257 thoughts on “Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Sagittarius”

  1. My date of birth is 14 dec 1994 and my partner’s date of birth is 7 april 1993.can we take a marriage

    1. this is your life.. you have to take the decision.. every relation has it’s own taste (i mean with each astro sign) & you have to decide which taste you want in your life.. and to stay with it for the rest of your life.. although aries is good for sag.. just keep the temper low.. have a woderful life.. 🙂

      1. My date of birth is 17 dec 2000 and my partner’s date of birth is 20 Sept 2004 .can we take a marriage

    2. I am a Saggitarius woman and I married a Cancer man .This relationship has been so crazy I really dont even know whats going on and im in it.I dialed my self down qiute a bit , and I love , respect, and honor him. I dont get it even the reasons it gives for our signs not working are things that are not an issue in our marriage.It says cancer gives security no 4 times hes left with only a tect message.Evertjing is no random and seems to only haplen in his head

      1. Wow! Have had the same experience with the leaving and it being in his head, not knowing or understanding, as well. I don’t think he could handle me, and he was not a good communicator. That doesn’t work for me. I’m a Sagittarius and he was Virgo. Also not a good match for a Sagittarian woman!

        1. I agree, I am a Sag woman married to a Virgo man and have had 30 years of hell with him, not realizing we are just plain imcompatible and he had trouble communicating well and admitted it. Many other Sag women report their perception of Virgo men being sneaky, and that is true also and that does not work for me at all as I like things upfront. Sag is a dominant fire sign, and Virgo’s tend to be on the passive/feminine side which can cause problems. Same issues with Virgo women friendships.

          1. I am in the same band wagon! Was with a Virgo man for 8 years and it was the first (only) toxic relationship I have ever had in my life. He thought I was I was too flirtatious and was extremely insecure/jealous. I completely changed my identity in order to avoid constant miscommunications and arguments with him. I agreed that Virgos possess too much feminine energy for Sagittarius liking. My mother is also a Virgo and its work for me being around her. I wish I naturally got along with her but its unnatural and forced. Of course, I would never let her know that and hurt her feelings. She has high expectations as my ex did and cannot handle brutal honesty.

          2. What? I am a Leo and I feel the need to back Virgo up. First off… Sagittarius is a mutable sign just like Virgo. The only thing that gender plays a part of in astrology is receptivity. It has nothing to do with actual masculinity and femininity. Virgo is cold and calculating and Sagittarius is impulsive by nature. Maybe you should check out your birth chart. It may shed light on why your personality is dominant. There very well could be a Scorpio lurking aboit

          3. I’m a Leo (Virgo Cusp) man who was married to a Sagittarius woman for ten years. It was very hard and we divorced. I agree they are not a good match – but for some reason I keep meeting Sag women who say they want to be with me! Anyway – observations:

            I enjoyed the way my Sagittarius partner was confident and outgoing with other people. It didn’t make me feel insecure, but rather proud to have someone who was desirable. I am considered handsome for a man though, so that may play into why I wasn’t insecure. My issue with her was that she had no depth and didn’t understand nuance of emotions. I also felt that we lacked real intimacy in our sexual relationship as well. At first I felt a lot to relief being with her because she was so open and communicative what she wanted both in the relationship and sexually. But over time it became one-dimensional and sometimes performative from my perspective. Our relationship lacked passion.

            I wonder if other Sagittarius women also keep lists: list of things they want in a man, list of things to do for the house, list of sexual acts to perform etc. It’s fascinating.

            I can also see why Sag women would say Virgo men are sneaky and/or feminine. I don’t get the non-communicative part, but again, that’s maybe just me. My Sag said she felt that she wasn’t enough for me in terms of connection and communication.

        2. I agree with you I’m a sag women with a Virgo. He is not a good communicator. In fact, we clash often. He feels like I’m talking down to him.

          1. I am a Virgo married to a sag, and I concur with what you’re saying — I don’t like the vociferous show of authority portrayed by my sag. spouse.

          2. @Scott Mcannally
            I have to ask how is that possible out of curiosity, I am a Sagittarius woman and my children father is a Libra we been together for 10 years and when I first met him he was this charming very attractive man and when I say if he got it I got it he would spoil me we have two beautiful daughters (8,1) years of age but it changed like when we made it official he became comfortable and I mean very UNBALANCED AND INSECURE like at this moment I can’t and will not marry him because Libra to me seem to be so controlling and bossy and insecure honestly can you at least tell me your point of view of my Libra I know love failed him growing because his family lack that emotion when it comes to him and I know libras love family

          3. I’m a Leo women with a Virgo husband. They are very sneaky and cold. Our communication lacks too. We been married almost 30 yrs. He is such a boring predictable man.

      2. I am married to a Cancer and we are reasonably compatible. He is a home body and I love the security he provides. I can go on my adventures and he will always be there when I come back. We have two hobbies in common and that binds us together

      3. I’m a Sag woman…married to a cancer men for 9years. It was crazy after months. I stayed long because of the kids…but Cancer men are bipolar and they envy Sag women. The fire is too much for them. The secretly seek to have our flame. They emotional and all over the place. Untrained how to be go with the flow. It’s no match and I’m glad I got out in the nick of time. He went crazy when I left

        1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I’m a sag woman and married to a cancer man for 20 years. It was a battle to keep his attention, bipolar to say the least. Stay away from signs like him.

          1. I agree. I’m a sagg women almost married to a cancer man. Was 11 years of hell. Bipolar, controlling and went stalker stats when I left. Stay away!

            Somehow, cancer men just seem to find their way to me. Such fun conversations but Not a match.

      4. Chantel, I can so relate. My cancer Male has had me wondering what’s going on often. He would be kind and loving and then moody or picking at me. I too have tried yo show him I honor our relationship and tried hard to show he could trust me. I don’t think I ever figured it out in 8 years.He has kicked me out 3 times. The 3rd was the deal breaker. I do know when he gets scared he lashes out. But 3 times was one too many.

  2. when comes to marriage it is a genuine piece of information.. but if you want physical attraction then it’s may not be attractive to dating your same sign.. male dec 21.. 🙂

  3. i am sag man..and i am with gemini woman in 5yr.we have fights more and after that next day we again attract each other with more more more love & care..gem and sag is opposite but for magnetic attraction,we are complementary each other.we are getting marry next month….!

      1. I’m a Sag woman and I’ve been with my Gem man for almost 5years he is my best friend. I thought for sure we would be highly rated. Yes we fight and yes we don’t have everything I’m common but there is alot we do have in common.

      2. I’d love to date a gemini man. Sag woman here, have dated guys from all zodiac signs except those from air signs (gemini, libra, aquarius). Really curious as how compatible sag + gemini. Especially since we have the same mutable quality.

        1. Would you mind to tell how it went with a pisces? I am currently with a pisces and am wanting to know from others experience how it could turn out.

          1. Am a sag been with a Pisces man for 5 years it was amazing at first then he slowly started pulling away now I feel like where roommates the fire is good at first then it slowly starts to burn out am clueless because am in love with him but he doesn’t love me

          2. I am an Aquarius and was married to a Pisces for 34 years. We sorta complimented one another but his personality was very different from mine. We finally divorced when we were in our early 50’s after he was going thru his male mid life crisis and had a hard time with it. He thought he was 25-30 again and acted like it. Traded in his truck for a car. Got Viagra and proceeded to have 3 affairs. 2 with married women and married the 3rd one only 4 mos. after our divorce. I left him and divorced him. They lasted 9.5 yrs. and he died in May of 2011. We bickered ALOT and had a hard time understanding each other. Not a good match for me. Pisces I found out later isn’t supposed to be on of my compatible signs. Live and learn.

          3. DO NOT do the Pisces-Sag combo. It is a NO-GO. It is the least of the compatibility. I have been with mine for 18 years and it has been HELL. Doesn’t talk, doesn’t want to work on anything, don’t want to travel, start a business NOTHING. It’s like I’m married to a brick wall, for years I have felt like I am crazy. He only cares about himself the most selfish lazy person I have ever met. He loved my goal oriented “go get ’em” mindset in the beginning until I wanted him to do anything. The only thing that has kept me with him is my belief that people can change, not this one, (and the children). Divorce is imminent. Spare yourselves and don’t do it!!!!

    1. I am a sag man and was with a Gemini female for over 5 yrs (college love) and she broke my heart, I have changed since then, I haven’t date anyone since she left me almost two years ago. But it’s alright tho. I sexually made her for the next guy, I turned her into a sexual monster ;0)

      1. Wow none of the above has my combination which is very interesting! I am a sagittarius woman with an Aries man. Passion, drive, ambition and thrill brings us together. What helps me is that he settles me down, calms me down helps me focus on what’s real still with adventures and risk. This is the best match I ever had. Friend and lover at once.



