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  1. I am in lusting and in love with 2 Taurus females and I need at least one to make me complete. How do I win them over

    1. by not trying to win either over. Taurus women won’t show you their cards. so don’t go looking for the signs. they won’t be there. But her feelings are intense, and she can be extremely jealous. you just won’t know it… so…don’t try.

  2. Well am Libra and My wife is Leo there’s nothing qrong with that our future is brighter then ever

  3. Iam a libra woman and in serious relationship with sagittarius man… I would like to marry him. Will that be possible? Will I get married to this man? My Bod 16-10-1993 and his dob 27-11-92

    1. I don’t know about u bt mine didn’t go well wid him relationship was pretty unstable I was too much into him. He was saggy I was libra. Had a terrible breakup. Learnt 1thing no matter how much u invest on someone. Dat person cn leave u at any instant n u hve to bring urself out of Dat all on ur own.

      1. to the say the least it could be blessing in disguise for you. I would only say dont have the fear of falling in love again. Its the most beautiful feeling on earth..Jst dnt give up on it!

        1. The hardest thing you can ever think of is starting over. There are three things (1) let go (2) move on (3) start all over. The first two are mere discission but the last is discission back with action .in starting all over there are so many things one will pass throw which are not pleasant and are frustrating except with high look. Its not easy may God help us to wake again

          1. I meet my husband March , 20th 1997 & we got Married Marc, 28th,1999 & We are Still Together & March, 28,2020 We will Our 21st Annaversiary Total of 23 years Together !!
            He Raised all 4 of My Kids sence My Youngest Daughter was 2 yrs. Old ( She is 25 yrs. Old now) & My Oldest Daughter was 8yrs.old ( She is 30 yrs. Old now)!!

            PRAISE & WIRSHIP MY LORD! EVERY DAY!! For Putting us Together every second of every Day!! My Husband ‘ Daniel Gene Morgan’ of Arlington, Tx, (age: 44yrs.old) ( DOB: 10/9/1975) Is My Angel Sent From Heaven THANK YOU LORD!!

            MY HUSBAND!!!

  4. I’m a Libra and my bf is a libra. I was married to a picez it worked for 20 yrs. Everything they say about a pices was true for him. I’m happier with my libra guy. As for marriage we’ll see.

  5. I am a Libra and my daughter, our only child, is a Taurus. We are just alike. I can’t wait to share this information with her!

    1. I am a Libra woman in relationship with a cusp Cancer (7/22). For me it is not working and I am very unhappy and looking to leave. Cancer’s hyper sensitivity, moodiness, frugality and self-absorption is too much. Very nice person and great sense of humor

    2. I am a Libra and my hubby is a cancer! Together 14 years and married for 5. We are fine. It’s all about the approach of arguments and how far your willing to be right. At the end of the day never go to bed mad. It’s work but isn’t all relationships.

  6. i like Libra woman. we look(stare at) each other more than normal . she know i am looking at her but she didn’t avoid me.now her friend started to look at me. i am Virgo and moon in Libra.
    she is like she love me today next day she not . i don’t understand what to do. please libra give advice.

    1. Hi, Im not an expert but as a Libra woman she’s going to start playing with your emotions and try to find out who you truly are and see if she can balance you out. So, my best advice is to also try and figure her out and making her laugh will help.

    1. Honestly, I’m libra female whom is with my cap man. We are a strong couple in the eyes of alll of our friends. I think you would also have to take into account your sun and moon signs as they are also big indicators to their personality. His sun and moon is a sag. Born literally on the cusp of the two. So personally i think if you love this person dearly and can imagine a life with this person and make sure you both speak to each other then of course it could work well

    2. i cant say but for libra i dont think capricorn could go because as i know truthfully libra & Capricorn are not good in relationship with eachother even with great good intention to go even in intially so

      if someone ask me to marry a cap guy i won’t not bcz he is bad or something but it cant work for libra

    1. I’m A Libra an dated A Leo Also he started the Relationship Foundation off BAD an it lasted for 10 year’s then he Dumped me!! I cheated and he was cheating on me Also!! Leo’s Egotistical Narcissistic an Self Centered Leo Individual!! Now he is engaged still A cheater!!!!

  7. Im a libra dude, went out with a Aries gurl for 7months,then She left my Sorry ass for a druggy. So Aries is off my list.

  8. Hey i m a libra female i need a reply from out you guys whoever are there i need many replies so please send me about get ARRANGEmarriage in 11/2 year so im in a search…* SOULMATE *
    my ? is i want to know which zodiac sign would be good for a libra female ( from net i know a sagg, gemi, leo, aquarius) so can u tell me (*only for libra females #be honest please thankyou!!! “)guys from your experiences plz n?????

  9. I’m a Leo female that has dated a liebra for 7 years and we were only like 6 bodies he lie a lot and so I started to see other me and iPhone a pisces that was better than you and now he trying to do everything they he can to deceive me in a different way

  10. I am a Libra girl, had a bad marriage with cancerain. Cancerians can’t understand a Libra .I have a cancerian sister too, and have conflicts since childhood . Very negative people.

  11. i’m a libra woman married to a Sag man for 14 years. It says we’re compatible, but it does not work! Sag are too temperamental and always too stubborn to admit they are wrong. Libra are too unproblematic, doesn’t hold other person responsible, will most likely sweep any problems under the wrong. it doesn’t work in the end unless both parties are willing to compromise.

