one hella of a rocky road but, time will tell. Sagittarius men are very flirtatious and like to do their own thing. Especially, FREEDOM! They’re very adventurous and love to do their own thing. You can never plan a day or time to go on a trip. They’re very very SPONTANEOUS so they like to do the last minute and cancel plans. Which as a Taurus we hate change. But for both of the signs to work things out is to understand, compromise and let go of the set boundaries. Both stubborn signs always clashes.

    2. I too am a Taurus in love with a Sagittarius man , how do you do it ?
      I so want it to work , but he is so demanding and not affectionate enough to keep me around , in one and a half years I am the one who breaks up , but we always go back together

    3. I say just be friends I was married to a Sagittarius male I am a Taurus Woman it was very emotionally draining, so now we are divorced, and better as friends, I have a Cancer man and we are honestly the perfect match, people think we have been together for years and it’s only been 7 months.

      1. Im a tuarus women and love Cancer women as best frrineds, they are truly amazing! but never tryed a datimng a cancer man ins a relationship, arent they to easygoing? in a relationship id feel that would make me insane, since i wouldnt realy know what theyre feeling?

  13. I’m Taurus woman marrying a Taurus man. Yes, our deepest feelings between us is the highest! Before him, I also always attracted to Tauruses men. Dunno why.

    1. I’m a Taurus woman dating a Taurus man…he has a bad attitude of not listening to me always doing what he has in mind …I’ve tried to endure all these but am also kind of stubborn it’s just not working…we fight a lot

  14. I’m a Taurus male an I’m dating a Aquarius female I really like her but I scared to take things to the next level because I know we not comparible could someone please give me some advice

    1. Don’t be scared , dating an Aquarian girl will take you to another level on how you see life and care about other people. I am Aquarian , we are open mind , social , flirt ,curious, humanitarian,and very very independent .so give her space all the time and try to understand her . This doesn’t mean you have to agree with her . Let her be herself , don’t try to control her or tell her how she ness to do things . It just drive us crazy . We are very loyal and we trust , but don’t be tray the trust or you will feel the full force of a hurricane. One more thing do not do the same thing over and over cuz she will get bored of her mind and it will turn into arguments . Good luck

    1. THEY ARE! I’m a taurus woman with a leo man. we’ve been together 7 years- married 5. I’ve been in 4 relationships each being at least 2 years. the libra was so possessive and abusive, Pisces was just horrible.. so, I find all that hard to believe

    2. It’s possoble for ANYONE to date .. everyone is different. It’s not just all about what u see on paper. It has to do with upbringing , environments, beliefs etc. anything can work, just depends on the indivuals

    3. Anyone, can date.
      Taurus and Leo are definitely not a match in my experience. Leo are to clingy. I am a Taurus. Too Clingy and lazy. They like to spend your money but don’t like to build.

  15. My sun sign is Aries, although I have never felt that it describes me very well except for in very specific ways. I am happier with the placement of other planets and aspects. The strongest sign in my chart is Scorpio, which I’m happier with, but I’m probably happiest with my Venus in Pisces. <3 (I'm an Aquarius moon.) My love is a Taurus sun, and extremely Taurus-y as he has a lot going on in that sign (including his moon). People have told us more than once that they've never seen a couple more obviously suited to one another, and I fully agree. He is freaking amazing and the best, most healthy choice I could have possibly made. Astrology is more complicated than just sun signs. Do what feels right. <3

    I am divorced from a Cancer sun… the least family oriented person I've ever met ironically.

  16. I’m a Capricorn obsessively infatuated with a Taurus man, who likes to toy with me. Today is his birthday and h he’s no where to be found. From what I’ve read if all the comments, I really hope he’s not with a Scorpio. I’m afraid he will find security in demands than he found in my adventuressness. Is that even a word lol. Still my heart is breaking

  17. I am a Taurus women and I’ve been dating a Leo for over 12 years now and we are getting married next year

    1. Hi! I am a Taurus female married to a Leo male. We’ve been together for 10 years and have 2 children together. If you truly love someone it doesn’t matter if your zodiac signs are compatible. You will make it work if they are worth it to you. My husband and I like to joke that we are “starcrossed lovers” one if our favorite songs from our youth.