      1. wow.. adventurous.. 😀 .. hey don’t take it otherwise but I can feel u as I’m a sag and i know exactly what kinda test u found with them.. i think u should focus on what u r looking for in life and judge people by fact not by act 😀 🙂

      2. I’m engaged to a scorpio man! There’s like little to no comments about sagittarius and scorpio. But my fiancé pretty much excites me and keeps me on my toes. The sex is absolutely amazing, the best actually. But he also pretty much drives me mad too but we seem to work. But why is there no comments on scorpio relationships wow.

          1. I’ve been dating a scorpio woman since February 2021. So a couple months now. Sex is out of this world good. We’ve had two major disagreements so far. One argument was because when I say im coming it’s not always right away. She says she’s a “planner” and needs a heads up. But I quickly pointed out the times she goes out with her friends and she doesn’t let me know how long she’s going to be.

            Second argument was because I noticed she only gets excited to do things together that have her stamp of approval. Her restaurants, movies or outdoor events have her energy level at a 10. However my suggestions are met with the energy level of a 2. Complete with her Arms folded and snide remarks. Not cool because im always excited to do things she suggests.

            Anyways, we just had that conversation so we’ll see if she will enjoy anything that I want to do. If not i may have to keep it moving because whats the point of being in a relationship if two people do not learn from each other and experience each others passions together? You learn so much about the other person by experiencing what they like. We should both be enthusiastic!

        1. Divorced a Scorpio ♏️ after 12 years of marriage. I’m a Sagittarius, Scorpios are the cruelest of the signs in my personal opinion. Especially when they’re mad. I wouldn’t suggest marrying a Scorpio.

          1. Sag woman here,had a nasty breakup with scorpio after two years of being insanely in love.They carry grudges too seriously .

          2. I too divorced a Scorpio after 26 years together (20 years married). I’m a Sagittarius. Terrible temper. Also, very needy and unfaithful. I dated a Scorpio in college as well. he too was unfaithful. I too wouldn’t suggest marrying a Scorpio.

        2. Lol, based on my personal experience with Scorpio. I am not surprised why no one commenting haha. I am a male Sag, dated several Scorpio, there is something about them attracts me and without knowing, I am in love again. I’ve concluded that there are 2 types of Scorpio 1-The dark Scorpio, in everything (energy, cruelty, grudges, cheating,
          Negative personality with even suicidal thoughts, I can go on and on …) and 2- The pleasent Scorpio, pleasent, super smart, attentive to details like crazy, amazing memory and observation but dangerous to deal with, they makes u feel safe and secure while in fact they are just waiting for you around the corner. With all of them, the sex was out of this world, the pleasent ones, get attracted to us like crazy, they enjoy our company, love our creativity freedom and energy (including sex ;), we are everything they can’t be. We simply make them happy. Shame they dnt appreciate and value us enough until it is too late. My last relationship was amazing for 4 years living together, then the fights started, usually she starting them. Any little insignificant excuse she was ready to make a drama, it became so toxic, and we decided to split. But what to do with tmy little heart. I was in love and refused to end it badly. I am so proud of myself that I managed to transfer it an even more solid and amazing frndship. Which it seems working better than bf-gf. Lol 2 years now and I even give her advices on how to deal with her dull boyfriend.. lol.. she was hinting few weeks ago if we try our luck again, as it seems I was the best thing happened in her life (her words) . Will keep you updated if anything changes 😉 . Conclusion: Date them but be prepared that you aren’t dating an honest, gnuine or fair player… alternatively they would be a gd frnds.

        3. I don’t know but I came looking for them as I’m a Sag woman who is dating a Scorpio male for a little over a month now and am very confused lmao

    2. How was the virgo? I’m a sag women with a aquarius and the communication is horrible hes quit I’m more outgoing on everything even in bed and hes older than me

      1. Bad bad idea. I WAS with a Vorgo man for 3 years and he hid all kinds of BS from me. Then would blame me as if I was the bad guy that started it.

  5. I dated mostly water sign people. I have scorpio moon and as many says for a male water sign represents femininity, from young age I have a tendency to fall in for waters but when I am in the rhythm of my energy they feels like less to me and a burden and I feel free hanging around with a fire mostly with air. I never dated a sag girl before but I felt like they are in the rhythm with me and I can be completely free with them, also in sexual union.. and I’m looking forward to it

    1. Water doesn’t go well with fire. Put water in a fire, it takes the fire out. Bring a water sign into a fire signs life, takes out the fire sign. It doesn’t work.

      1. Fire and water can work… Water may drown out the fire… But if the fire is hot enough… They will make steam

  6. I have a boyfriend who I truly love I have never felt so strong about a person I don’t think ever he was born February 16 1964 a he is male an I am female born November 25 1965 an I wanna know if we are compatible

    1. Sag woman here, divorced an Aquarius a year ago, I will not and I’ll say it as many times as I can, WILL NOT allow another Aquarius man anywhere near me. Done for life.

  7. My name is pavithra , i am 21/02/1990 i am moving towards divorce,what about my next marriage?which zodiac singn and star matches to me

  8. I’m a Sagittarius woman, married to a Virgo. Our marriage has been very rough, with lots of arguments, and becoming less and less compatible. Is this common? I’m on the verge of asking for a divorce, because 17 years has taken its toll on my health and happiness.

    1. To kr, I’m a Sagittarius woman as well was married to a Virgo for 17 yrs seperased for 6 yrs divorced the 7th yr. We tried somewhat the first yr of separation to date each other to see if it would wrk. However it ended in divorce. It was good times and bad but it was the lies and controlling factors that wore me down. Also the fact of never owning up to his wrong doing.

      1. I have been married to 3 Virgo men & 1 Aquarius man & a fling with a Leo..Had 2 kids by Aquarius man & presently married to a Virgo for 15 years. Longest relationship so far..Virgo men are difficult & moody which drives me crazy..I am 65 now so it is what it is!!

    2. Im a Sag womam. Recently heard Virgos are CRITICAL & SNEAKY. I believe it’s true. Dated a Virgo yrs ago. He seemed nice. But had a SMART MOUTH. I also have some Virgo relatives. AN SNEAKY FITS ALL OF THEM. I’m also attracted to a guy @ work. FOUND OUT LAST WK he’s a VIRGO! HE’S CRITICAL, nice on the surface & I FEEL LIKE HE’S SNEAKY.

    3. I am a Sagittarius woman, married to Virgo for 27 years and rough marriage also; lots of bickering, arguments; no committment from him; game player and yes sneaky is right! Never answers a question directly, evasive, mean, picky, miserly and will not give anything. Left him once and came back due to our son/finances; should not have; feel better when we are apart. Did not realize when we married that this match was one of the worst in the Zodiac! and yes, this has taken a toll on my health and happiness also, and not worth it.

      1. Your life sounds like mine! Sag woman married to Virgo man for 30 years of hell, sneaky, mean, never answers questions directly, game playing, miserly; all of the things you mentioned; I also left once and came back due to finances and having a son! I also feel better when we are not together…I also found out too late, that we have the worst zodiac pairing. Now I have health and financial problems, and cannot leave just yet and yes my happiness is suffering too…we Sag’s love our independence and peace of mind…happiness and peace to you!

      2. I am a sag woman married 42 years to Virgo man. He was my best friend. Yes we were different. He was the realist and I was the dreamer. Sex was wonderful. We respected each other’s differences and were able to share our strengths. I always appreciated his support and his ability to keep me grounded. I think he enjoyed my optimism and my ability to persuade him to loosen up a bit. Interestingly he was much more extroverted than me. No one ever talks about and introverted Sagittarius.. My message is don’t take your sign so seriously. Make sure you have mutual respect and caring and honesty in a relationship. Kindness and tenderness for your mate are what makes a relationship successful.

        1. I feel like a sag and virgo are better to be just friends nothing more it’s safer that way I’m better friends than anything

        2. I feel the same way. I’m a sag with a Scorpio moon and my Virgo husband and I get along great! We have our differences but overall we compliment each other well! ❤️

      3. Im a sag women in a relationship with a Virgo. He has problems communicating his feelings. Never answers questions directly. You can’t trust a virgo man. My virgo is very suspicious it’s hard to trust him. This Virgo lacks discretion and continuity. Sag and virgo constantly argue virgo rarely ever recognize s their poor behaviors. Beware if the Virgo indolges in alcahol, as their judgement is already impaired. It is far worse experience.