  18. Wow, I’m a Taurus woman 29yrs. I have had only 3 serious long term relationship in my whole life. One was with a Virgo he was much older than me so he was extremely control but he was a wonderful provider. The third one was with a Cancer it was good can’t complain about that one he just couldn’t provide me with the security I need in a relationship as far as finance goes. I purposely skipped the second one to explain last. Okay here we go, The 2nd one is an on and off relationship with an Aquarius man for 13YEARS! We are currently off it’s been about a week he’s the best, worst person ever hahaha I don’t see marriage in the future for us but he as amazing qualities great provider, great leadership, extremely intelligent but he’s always insecure, controlling & one sided. I said all of that to say this I never dated a Taurus male but I did have a short relationship with a LIBRA MAN omg it was awesome nothing I did bothered him, he complimented me on everything, he was so laid back, he was so in tune with smell I would wear a particular fragrance and he would just be all over me it never failed haha he made me feel like I was in control noticed I said “feel” I knew he was in control but he didn’t need to over power me for me to know he was the man, his voice his body structure, his walk showed he was the man. Only one bad thing he was very quite didn’t need to be in the spotlight he was in the crowd but didn’t like the spotlight on him, (I’m a spotlight type of female lol I commend a room all eyes on me) I almost forgot he was so CHARMING, YES CHARMING. I could have married that libra man too bad I let that go for someone I was more familiar with, yup you guessed it that Aquarius man (angry face) lol. I have come in contact with Gemini males not my cup of tea, and I never dated a sagittarius males. I have tons of Gemini and sagittarius female friends. As far as females go I get along with all signs of the zodiac except now this is going to be ironic it takes me a long time to warm up to a Libra female haha ironic right I think it’s because the females are more combative.

    1. Question, by anychance when was libra mans bday? my ex boyfriend which i still truly love was a scorpio bu might have been somewhat of a libra since his bday was on October 23rd, the end of libra season/ beginning of Scorpio. I ask this because he shared practically the same personality that you describe from the Libra man in your comments.

  19. Hi, Taurus sun, scorpio rising, Scorpio moon here….. could you just imagine the hardship i go through! Omg, usual flings with scorpios, CAN NOT stand libra men, very bothersome for me personally. My first real and ongoing off and on relationship of 4 years is with a cancer. Currently off. Very, very deep rooted love, but we just can’t seem to get it right. I terrify him during arguments and he leaves when things get intense. It could be because we’re young, but sheesh.. Cancer men are very flip floppy. Could just be him though. Pray for us.

  20. Am a scorpion, my bf is a Taurus we’ve been dating for 5years now and I think he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I think is a destiny thing, and how you’ve work to build a better relationship, we are best of friends.

  21. Taurus woman here- dated a Pisces man for 6 1/2 years but left because he was in his dream world too much and wouldn’t commit to stability (work, completing college, partying over responsibilities, etc). He just didn’t want to grow up! I’ve been attracted to Aries, Sags and Geminis with bad results. Now dating an Aquarius going on 6 years, and even though we’re different we balance one another well. We are both driven and like stability which helps!

    1. I’m a Taurus woman and my child’s father is a Pisces. We were together for 6 years and he just would not grow up, super childish and wanted me to handle all of the responsibilities as if i were the man in the relationship…YIKES. And he never set goals and was very complacent. Even tho we aren’t together we are great friends but the relationship wasn’t the best.

  22. Hi I’m a Taurus women was married to a Taurus male for many years then we divorced after 20 years….then I dated a Gemini so incompatible it was crazy…recently been dating a Canceran male for 5 years who loved and still love very much but we have split due to his cheating…but seems like we became companion more than lovers …which he says but I love him more now than ever …

  23. I’m a Taurus female with Gemini rising and Capricorn moon and 2 weeks ago I married the love of my life after 3 1/2 years. He is an Aquarius with Virgo Rising and Virgo Moon.