  9. I’m a Sagittarius man and in love with PISCES. WHY!!?!?! One of my good friends is a pisces so I’m wondering why everyone say these signs don’t match well. I try to not believe in this stuff but it all seems real.
    Sagittarius + Pisces=TRUE LOVE (What do you think?)

    1. I totally agree with you James!!! I’m a Pisces and been with my Sagittarius guy for almost 9 years. We have a fun relationship always laughing and having a good time. Fight rarely but I mean who doesn’t have a disagreement here and there? Iguess opposites attract…

      1. Omg. Im a sag woman that been dealing with a pisces man for a year now. Things has recently turned serious and i sure hope things last for us. We. Have had one arguements, which turned into a better understanding for each other. Lol

    2. I’m married to a Pisces man and I’m Sagittarius. 41yrs of marriage and been together since 1970 age 15yrs. Its been hell and high water. Ive had to give up my life as he is so needyand selfish. Wish i had left well alone but was hooked and reeled in. I gave up the love of my life another Sagittarius just before I met my now hubby. Sadly we met too young and being a Sagi he wasn’t ready. He came looking for me 2 yrs later but I was in this relationships. Wish i knew then what I know now.

        1. I’m not in a relationship but I think of it ND from hw much I’ve studied the Pisces they stand up better to be really good friends with us sag but in marriage not so much intact as before unless they continue to be just best of friends and can sacrifice then it will really last in marriage.

        2. Depends Normaly Sag are seen to be more extroverted. But if a Sag and Pisces are both introverts or Extroverts Its probablly one of the best relationships to have its just a 50/50 thing it can either be amazing or not.

    3. I’m a pisces woman and it’s 2 years I’ve been with a sag man.. we have fights but we have fantastic times too.. we really understand each other. . I think our fights is just because of our attention to each other..and our fights are really less than before
      And I know our love is true 🙂

    4. friend ship it is ok ,never go for marriage, simple reason sagittarius id fire sign and pisces is water sign.Never match your life will be miserable as how water extinguish fire? the same way how fire make water into vapour, then finish it.
      Just male love fuck and forget then it is ok for you.

    5. Im a sag married to Pisces for 36 years we almost didnt survive the first 7years she was very needy was always fusing I worked too much I didnt make her feel special the sex was awesome though …

  10. it’s look like 2016-17 is sag+pisces story book, although in my story the conclusion part is empty .. i lied she got insecure made fake account to see her, chatted with her friend about her, she curses.. but still don’t understand when i said just switch off for 2 days i will be gone for the rest of my life she swithed off for 1 day and then again came back again & again but she said no.. and now I am looking in to my life path don’t know if we r going to talk or not..

  11. My date of birth is 12/12/1996 and I’m in love with one guy his name Kumar date of birth 21/6/1991 can we get love marriage ? How is our future life?

  12. I was with a Cancer for 16 years it was a crazy relationship.. Everything they say about Cancer, Sag is so true WE DON’T GET ALONG!! Now I’m married to an Aquarius and life is wonderfull, we truly get each other’s needs. Soul mates we are

    1. I was wondering why was it crazy I’m a cancer woman married to a Sagg woman yes we bump heads but it didn’t happen until after I was cheated on and it was a whole lie and someone close to us. So I’m not understanding why a cancer was difficult to deal with I’m totally different from all and what people think of some cancers we are not like that I love my home and I provide when I got married I thought I could get comfortable knowing this is the one and we are good I had went to a dr to see about getting pregnant when I went in to have my surgery I woke up 10 hrs later saying I could no longer have kids I went to a deep depression but never laid that on her life I was still there helping during my recover she have 4 children and I have 1 and when it was time for her to move up in a company we both work at I took a step back to make sure home was good while she made sure we was good I never thought me doing that would make her think it was ok to cheat on me when I wanted to help out 1 year later I was in a accident in a wheelchair for 6 mo on crutches had a friend help we both talking I met through her which is married to her ex husband come to find out her and his wife was cheating the ex husband knew but I’m the blind one I met her at her lowest brought her out the situation she was in and gave her and my step kids a lie soon as she got on her feet she felt she didn’t need me anymore I never disrespected her never cussed her only thing I did was thought she was the one who would never hurt me and to make everything worst I went to therapy thinking I was so insecure about her and her ex husband and the whole time it’s was the truth I got help because I didn’t want to lose her because of what I thought was in my head and it wasn’t soon as I went looking I got my answers and then here comes I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you so please tell me why Saggs feel like that roaming they always do they can hurt the ones that brought them from shit to sugar a cancer dont get along with a Sagg bc we call bs and we know we have great sense and we know so if that makes us toxic or whatever the name we always being called then so be it bc when I was with a sagg man he made sure my world was perfect and did everything to keep me happy and whole I just don’t get why some sagg can’t get love right when it’s there y’all end up with the ones who’s truly not for you and miss what y’all had but won’t show it. I’ve learned this one I’m married to and not one person can play with me like that. AGAIN!! so please tell me again why this cancer was not getting along with you what did you do to disrupt their comfort.

  13. Sag woman with a Capricorn man 8 year together known each other for over 25 years..still after 8 years not sure we love each other don’t argue much but I always feel he wants more than I can give..planning on marriage soon???

    1. With y’all not arguing much is good cause I’m a Sagittarius woman to and my kids father a Capricorn as well and we been together for 15 yrs and all we do is argue and fight..I love him but refuse to marry him..to controlling

    2. Wow! I am a Sag. man and married to a Capricorn woman ( second Capricorn marriage) As if I didn’t get enough the first time. I was married 8yrs to the first and I am ready to divorce after a year with this one. I can honestly say I have been more happier with Leo and Aries.

  14. My sunshine is scorpio nd my bf is also scorpio nd my birth date is 29 Oct nd his 17 Nov so can we make a good match for each other nd is our marriage will be possible

  15. I’m a sag man n I’ve been with a libra woman,I was thinking of marrying her but she says she’s not ready. Should I consider breaking up with her or try to make it work without marriage?

  16. Im a Sagittarius woman and my kids father a Capricorn. We been together for 15 yrs and all we do is argue and fight..earth and fire don’t mix. I don’t advise no Sagittarius woman to date or marry a Capricorn man..not good for your health lol but so serious. We in the process of separation

    1. My mom is a sag and my dad is a capricorn they got divorced it doesn’t work out the sag doesn’t like to be controlled and the cap os controlling unfortunately

    2. Capricorn and Sagittarius never match,From experience of 11year marriage was a great help. All we done is argue and fight. I wish I knew about all this signs earlier.

  17. I have been married one and a half years to a Sagittarius man. He is a true Sag and I am a Pisces. It is hard for the Pisces woman because she is so loving and the Sag is not. They show their love in ways not always appreciated by the the Pisces. Everything comes before the wife…sports…tv…computer…trips and cars and car shows.
    The Pisces wife just has to accept it or walk out. The Sag husband never shows love except when he wants it.
    The Pisces wife loves him so much…but needs to know that she is not number ONE to him…he loves all his stuff because he is selfish with his self and his stuff. If she accepts this…she will do fine.

      1. Omg. My name is BrandI Reynolds. I’m a Taurus scrolling to see if they’re any stories of compability with Sags.

        1. Right! Me too lol
          I’m a sag with a Taurus and let me tell you worst decision I’ve made in life . We argue a lot a lot , no where near spontaneous, lazy, lack communication, emotionally unstable, Abusive, possessive I can go on and on…. long story short if you a Sag woman AVOID a Taurus man; On a friendship level they’re good but relationship w. A sag FUCK NO ‍♀️

        2. Sag woman. Taurus man.
          He was an asshole.
          Great as friends! Terrible as lovers!
          Made me cry a lot and didnt give a damn.
          I left him and he became a psycho. Started stalking me, left me drunk voice messages trying to get my attention. He was pathetic and probably at his lowest point. I felt bad. Our years of friendship down the drain.

      2. I just started dating a sag and he’s from Mississippi…I’m a cap.. most of the time I believe my astrology…

    1. I’m a Pisces, my husband a Sagittarius, you have hit the nail on the head, I’m not on the top of his list, I have excepted it, he can’t help it. I kn he loves me, and somehow our relationship works. I have never tried to clip his wings, I’m not a needy Pisces, I hate needy! This is why it works for us.

    1. I’m a Sagittarius my first love and longest relationship was with a Pisces man. However, I met Leo and fell in love with his charm but then it started to be about him him him. Like no matter how crazy and wrong they treat you they’ll see they do no wrong and blame you so we lost eye to eye that lasted a year and some change.

      1. Wow! I completely agree with you on Leo. I am a Sagittarius female who was in a relationship with a Leo for 20 years. He completely drained me emotionally. Nothing was ever his fault. I’m glad we ended things. I recently met an awesome Pisces I absolutely love his personality. I know it’s weird but I get along best with water signs.

      2. Oh man its like u r in my nightmare marriage nothing worse than my leo who cant see understand takes no responsibility for their lack in everything
        Im a sagg woman and when i met my leo were like sparklers but we both needed each other at that time went strong for years untill we got married five years after we met i dont know if it has to do with him being 34 and i was 21 when we met but its difficult we partied alot during our courtship but i started to see things sliwly like he was drunk when he proposed and i didnt understand what he said so my first response was no should have stuck with that he did it at his 40th birthday party not even on one knee he purchased a cheap ring online but he has no confidence so sure alchol is his crutch but hes also very nervous so at the alter he was given an anti anxiety medicine and he stood at the alter like a stone with no emotion it killed my spirit to be walking towards that i believe love can help u thru alot if u focus on it to nuture it but ever since children its been worse where hes so distant i tried to hold on emotionally but its such a burden trying to carry all these roles he wont take on he has no sense of protection or how to show love or take care of any house hold repairs hes so removed on how to be a parent to our children they crave his aytention and love as a strong parent but r left empty im drowning trying to figure how or what th o hold onto its just an emotional battle because i feel deep down he lack what i need him to coynter part to me so that we balance

      3. its like u reading the script to my life the leo i chose is the exact same way when we met for the five years we dated before we got married i didnt see it granted we partied alot thru our courtship to top off the leo sundae he is scottish so hooray for me he is cold by culture his family is full of alcholics parents relationship was really bad so my leo had no guidance on how to be a good husband and the turmoil he grew up in they killed his sense of worth he is an introvert who does not like to speak he cannot express how he feels which is really really frustrating u cant sweep it all under the carpet right.So when he proposed he was drunk so i didnt understand what he was saying granted he wasnt on his knee which wouid have clued me in but no was my response should have stuck to that, he gave me this ring he found online because hes not comfortable seeking help advice anything from anyone how to navigate proposing and trying to relay the first major step in a relatioship but my dumbass continued with the lack of communication the lack of self esteem the growing alcholic i thought yeazh my love will build him up right wrong on our wedding day he was so nervous his family thought he was going to faint so they gave him an anti anxiety med and continued to let him drink so when i began to walk down the aisle i felt is lost energy he showed no emotion it was as if he was going to crack right at the alter i began to cry everyone thought i was moved by my love for him wrong i loved his igentle spirit but the burden of not seeing him look at me walk down the aisle with eyes that our love we created gave him a sense of piece killed me and i knew i was in for it so hes barely there all night we had our first dance it got cut short a few seconds into it because of an electrical issue due toi the dj slight signal no emotion he barely looks at me then mother son dance he breaks down with his mom and the tears of love flood between them then our honeymoon is cancelled due to hurrricane season which no ones fault but i felt like we were just doomed and its been 13 years of monetary struggles battles and heartbreak 2 children in and so disconnected i am sick to my stomache everyday this continues he is so far from the view i had of hope love and support i just dont know how i let myself get here the only 2 good things r my children but i cant make them happy because i am so miserable and boxed in

    2. I was in a relationship with a Leo man, I’m a sagii gal. We were both so impulsive the relationship was moving on waaayyy too quick haha. Until one day I got home from his house and I was looking through my tinder just to see if he has updated any of his pics because he still had tinder on his phone. And yep it was over as quick as it can be. But we are still friends now and I just left his ass so he can be a hoe. Oh well he’ll realise one day that he finally needs to settle down. I was so loyal to him and gave in 110% into the relationship and he ruined that by using tinder while we were together. So in summary it Leo and Sagittarius is a good match but you just got to make sure he’s committed as much as you are 🙂 good luck!

      1. Agree with that one. I am a Sagi guy who fell in love with a Leo woman, six years of bad relationship only held together by good sex. Then after her running off with the children, began 15 of hell!

  18. Sag woman here. Have married a Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio. Taurus too bossy and domineering. Virgo too picky. Scorpio too controlling and jealous…never got my need to learn and explore. Also dated a Pisces…..too wishy washy and overly sensitive. Dating another Sag. for the first time, and it’s amazing…a complete mental, physical, and spiritual connection. We can talk all night, and never get tired…nothing is off limits, no smothering, no judgement or disapproval…just keeps getting better and better. The mental connection is really important to Sag….we like to feel understood, and it seems that only another Sag. can. We just LOVE being together…it’s incredibly deep, but fun at the same time.

    1. Hm. Sag man, never dated a Sag women, but Aries, yes. Sounds similar, but with seriously intense arguments… Maybe age/maturity related. Your S+S is mostly peaceful?

    2. Same here. Im a sag woman & my bf is also sag. He is so amazing, . We had arguments but he’s so calm. . I dont like to make any problems in our relationship.. not so sweet but he will show his affection and love towards u.. so serious & accepts you whatever you are ! I want him to be my husband!

      1. Saaame! I’m a Nov Sag and I’m married to Dec Sag and we rock and roll! He’s my best friend and even my best opponent. We literally move in sync and it’s been so refreshing to know that we love each other the same exact way. That type of stability and comfort leaves room for other things to focus on. Such as businesses, adventures, our wildest dreams and etc. SAGS MAKE THE PERFECT LIFE PARTNERS FOR OTHER SAGS.

  19. Hi I am a libra woman currently dating a Sagittarius male that seems like he could be my everything but he makes me wonder would I keep his interest due to Sagittarius are afraid of commitment, I have only dated him for two to three weeks now and he wants to continue however I don’t know what should I do? Is there anyone who can give me advice

  20. I was in love with a sagittarius man she were seeing each other for about six seven months we had sex each week I stoped seeing him because he was seeing other women so I stoped speaking to him and it hurt him I love him now hes calling and texting me he says he wants me back now I won’t give in what should I do

    1. Don’t respond if he was from get-go and done it to her involved u then he’ll do that to u involve another female

  21. I am a Leo and was married to a sagittarius which was short lived. He was very arrogant and forceful, materialistic, selfish. Everything for him is mine and not ours. Our marriage lasted four months. I was wife number 4.

  22. I’m a leo guy…got arranged to meet a sagi woman. The initial fire sign attraction faded out in a couple of months. She hated being committed to one person emotionally and I doubt physically too. It smothered her. Relationships seemed to smother her. She was super flirty, touchy eye contacts etc with every guy who caught her attention. Upon being confronted she would chalk it up to how independent sagis are. Sagi women are not made for long term relatiobshops or commitments for that matter. My two cents to fellow leos…steer clear of these hypocrite sagis, maybe good for one night stands but when it comes to mareying and settling down, run the other way. They prolly wont chase you too, fortunately.

    1. This is definitely an opinion in my eyes. I’m a Sagittarius woman and tried my best to stay the Leos I dated. The first had another relationship developing when I thought we was going to. He was my first and I honestly trusted him. This happened about 2-3 years ago, the crazy part is he’s with the same girl he was with when I thought we had something and oddly contacts me to see if I’m still waiting on him to get out of this relationship. My other Leo was recently and I must say if he come back with no lies and able to see where I come from from emotionally I would definitely put my pride to the side and try to make it work. It’s like everytime we’ By each other it’s a spark but when we’re not he’s doing him and I’m left thinking about him shaking my head.

      1. I can relate! Sagittarius woman who dated Leo man for 5 years and have been single since! Idk whenre the leo above said sagi was the selfish one. But it may be switched if the sexes we’re Vic versa. Anyway IDK what the hell it is but I’m still so in love with that guy. We’ve he would kinda do what ever he wanted and I would and still am left just kinda waiting around in a sense. It’s funny because although I am a lover for sure and in young sagi women I think we come off super flirtatious and such but I think it’s just growing into being a dagi woman. I definitely think Sagittarius likes to settle down or get married at some point which is a misconception that our sign doesn’t. We just want someone that takes the time to really communicate and b fair to each other as humans. Since mthe Leo I loved, I’ve really grown into flying solo for sure and I’m much more ok with that. Still talk to him but not feeling so stuck under him and not I think it was definitely a touch of control in there from him for sure. I didn’t know how to really act with anyone after we officially separated. I had to move half way across the country to finally remember who I was. I think Sagittarius woman and leo men are all fire and no substance. Definitely sexually compatible

        1. I can relate, im a Sagittarius..in love with the Leo man….we ve been off and on for 7 years…we have a 6 yr old son together and the sagittarius in me really just wants to settle down get married raise our son and live happily ever after.. but he has commitment problems…he thinks he can do as he please, be with who he wants and keep me because he know the kind of person I am..I’m not going to be out their playing around..he know I’m a good woman but honestly I feel that these two signs could be good together and potentially have a good relationship if the leo was more committed. On the flip side our sexual chemistry is Excellent I think that is what have kept us together this long…..am I wrong for staying in it just for the sex and because we (do have a child together) hoping that he will ultimately commit and marry me..or do you feel I’m wasting my time …move on??