  24. Taurus female married my high school sweetheart who is a hard headed Scorpio. The fights are intense but so is the love. There’s always something that draws me in and I never want to leave. We have two kids one is a Scorpio and the other a Libra. It’s just as you’d expect. 13 years and going strong.

  25. I’m a taurean women and I’m dating a Sagittarius men from the last 5 years and I haven’t find any difficulties in our relation till now..hoping for it to last forever

    1. Let’s message each other. I have a similar situation. We can compare notes on the Taurus dating the Sagittarius man. 🙂

  26. I’m a Leo woman married to a Taurus man 11 years now. We both love each other but I disagree with this article. Since I married a Taurus and we are not getting a divorce how are Leo’s the least likely for a Taurus to marry . He went after me not the other way around.

    1. I am a Taurus Women and married a Leo man. We have VERY LITTLE in common but our relationship is 7 years strong. I think that having little in common keeps it spicy. I try stuff like he trys stuff i like.

  27. I just divorce a scorpio woman don’t let sex and charm make you stay. They are headache for us with impulsiveness.

  28. Iam a taurus woman, i love so much a libra man both of us are loving together.. hope he is my destiny and i love him so much until the rest of my life

  29. I’m a Taurus woman and I’ve been dating an Aries Man for two years. We have a lot of passion but there is usually a lot of miscommunication and we butt heads alot. He knows me well but can act very childish. I understand why it isn’t the best match cause it needs a lot of effort.
    I had previously almost got into a relationship with a Scorpio man (very supportive and would do anything but extremely possessive and intense) and a Cancer Man (so understanding and kind but very clingy).
    My relationship with my Aries Man requires patience but is rewarding cause we are slightly opposite and he gives me the energetic spontaneity I need and is very romantic.

  30. I am Libra Woman got married with Taurus man. He is such a nice man and very intellectual person. But I don’t understand what he wants.. He doesn’t keep physical relation and always tels about he wants to adopt child and want to be single father. The reason what he say is his contribution to the society. But he does attract towards me or not its mystrious for me.we both didn’t want to marry before and now As we are newly married couple he do everything except he accept that i am his wife and don’t share with me anything.Always he is dedicated towards his family but for me it is not

  31. Taurus woman divorced from a taurus male after 20 years of marriage. His ex wife of 10 years was a taurus also. I’m currently interested in a scorpio.

    1. Im a Taurus women and I’m deeply in love with a Scorpio(together for 2 years up to now).Be carfeul with that scorpio, you have to make sure you keep them on check. As a Taurus women, I discovered that Scorpios have three great qualities that makes a Taurus women so attracted to them
      1) Passionate lovers
      2) They know how to compromise
      3) They spoil you (overly generous)

      As a Taurus women we love passionate lovers and the attention that Scorpio men give us. We also are very stubborn but love a partner (scorpio) that can calm us down and be understanding/reasonable that is willing to compromise. None the less we love the good things in life and Scorpio men has no cap is willing to give anything no questions!

      BUT no ones perfect, because Scorpio men cannot stay faithful for the life of them, not only that, but because they are so good in talking ( which we love) they know how to sweet talk you back into the relationship. ughhh sometimes i question what is my real zodiac sign match. I love my Scorpio men, but at one point can you stay loyal?

      by the way I never tend to match with an
      Aries: (there to selfish with there time, dont give the attention taurus women need)
      Leo: we just clash, they always want to be right and our stubborness does not let that fly.
      Aquaries: Cant really keep a conversation for to long, there sweet and all but no thanks.

  32. I’m a Leo woman and was engaged to a Taurus man.But that didn’t work but I’m optimistic about another Taurus man(he’s so attractive and strong) I’m too nervous to speak and say how i feel. How should i approach him?