  23. Sagittarius woman… was married to a Capricorn, aweful combination, argued all the time, dated a Taurus…not good, dated a Virgo…not good! Have to say that this study makes sense. Think I will stick to compatible signs. I’ve had my fill of the struggle to make it work with those not compatible…it’s been exhausting. I need to find someone I can understand, who understands me!

    1. Sag woman married 13 year knowing my Capricorn husband for almost 30 years since we were kids.LOVE him to death we get along very well he’s my best friend he can be irritating because he has to be liked by everyone even people whom are not good for him.when we argue never last more then an hour..dated Aquarius,pieces,leo,virgo the past all we’re abosulty awful. Pieces cheater liar and weak.. Aquarius crazy and stalker bipolar,Leo more prissy and a know it all then any woman, and virgo sneaky as hell.this study is off

  24. lm a Sagittarius man married to a libra women first of all sag are loveable and love to have fun i seen some thing on hear that may be right about a sag but i tell you if you treat sag right you can get the world for them if you dont it can be bad news .now with libra women what i find out about them is its there way or the high way and they are selfish i going to try to find something compatible to my sign

    1. I am a Libra and I am dating a Sagittarius if you treat us right and respect us we will be there for you and have your back we are loving and we are a giver not a taker

  25. I’m a Sagittarius woman who married a Taurus man. Things do get crazy sometimes but I think that happens in all relationships. We have been married for 26 years now and I would never trade him for anyone else.

    1. Girl next door is a Sagittarius, me a Taurus, we just recently met been 6 months now. Found out she is already engaged 🙁

  26. I am a 66 year old Sagittarius man. I have been divorced for 30 years. I would love to meet a Sagittarious woman who is interested in a long-term committed relationship. Much that is said about Sagittarius rings true for me, but I have mellowed with maturity. An exclusive relationship is my desire. Exploring life with a partner, sharing deep conversations, caring for and nurturing one another, and enjoying life. SIGN ME UP!

    1. I’m a Sagittarius 59, been married for 29 terrible years to a Capricorn 67. I work all the time to keep my sanity. Been too many times we almost called it quits. Haven’t touched each other in ten years. I don’t know why I’m telling you this.

    2. Hello David, I am a Sagittarius woman. In have been divorced 25 years. Yes, I am also wanting a friend and lover in a long- term committed relationship. That would make me happy with the right man. An exclusive relationship is also my desire. I love traveling and the out doors. Talking about interesting things that make life better and add fun to one’s lives. Sharing, experiencing together the joys of living. Love and laughter. I take good care of myself. And would love to care for another

      1. I am a SAGITTARIUS woman..looking for my counterpart sag..am honest loving loyal and trust worthy..and don’t do flyers..Hello..

  27. I’m a male Sagittarius and I’m currently dating a female Virgo we being together for almost 6 months. Yes we do fight but not very often. She gets mad because I paid for everything when we go out on a date. We have incredible sex and I’m very attracted to her. But at the same time I feel very sentimental about the way she treats me. Don’t get me wrong but I’m a very lovely person and I was the same love back and she does give me the love I want but in a different way. Still i feel there’s things that are bothering but I don’t say them to her because I don’t want to make her feel bad.

  28. Sagittarius male, 23, I’ve dated a Scorpio before and it was ok at first, but very terrible connection. They’re controlling, jealous, loves talking shit about people, and very passive aggressive. So the shit they say they’ll do is only out of imagination. I’ve been talking to a Cancer women for over a year now, but she’s very difficult to conversate with due to her allegedly mood swings. I can control them but she could go weeks to months without talking to me. It’s pretty disturbing, but I somehow finds a delight her. Sagittarius women are a very caution fir me because I was used by one and they don’t play fair at all. Aquarius women are cool, but they’re stubbornness and overbearing thoughts that everyone wants them is they’re downfall. Gemini women HELL NO! I’ve always had a thing for Aries women, but they relish too much on they’re past to be in a relationship. I was supremely in love with an Aries girl and she was lesbian, but she’s somewhat bisexual, but she was so beautiful and it was just so difficult to court her due to being homosexual. So I really didn’t have a chance. I would honestly try again if she would give me another shot

  29. my data of birth is on 19-12-1990. My marriage is fixed with a guy whom i don’t want to get married. I would like to know whether is it an arranged marriage or love marriage. My marriage is fixed on August 31st of this year is there any chances that it will get cancelled.

  30. I can relate! Sagittarius woman who dated Leo man for 5 years and have been single since (almost 3)! Idk where the leo above said sagi was the selfish one. But it may be switched if the sexes we’re Vic versa. Anyway IDK what the hell it is but I’m still so in love with that guy. He would kinda do what ever he wanted and I would and still am left just kinda waiting around in a sense. It’s funny because although I am a lover for sure and in young sagi women I think we come off super flirtatious and such but I think it’s just growing into being a Sagittarius woman. I definitely think Sagittarius likes to settle down or get married at some point which is a misconception that our sign doesn’t. We just want someone that takes the time to really communicate and b fair to each other as humans. Since the Leo I loved, I’ve really grown into flying solo for sure and I’m much more ok with that. Still talk to him but not feeling so stuck under him. I think it was definitely a touch of control in there from him for sure. I didn’t know how to really act with anyone after we officially separated. I had to move half way across the country to finally remember who I was. I think Sagittarius woman and leo men are all fire and no substance. Definitely sexually compatible. My first Love was an Aries. I actually still think about him. And a girl I really loved Gemini. I totally can see why our signs are hard to pin down certain compatibility. Lol. I can and do fall in love with so many completely different looking and different characters it’s funny to me. While most of people I know and friends have a type. I really dont. Big, skinny. Tall, short. Anyyyy race. Sex. Anything really goes for me. It’s mostly the respect factor that attracts me most. But I will say one thing.

    My dad is a Sagittarius man, and his wife is a Capricorn. They are a terrible match I think. They definitely have moments of genuine love but it’s 65/35 arguing vs love. From an outside perspective.

    1. I’m not quite agreed with perfect combinations on zodiac all I know is that you and your b/f should have a mutual understanding and trust is the most key to the long and everlasting relationship. Thanks

  31. I’m a sag female. I love hard and honestly. I dated a controlling horrible Pisces for several years. Did everything for him and his kids. He was older and I wanted to go back to school to better my life, he said I’d just get in debt. He didn’t support my dreams. He was always degrading me and women in general, and I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I quietly left and he posted nasty things about me online, and starting sleeping with 18 year old girls. So gross!

    My first real love was a Leo. He was verbally abusive also. He still to this day wants me back, and apologizes all the time, but I can’t trust he’ll break my heart again, and again. Glad he’s in a better place though now.

    Currently dating a Capricorn. We are compatible in so many ways, but he’s been hurt in the past (haven’t we all) and still doesn’t trust me 100% almost 2 years into this relationship. Sigh…I feel so unwanted sometimes. Ignored, and he seems to lack compassion. We struggle in several ways. He’s so disinterested sometimes. Selfish in certain areas. If we argue (doesn’t happen often) he shuts down for half a week.

    I have to admit the fire sign compatibility is true sexually. Can’t seem to get what you want in one person. I also have 1 yr and about 6 mths until my degree is done. No matter who I choose I want to depend on me.

    Never dated a Sag guy before. Nice to hear from fellow Sagittariuses!!!

    When I left

    1. Real…re: that Pisces man, can def relate. Horrible, degrading ECT I lost myself for those 4yrs married to piesces. Why is there an attraction with Pisces & saggi? This was my 2nd toxic relationship with a Pisces man. Met the love of my life when we were 15, we we 2gether but broke up at 25yo, never spoke to or saw each other again until 2016, he married we’re both 36 now and still feel the same way about each other. Now we both refuse to let each other go, how will this play out??

      1. @True sag, how will it play out? He’s married. I hate to say this, but if he truly wanted you, he would have reached out before he decided to move on to someone else. Unless he did reach out to you, and you turned him down?
        How will it play out? He will will probably stay married and keep you as the side woman. For as long as you allow him. Leave that man and find someone who’s available. Of course, he doesn’t want to let go. He has the bot of best worlds. Please don’t let him fool you. Run and fast.

  32. I find some of these characteristics off n my case I’m a Sag 12-06-77 and I Dnt socialize with many ppl and I want nothing more than to have a stable loving hm .I actually stay n my bdrm alot although I have a son who should have my attention more I find it hard to b around ppl outside of my rm and I give in to easily so much so I get screwed over by ppl alot and I have a hard time figuring out what it is I truly want to do when it comes to my love life and the partner in which I can enjoy the rest of my life with. I always seem to fall for 2 ppm at the same time

  33. I’m a Sagittarius and so is my boyfriend and our relationship has been for over a year, we’ve known each other for 7 years and it will be 1 year since we have been living together. We both support each other’s life styles and love each other unconditionally. This information makes my heart happy ❤️

  34. I am a seg., I add relationship with Aquarius and we have separated. I will be glad to get a seg. of mine that will b compatible. Please contact me.

  35. I am a saggittarius woman and i married a sagittarius man! We have the dream life. Money, love, understanding.. we hate routines, we each have our own career in which we quickly escalated into top positions. On social media we are quiet, no one’s business but i just wanted to confirm that yes two saggis make the dream combination! And its rare to find a dream marriage combination nowadays.

    1. I agree with you ! I have sag boyfriend and he is so perfect ! We’re match ! Omg!! I wanna keep him!! Love lots!!!

  36. I am a Sagittarius woman in love with a Leo man. If he asks me to marry him, I would. We have known each other for over 40 yrs and have been in and out other relationships but neither of us never married. He was told by some of his closest friends that he will marry me

  37. Is it normal for sagatarius man to leave a relationship after 2 years with Aries woman. To be single for awhile .I’m an Aries woman and I love my sag.but I’m allow the break but should I wait for him or give up.even tho he says he loves you and just needs time?

  38. Hi

    I am Cancer man i have being marrig almost 6 yrs my wife is Sagittarius, we dont have good enjoyable rest live feeling sick, really terrible

    So long i was looking the kidds future and to be passion but personally i cnt at the moment to be passion even nearly 10 tomes so far our business and everything is collapsing , ,as well as even my wife wasnt bad but i sea that we ate not suitable each other all the time something is pressuring tdown famly live

    Advises will be highly appreciated to

    Cancer vs Sagittarius

    At the moment decided tp divorce her

  39. Virgo woman 68 yrs old married 51 YEARS to 74 yrs old Sagittarius. It’s not always been wine and roses. We have 2 children and two grandchildren. During these years we had to compromise more times than I can count but in the long run it did pay off as we are now closer and more in love than ever.

    We are now spending the last journey of our lives supporting and loving each other which undoubtedly is the result of working out our differences for the last 51 years . It’s not always the compatible signs but more so how hard you are willing to give and take.

    1. I have to respond to this because I hear a lot of bad things about all these signs and I believe what it really comes down to is if you both want it. If u both want it you will compromise without anger, listen without judgement and love eachother without regret. I’m a Virgo woman and have been with my sag since I was 16 yrs old. Almost 22 yrs. I am a very difficult sign to deal with and we are critical but that’s our love. We are critical because we know ur capabilities. And we are moody because we worry all the time about everything. My husband is loud and obnoxious at times and he is impulsive and time is of essence w him. Communication is hard but not impossible. We have been together through more than our share of things that would rip apart the most compatible of signs. The real problem is that everyone thinks u can understand what a person is feeling or thinking based off ur own feelings and let me tell u something there is not 1 person in the world that thinks feels acts comprehends loves lives or believes the way that u do. It just as simple as learning to be with the one person u love and accepting every flaw they have and working with it. Because nobody is perfect. And Marriage is HARD people. It’s supposed to be. You both are growing up together.

  40. I’m a Sagittarius woman , and I am dating a Taurus male . I have dated Taurus males previously that didn’t work out. I’ve also dated a Capricorn and a Gemini .

    I am very fiery , and stubborn (he is also stubborn), we have differences but that’s what I love so much . I am philosophical and so is he . He often says nasty words and thinks I’m being stupid if we argue, especially if I question his loyalty which sends me into a spur-of-the-moment rage , yet he is trying hard, as well as me, to understand each other .

    I love the stability this Taurus offers , he is very grounded and driven , and his Earth like attributes keeps me grounded from my day-dreams and wild expeditions. I’ve brought him out of his shell sexually , and given him that confidence in return . He often lets me do what I like daily and he follows, although he has asked for more routine. I think he likes the fact I’m a bit outlandish and my brash honesty goes a long way with his need for reliable, trustworthy people.

    Personally so far , as long as he takes time to understand me and I take time to respect his need for security I believe a Sag and Taurus relationship can work long term 🙂

    1. Hi, I’m a Sag women and I have a Taurus partner. We’ve been together for 7 years and soon to be married. Yes we have ups and downs but at the end of the day we are able to make to each other. I think the key to a better relationship is you understand each others in common.

    1. Hey I’m a sag female 24 yrs old we share the same b’day Nov.29 1994 ! (; my boyfriend of 5 years we have been staying together for 2 years is a Leo he’s 25 years old and his birthday is August 11th 1990 I love him with all of my heart he is my first real love we had a child together but she was going to still going sometimes I feel like he doesn’t love me enough because when crying out for his attention he ignores it always have to cater to him and his needs and stroke his ego all the time but it’s never about me is always about I know I love him and I hope that he will change his selfish ways I don’t see it happening anytime soon I though there is a Scorpio involved in my life on the side he is a very consistent but I find it the Scorpio ghost me sometimes and then he’ll come back and act like it never happened in shower me with all of his attention I haven’t personally had a relationship with another Sagittarius man but I have had two encounters with two different Sagittarius man one was born November 30th day after my birthday in the other was born December 4th both of them are crazy controlling possessive and wayyy 2 flirting with other women for my taste I have a Sagittarius sun sign but I have a Libra moon my Mercury and Venus is both in Scorpio my Mars is in Leo an Aries is my ascendant I attract lots of Leo and Sagittarius and Aries and Libra and Scorpio are Gemini and Aquarius LOL I really attract all 12 zodiac signs men Leo is very controlling possessive in jealous and he doesn’t even realize it he says he wants me to hang out with more people but when I do he only gets jealous and asked if I’m seeing or being around other guys it annoys me BTW my bf has a Leo sun Gemini moon Leo mercury Cancer Venus and Libra mars his ascendant is in Taurus as for your Sagittarius man Sun sign wise you guys are compatible but try not to be so flaky cuz that’s something that sometimes both sets of these men and women can display that quality I would say trying to find out his moon sign cuz that could tell you a lot because since you guys are both Sags your your moon sign automatically comes into play so the two Sagittarius man that I’ve dealt with they both had a Capricorn moon sign and they were too bossy for my Libra moon!!! Goodluck in life and love (:

  41. Im a taurus woman and i can honestly say living with my partner who is saggitarius is making me ill, really depressed and at times lectured, the more i stand up to him the worse he gets too, im considering leaving but he runs the show so much i feel like a failure

  42. Signs who are most likely to cheat..
    Sagittarius are on number one.. with 16 percent..
    I am a leo male. I have been in love with a Sagittarius for about 2 years she made promises to me that she wont marry anyone else rather then me.. But a few months back she started acting wired.. i asked her that is there anything wrong i said or did to her but she said everything is fine.. then one day she told me that i must forget her because she is going to marry to a guy in Dubai.. he is also a leo and she fell in love with him few months back.. she asked me if i wanna chat with her she can still be my friend and will reply me whenever she have time to reply..

    1. @Alex, did she marry that guy? This happened too me with a Sag, too. He left and married multi-millionaire. I’m and Aries, we were so in love, but yeah he felt he needed someone more successful.

  43. Hi I’m a taurus male dating a beautiful Sagittarius woman. We have known each other on and off for 15 years. She recently has been diagnosed with stage 1 thyroid cancer. We got a place together and will be taking it slow through a healing process. She is a great and smart woman and I’m falling in love with her. She said I am a strong man and her feelings are growing deep for me. I want to slip a ring on her finger. Only time will tell. I hope this gives some small incite to certain percentage of people in this situation. It is special and endearing. God Bless.