    1. Lotsa hugs and must show him you want/need him. Taurus men are physical and want physical assurances. Your words mean much less than actions to him. They are loyal and protective once they are sure.

  33. I am a Taurus woman and I dated a Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo,Libra,Leo,Cancer.My heart is with the Libra he is so faithful and loving yes you have ups and downs but my libra man has definitely changed my thoughts about libras. The Aquarius male was quiet and strange but he was very much playing games with my heart. Capricorn was cool but a huge cheater and like to have his cake and eat it too. Virgo was great but SNEAKY. And he still chases me until this day. But, he was just a cheater and dont let them get comfortable. Ha, that’s when it will start. Leo are just super clingy and they do t like to work and they love to spend your money and look good on your money lol. Cancers, are great for Taurus but mine didn’t work out because he had a daughter other than that I would have definitely been with him. He was understanding even when I didn’t understand myself.

  34. Thanks for your guidence for tauruses. The suggestions and guidelines provided are really helpful; for the life & marriage of the tauruses : which is very important in the human life. THANK YOU+*+*.

  35. I consider myself an Ophichus, (I know I’ll probably get a lot of shiat but i identify with it) so basically a mix of Scorpio/Sagittarius qualities. Tons of scorp and Capricorn in my chart. My Taurus sun guy with Scorpio and Gemini qualities in his chart as well. It seems like we’re opposites on every planet, example: his Venus in Gemini, mine in Sagittarius. I realize how different we are. Our interests, opinions, backgrounds, so opposite and different from each other. It is not ideal and causes lots of misunderstanding but I am aware that he can complete me and I likewise. Kinda like the yin to yan type thing. It’s been a rough 4 years, but the relationship we have built truly shows improvement. Another interesting fact: our families have the same signs. My love is a Taurus, my mother is a Taurus. His dad is a Sagittarius, I am a Sagittarius. His mother is a Virgo, my sister is a Virgo. His brother is a Gemini, my son is a Gemini. And there’s more. But it’s interesting to me how we’re surrounded by the same signs. I say I hope we make it bc I do admit on my Sagittarius tendencies where I want to explore or have the freedom to engage in different experiences, like traveling, seeing different cultures, etc. My mentality is live life to the fullest, while his is build life to the fullest, even if it means sacrificing “fun” times. We try to communicate as best as possible, sometimes communication is not enough for understanding. I’ve never loved anyone else like I love him though. Somehow I think we will make it, bc the only way I’d leave him is for a deal breaker. I know he wouldn’t leave me.

  36. Im an Aquarius woman married to a Taurus man been together for 17 years married almost 5 years. It has been a journey but I would not change it for the world!!

    1. I’m dating a Taurus, I am a female Aquarius. He is the love of my life we have been together for 2 years. Do you have any advise when it comes to calming them down when they rage? Also, I know Taurus find a lot of pride in working. He lost his job recently and I can see him getting a little depressed how to you bring them out of that?

  37. Scorpio women married to a Taurus male. we’ve been married for 4years dated for 7. Dating was better because he’s controlling, lazy, cheap, selfish and demanding. Needs attention from the opposite sex so can be flirtatious.
    Did I say explosive we’ve had arguments over the stupidest things. Wants everything his way.
    This is his 3 marriage and my second and my last.
    I’m not perfect maybe I put to much thought into it but this is a one sided relationship.
    My sister is Taurus her husband is Taurus not good same demanding selfish lazy all about me personally.
    This is the last Taurus I’ll date.
    Pray for us.

  38. Im taurus and I mostly date Taurus or gemini. But I ALWAYS find myself falling in love with an Aquarius or Taurus. I just haven’t figured out how to keep the aquarius I push away. And they hide?

  39. I am a Capricorn and just started dating a Taurus man. We can’t get enough of each other and things are great

  40. I am a Taurus female with scorpio rising & ive been in a 6 year relationship with my Gemini, a lot of miscommunication, lots of differences & cant ever agree on anything. don’t even know how we made it this far but I love the dude

  41. I Am a tarus male and I married a leo woman. We dont argue before but ever since I lost my job we are everyday. I dont listen to her advise and I dont seems to move forward in life. Should I leave her and marry someone else or there is a solution.