  44. I am a single aquarious man never married but dated a sag woman and most recently split up with a cancer woman I can’t make up my mind who to win back the sag woman and I talk often but I can’t get the cancer woman out of my head the cancer woman and I had good chemistry but I missed some communication with her and she had some trust issues I am so attracted to the cancer woman but comfortable with the sag woman what should I do

  45. I’m a 48 yr- Sagittarius female.
    Married a Leo and divorced after 16.5yrs and it was all about him, money, college degrees and status. I also, dated capricorn 3 yrs after my divorce– worst dating experience. He was as a user, controlling and sneaky.
    Maybe me want to throw in my Loyalty towel.

  46. I’m a Sagittarius was married to a cancer for 18 years have two kids he was all over the place and always cheating so I got a divorce and now he is still trying to sill my fire don’t go for this sign he will eat you up not thinking twice about you.

  47. I am Toufa from Bangladesh.I am a sagittarius woman.My lover is a Aries man.My birth date is 20 december & his date is 23 march.my family is a supportive family but i don’t understand they will agree about it or not.both of we are Enginee. Please tell me, love marriage is possible or not for me?

  48. I am Aquarius and the guy is Sagittarius . My Birth date is January 26,1986 and the guy is November 24 1983. It is possible that we can get married?

    1. Yes married and divorced lol. I will NEVER allow another Aquarius near me and I don’t care how many times I say it here, someone has to listen lol

  49. 25 yr old Sagittarius female, dated a young aries..still in love with him. We have a kid together but he is now with another woman. We had so much fun together he Became my best friend. Miss him so much. Any other sag females that dated male aries?

  50. I’m a cancer woman with a rising in libra, moon in cancer, Venus in Gemini mars in Gemini and Venus in Leo. I’ve been dating my Sagittarius for 7mxonths now we are actually very compatible because I have so much air in my chart like him as well. The only issue I have is that I make sometimes live in the past from my last marriage and relationship. They F*ck me up pretty bad….so in general something’s he may do make me feel some type of way but in the same sense he’s so perfect for me…I just want him to understand where I coming from at times when we speak…the communication is there but not there…like we both not truly listing when we both speak…every once in awhile he has a crazy moment but it’s very small nothing big..but I find him to give up when I do something or become conflicted in mind if he wants to continue..

  51. Leo female with Sagittarius male. We finish each other sentences a lot. He is very honest, open, and patient. He supports me and shows concern for me whether I’m having a good day or bad. Honestly God did me the best favor when he made him. Even if we’re not together 4ever I’m grateful for just having these moments
    We talk about our future marriage included. I trust him.

    1. I’m a virgor woman in a relationship with a sag man i want to know how compatible we are?although he is caring but I feel he kind of secretive at times.

  52. I guesa these stuff only create tension…my father is sagg and mother is virgo according to astrology they shouldnt work ..but its the ideal couple i have ever seenn ..fights and aruguments are part of relationship but Love always wins
    Similarly i am taurus and my partner is saggy and jta been 1 year ..i k wo we have differences..but its not based on strologu..every person precieve things differently than orher as everyone have differnt experiences..
    Saggys hahaha i would say one thing plz be little detail orient as i get hurt sometimes with my saggy …he forgets details on other ahnd i remember evry intch hahaha

  53. My name is Vipul Katarmal
    Date of birth-18-09-1991
    Birth place-Delhi
    Wheather i will do love marriage or Arrange marriage

  54. I have a predicament…currently with a Scorpio guy, but there’s also a Sagittarius guy. Things have gotten alright between Scorpio and me (Sagittarius gal), but he’s a bit overbearing, we fight, sorry, we “disagree” a lot- but he’s also sweet, he’s gotten better and is trying. But I get along splendidly with Sagittarius guy. It’s as if hes a fresh breath of air, we just instantly click. Hes waiting for me to make a decision. Dont know if Scorp is with me for convenience or love, he says he loves me, but I don’t genuinely feel it. I sense coldness. I’m on high alert. More time with Scorp guy (1 1/2yrs), than with Sag guy (6months). Ah…don’t know what to do. Don’t want to be with the wrong one. I want to marry and have a family, but don’t want to pick the wrong one, then get a divorce. :/ Help!

    1. Sag guy! If you are contemplating and can fall in love with another person after knowing the scorp guy, there is something missing. Also, sag guy is being nice and giving you the right amount of space for you to make a choice and I feel, we sag girls need our space. Also, you have a splendid time with the sag guy which you are not with the scorp guy. You are already having issues with the scorp guy, it’s not going get easier especially since you guys disagree a lot. You are probably confused as you know the scorp guy longer but that does not mean anything.

  55. Im a sag girl and in a 3 year relationship and counting with a scorpio guy. We are different in so many ways. A complete opposite. We argue heavily once in a while but we make up. We enjoy being together when were not biting our heads off. There are moments when I think that the relationship has gone boring and repetitive. And sometimes my head wanders to neverland. But the thing is, I tell it to my partner. I may hurt his feelings cause im blunt but at least i dont lie. Scorpios are a bit secretive. They wont tell you anything, not until you catch them, which hurts cause its trust that i want to establish. Thats why dont get into a relationship with a scorpio unless youve equipped yourself with sherlock holmes skills.

  56. I am in the same band wagon! Was with a Virgo man for 8 years and it was the first (only) toxic relationship I have ever had in my life. He thought I was I was too flirtatious and was extremely insecure/jealous. I completely changed my identity in order to avoid constant miscommunications and arguments with him. I agreed that Virgos possess too much feminine energy for Sagittarius liking. I am happily divorced for 7 years now. My mother is also a Virgo and its work for me being around her. I wish I naturally got along with her but its unnatural and forced. Of course, I would never let her know that and hurt her feelings. She has high expectations as my ex did and cannot handle brutal honesty. My daughter is a cancer and we naturally but heads constantly because I can be very frank and cold. Being a Sagittarius, dating is difficult. We get bored easily if we are not stimulated in more ways than one but when we do find someone we feel is worthy we are loyal to a fault.

  57. Capricorn woman dating a Sagittarius man, and I love him to death as he does me. Compatibility is more than horoscopes, please remember that. Do not rely solely on horoscopes as their upbringing and background plays a role too. He and I compromise in some areas but are similar where it has to be.

  58. Please my parents forgot my dates of birthday how will I know the filed I fall into. But sometimes I easy forget something and I didn’t like to pretention anything. So I was thinking if mine birthday will fall on November and December.

    1. Any virgo woman and saggitarius man relation over here?? Am in love with a sagitarius man am a virgo woman. Donno if this can last?

  59. Okay, this is a little bit overwhelming. I mean, my dad’s a Sagittarius and my mom’s an Aries. I’m also a Sagittarius and I’m stuck between two decisions: an Aries guy and an Aquarius male. After reading this, I just became more confused. Like, I really don’t know to choose who and I love both of them, and they love me too (according to my friends). Also, both of them confessed to me. Seriously, what to do? Can anyone help me, please?

  60. I’m a Sag woman married to a Capricorn man for 9 years, together for 13. I knew what I was getting myself into, lol but we have helped each other out i.e. I help him socially and provide the spontaneity he desperately needs, and he helps keep me grounded and motivated to shoot for the stars!!! I bring him down to earth and he pulls me into the clouds, when needed! LOL

  61. I am a Sagittarius and my boyfriend is a capricorn we struggle to keep the relationship intact because he wants things his way or no way and acts so childish when he doesn’t get his way I love him so much but I’m lost I don’t know what to do I have left several times due to this need some advice on whether I should just cut my losses or try to hang in there

    1. The only thing I can say is, if you guys are not getting along and you do not see where things are getting better then you may have to move on. After 6 years of hell and holding onto a relationship where we were not compatible I had to make the decision to break it off because at the end of the day we are all responsible for our happiness. We don’t want to live with regrets…I don’t want to, I want to live and full and happy life with someone who gets me

  62. Whoa, I’ve been reading some of these comments and I have to agree with this article because so far I’ve have two long term relationships with signs that I was not compatible with and trust me, I experienced so much hell. The worse was my relationship with Pisces. He was obsessive and crazy. All in all, I definitely do not get along with Virgos and especially Pisces males. I just met a Sagittarius male and I hope things will be better between us given we share similar traits.

  63. I’m a Sag woman married to Taurus man, what a nightmare! he was not satisfied with anything, we had no sex during the marriage.. it was so bad, do not marry Taurus, they are bossy and only think about their personal gain..mine mine and its all about them

  64. Wow. So basically based on responses, there’s no significant data on Sagittarian women divorcing and certain sign because we are so loyal and open minded, we stay in unhappy dysfunctional relationships.
    I myself am guilty of this. Unhappily married to a Vitho for 20 years!

  65. Married my Taurus husband, we really have our difference yet we respect those differences. He has made me stronger and much more confident. He may be hard on me, but I know it’s out of love. At first, I had been stubborn and defiant. But I began to trust his words and as I listen I’ve realized he’s pretty on point about everything. So I will continue to trust his words.

    My whole life I could not relax either, then I met him and he has really given me the feeling of home. We are an amazing team. I can’t imagine living this life any other way.
    Btw, I feel like we both had a lot to work on at first, but with lots of communication, patience, love.. our marriage has gotten stronger. We are at 4 years, and accomplished so much within that time. It’s been an amazing journey so far.

  66. I’m not going to agree nor disagree with Sagittarius men and Pisces women.. I will however say that I am a Pisces women and my husband is a Sagittarius.. We’ve been together going on 11yrs, share 5 incredibly amazing and GORGEOUS children, and admittedly, we’ve had our share of ups and downs. It has taken a lot of give and take on both of our parts, compromising, and more for us to be where we are as a couple today. We just needed to figure out what was the best for us that we both could agree with.. Once that was established, things just flow! We’re told daily that we mesh well.. We make up where the other lacks!

  67. I am Sag married to Virgo man. It has been 6 years of our relationship. Yes it is not so good relationship. He never understands me, never give space and suspects too. Almost argue daily and sometimes feel peaceful when not together……but there is other side of this relationship also. Had some great time with him. His suggestion and guidance helped in tremendous way and took me to height of my career. And we talk for hours but usually our relationship is never been the topic of discussion. But still we two are together. After all this sometimes I don’t understand whether continue this relationship or not?

  68. Am a Sagittarius woman looking for long term relationship am in Nigeria plz contact me 08147810642

    1. Sagittarius women with Taurus man for almost 20 years now. Our relationship was difficult in the beginning but the longer we’ve been together the better it has become. I read before that Sag-Taurus hookups don’t often happen because the two signs hardly ever find each other attractive because Sag finds Taurus boring and Taurus thinks Sag is too reckless but when they do happen they find the ying to their yang. I think that’s probably a good way of summing it up. Our initial problems were predictable I guess, he thought my friendliness and impulsiveness was me being overly flirty and tended not to trust me. I found his predictability and lack of spontenaity overwhelmingly stuffy. We’ve made compromises over the years, I get him to travel and go places and experience new things and he’s taught me how to sit still for a minute. I wouldn’t trade my Taurus hubby for anything.

  69. My date of birth is November 22 and my partner is October 14, is it possible for us to get married to each other

  70. My birthday date is 1st December. My parents want to arrange a arrange marriage for me. What kind of partner I should select (according to zodiac sign) ? I want a claim and patience mind guy. Do you have any suggestions ?

  71. My date of birth is 14 Dec 93 and He is 14 Jan 90 will it match both are sagittarius and for more than 2yrs its been one sided love

  72. Sag man here. I left my Virgo wife, many reasons why…, but upon much shadow work, and clearing shakras best I can, almost instantaneously, my Sag match appeared out OG nowhere. Even with the same birthdate (12/11)
    Needless to say it’s been the most beautiful, effortless, guessless, easy, blissful relationship.. I never knew this existed until we made Union. So I definitely agree, Sag on Sag can be twin flame possible heaven.

    1. I’ve been married 10yrs to a Leo. He’s abandoned me and our kids for 5yrs; cheated and left me for his ex after marriage; been verbally and physically abusive. Stupid me, Sagi, keep holding on hoping he’ll change. He’s the only man I’ve ever loved. When he’s good to me, treats me like a queen. Stopped a lot of his nonsense. But I think I’ve finally had enough.

  73. I am Sagittarius man born 29/11/1989.

    I’m someone definitely looking for love and for my soulmate.

    I’m a shy guy but if I feel comfortable around you I will open my heart and soul to you. Once I open up, I joke around and laugh alot.

    I do like having fun and exploring things, but I treasure having intellectual and deep conversations.

    Once I feel that connection with you, I am very loyal and protective and will do anything I can to make my lady happy.

    Especially in the bedroom . I will be a freak for my woman!

      1. My date of birth is 23-11-1998 and my parent 8-12-1998 and both are Sagittarius and both side in love. in future I am and my parent marriage Or not

  74. I’m a sag in love with a pisces they say saggs don’t like to settle and on the contrary I do I’m ready for marriage and my pisces isn’t his sneaky too but that’s only because he wants the love but not the responsibility which shows immaturity it’s cool though doesn’t mean I have to commit I was so heart broken for the past week or so indecisive on what to do and you know what I prefer to focus on my me my kids and God it’s best no hard feelings just hope he understands he doesn’t get those same privelages as before because I don’t have to commit cause your not ready I don’t have to wash his clothes take him to work if I don’t want chill and Netflix when he wants and now I have options too I feel as well I’m definitely not gonna stand down and not still want marriage because he doesn’t want to commit I hope he understands because I work well in a relationship that’s for certain I go all out for my man when I know his completely mine I could carry on and say how he flirts and has no discipline but that don’t mean I have to deal with it I have a choice and knowing that made things alot easier to cope with by all means I love him but if a man is ready to commit and sweeps me off my feet and puts God first shit catch me in the wind cause honey I’m out ✌ new adventure baby

  75. I’m a sag woman and the best relationship I ever had was with a libra man we had so much in common and we were the best of friends I would suggest a sag woman with a libra man

  76. Hahah this is crazy because I’m very much in love with my partner of 3 years and he’s a Capricorn and we are very low on the compatible chart but we always keep each other on edge ( in a good way) and nothing is ever boring

  77. I’m a sag woman currently with a virgo man for 4 years.
    We’re very opposite. Have some similar interest though. Sometimes I feel like he plays victim. Very picky. Relationship has been a roller coaster ride. I don’t think I’m in love with him. I’m grateful and appreciative for him but there’s still a connection that’s lacking…or missing. Hope it works out for us.

    Past lovers were 2 leo’s and 1 sag I really fell for but never had a relationship with. I’ve wondered before how the relationship would have been. Now I’m just whatever.

  78. Hi!

    I’m a Sag woman, 4/12/1988, Tanzanian. Looking for a life partner. someone older than me by 3 to 5 years. Sags, Leos and Aries are most preferable.

  79. Wow, this is crazy. Allow me to explain, I have a crush who is a Sagittarius man and he acts flirty to me like constantly glances at me, just recently he has began staring at me. Anyway, when you said that a Sagittarius and another Sagittarius belong together or as such, I couldn’t believe it, well thank you for this summary, it was really helpful!

  80. My birth date is 02 December, 1999 and I had devastating love life. So when will I find my soulmate and marry him and will that be successful? Do I have a successful career?

  81. Born Dec 14th 1974.. Im a Sagittarius for sure but I am not like a lot of other Sagittarius. I recently started dating a Scorpio and we are hitting it off quite nicely. So im quite curious about how we might mesh up.

    1. I am a nice looking Sagittarius Male, and I have been looking for my soulmate my entire life. If your a beautiful woman that sees this and you just feel the connection when you see my picture, then please shoot me a message.

  82. Hi. I am not a typical Taurus, although I do have some traits that I have to work through if I want this relationship to survive. I’ve been seeing a Sagittarius woman for a few months and we’ve fallen deeply in love. She is very independent and I have to be more secure or my jealousy will destroy us. Anything that you could tell me might help. Thanks Steve

  83. A load of total trash of one depends on a star sign for characteristics instead of the human born in that time…… Anyone can be mutable in any life condition regardless of the zodiac orientation. Every one of the 12 signs has/can be positive and negative in a given moment and a zodiac sign ain’t no guarantee of the idealistic person therein +

    1. I am a sag woman born on 30 November and I am in love with and an Aries. Gosh it just works!
      My boyfriend is just such a right match even though it’s not perfect he grounds me in a healthy way. Best friend, trustworthy, genuine, charming, loveable, mysterious. He wows me in simple ways, he makes me feels safe, as a sag woman, I panic with commitment and plans.
      He is loving and shows me love with actions not words. As an adventurer and eternal optimist I believe and admire actions that’s what makes it for me. Sag woman need strong minded Aries man that know what they want. Loyalty, stability and fun with effortless care. Both fire sign, Sagittarius and Aries can burn and light up together. Whatever you do it’s always together best duo. Better together as a team.
      One of my best girl friend is a Aries woman and she is extraordinary in many ways.

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