  42. female Taurus sun and rising /Capricorn moon madly obsessed with a male Taurus sun/Virgo moon/ Gemini Rising. We both act like stuck in mud! In past I’ve been involved with Gemini sun males and was married/divorced to a Gemini sun male. If anyone is familiar with the Juno in astrology I could benefit from insight. My Juno Gemini his is Taurus.
    Drop this burden??

  43. Taurus women, best relationship was with a taurus man. I work with two libra women and clash with them a bit. I don’t know why, just find them a bit negative and condescending. Ive Bern dating an aries on and off for 3 years.

  44. Can anyone wth Aries Man and Taurus Woman give me advice or tell me how a relationship like that would go?

  45. I am Sagittarius girl dating Taurus man he is stubborn lazy but I love the way he loves me even though I am a Sagittarius I try to control my outgoing nature for him because I love him so much

  46. I’m a Taurus Gemini cusp May 19th and I have dated 3 Aries two of them had the same birthday unexpectedly March 28th. The man I’m with now the one and his birthday March 28th (Aries) the best man for me personally. I have dated other matches that were supposedly right for a Taurus like (Capricorn) ended terribly. This Aries is my match! ❤️

  47. I’m a Taurus woman married to a libra man. I love his humor and passion for life. He’s a gentle giant among these rough men. I’ve come to appreciate his spontaneity. It brings excitement and passion to our marriage. We’ve had our share of struggles and disagreements, but our love is stronger than our differences. He knows I’ll never leave him and that makes him feel more secure.

  48. I contacted Robinsonbucler @gmail com, and I am so grateful that my Husband is back. I am thankful …….

  49. anyone tell me how to keep a relationship with a scorpio going, as a taurus woman. we’ve been dating for a year now & i want to help us improve. so maybe somw Scorpios could help out

  50. anyone tell me how to keep a relationship going with. scorpio, as a taurus woman. we’ve been dating for a year now & im trying to better things to keep them going. maybe some scorpios could help out!!


  52. I’m a Taurus married to a Taurus man for 30 years and I could not see myself living without him . I finally have him where I want him with lots of training .

  53. Im a taurus women and no that shit ain’t true geminis and librians are fucking libros fuck em they mean and they dont have a heart they hurt me so so bad all i will date its picis or virgo or Capricorn or cancer or Scorpio oh a hot taurus like me would be great cause i know that they would do anything for me just like i would for them i need a babe so bad tho lol

    1. Hi, Im a cancer woman and my boyfriend is a Taurus. We get along very well. We shower each other with lots of love and affection. Going on 6 years and we have never had big arguments only disagreements here and there. The only thing is he rarely emotional. For example, he probably won’t share with you the last time he cried and probably won’t know how handle you when you are emotional. I’m very emotional and expressive so I tend to rub a little bit off on him from time to time. He has learned a lot in the 6 years so it just takes time. He is quite reliable and most importantly a great lover, learner, and listener. Find yourself one.

  54. I’m aguairus and I’m in a relationship with Taurus female now,so I’m now afraid of what am seeing,we doesn’t match, please can someone else help me,I need advice on what to do,. But we are in love now,

    1. You and I both will be okay, whoever you are.
      I literally get the hots for any person I look in the eyes of for too long.
      I was born on a sunday, which is ruled by the sun so I’ve got this weird, instant attraction to almost every leo I meet.
      Something about the way they hold themselves, their eyes are so entrancing, the amount of warmth & kindness they often possess makes me feel good to be me– not to mention the leo’s I’ve met tend to really give a damn, I’m not sure why, but i’m always surprised when the lion tells me that she’s single cus I couldn’t imagine why, being as loving & loyal as they are.

      shoutout to all the taurus / leo couples :^)

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