  12. I’m a Gemini F married to a Libra M. We’ve been together 20 years. Recently he tells me he cheated with a whore. Bottom of the barrel in my eyes. My take libras don’t think much. Get tired of what they have. Have control issues, addiction issues, have no problem lying, and no common sense. He can be good I know it. So I wait or he continues to ruin a good thing. Our signs say we are compatible.

  13. I’m a Libra marries to an Aries for 26 years and going. Once you know how to deal with one another things work out very well. We play off of esch others strengths and help one another with our weaknesses. Any relationship is hard it just depends on how bad you want it to work out!

    1. Iam a libra and my husband is a aries, we been married 12 years now. With many ups and downs, an split ups but have always came back to one another. We have hit a rough spot and I’m not sure what will happen. . Hes nit good with communication at all.

  14. I am Libra, married Capricorn, together 15 years, marred 13 years. Not a good match at all. Most Libra are better off with no marriage. I believe.

    1. I am a female Libra 9-27 I get very bored quickly. I need a man totally into me I need to be his queen and I will honor him as my king as long as he honors me. I like e to laugh and I am very concerned controlling with my house keeping, I must have a schedule and clean home inside and out. Yes I am very materialistic. I need a man to be loyal and provide well, I will be his and totally debited to making him happy! I was married to a male Virgo was bored to death, dated a Taurus was very attracted but butted heads and fought alot! Now with an aquarius and bored he has to many addictions and is a procasrinater which don’t work for me liking a schedule. Help please with a match, I want to be happy eternally. What male sign can make me happy? I want good looking, compatible,financially stable, totally into me living man!

      1. I am libra 9-27-88, I like ya personality. We can start as friend. U can WhatsApp me on +2348037940361.

      2. Hi Danita! I share a similar sentiment about a ideal partner. I recommend dating a Libra or Sagittarius. Both are exciting and can be super committed if the feelings are mutual.

      3. My name is Jeanette 09-27 and i am a libra now to answer your question girl the best sign for you …. Try another libra it is great. We get each other, he has a wonderful soul and mind. All in a nut shell we are just alike. There never a bored moment. Try it what can you lose.

        1. Hey kajal,

          scorpions are possessive and very jealous people.So you should be careful not have many male friends or flirting around.

  15. I am a libra women dated a Leo man, it didn’t last long due to other stupid reasons. I wasn’t in the place to have a long relationship, but all in all great people, very flirty and have the tendency to like many attractive people… So I’m my experience I have fallen hard for libra men, Gemini men, sag men. My worst experience was the sag because he was funny but way to upfront, rude, and honest… like too much for me. Signs that are always attracted to libra are Virgos, no doubt.
    Famous libra and Gemini couple — Blake Shelton and Gwen stefani

  16. I am a Libra she is a Taurus. She is self centred and only care about her needs and wants. I thank God now that she cheated and left me for someone with more money.

  17. Im a libra woman and recently divorced a Pisces. He was Way too argumentative and a cheater. 8NEVER again.

  18. Hmm Danita Elliot I think u should go with a libra as u re try to make libra your friend and see d difference maybe u can choose a librian as your life partner.Am also a libra.whatsapp number +2348136545157

  19. I am a Libra F dating a Virgo. I think he’s the one, but there are a few things that bug me about him. My ex is a Cancer and I can see why we are not meant to be. Is my Virgo my future Husband?

  20. I’m a libra woman engaged to a cancer man. We bump heads alot but I love him so much and he is good to me. I think once you learn to truly understand someone and how they operate things can work out fine. Communication is a big plus in any relationship. Sometimes communicating is difficult between certain signs but you have to fight to keep it first. Honesty, respect, loyalty all of these things equal love.

    1. Libra on Libra love is the absolute BEST! I am a Libra woman marrying a Libra man and we plan to have libra children if possible! we enjoy lots of time together we speak the same emotional language and we talk and communicate very well and often.

    2. Love that, that’s true you can make all work. Both Cancer and Libra should kill the insecurities btn the other and learn listen to one another and communicate being friendly and should only have eyes for one another, that will align them together!❤️

  21. I’m libra woman and my man is cancer and he is already married with a aries woman but me and him are in love with each others but our relation is good but also struggle I want to KNOW what going on for us…

  22. I’m a Virgo and I have always been the center of attention unless I didn’t want to be. My Libra husband says all I am interested in is romance and sex. He gets nervous because I like to experiment . I’m messy and I daydream a lot. My friends say I’m sweet, flexible and charming rather than uptight but I guess I’m innocent like a Virgo and protective. He dumped a Leo for me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to marry him even though I was fell in love hard and loved his romancing. So being a raven haired actress on stage I don’t think I fall into the Virgo stereotype. He tries to get me to be more disciplined, but he had been in Libra relationships and even though he got along with them, he said he was bored and they weren’t his dream girl . He said I was his dream girl, but he is very bossy critical.

  23. I’m A Capricorn Man, In Love With Libra Woman, We Just Met, But We Known Each Other For A While But Not On A Relationship Bases. I Have A lot Of Feelings For This Woman, She Has Children But That Doesn’t Matter In My Case, If You Truly Love A Person, It Doesn’t Matter What Sign You Are. Two People Has To Work Together To Have A Good Relationship, Its Not Easy But It Can Be Done. The Bottom Line Is How Much Do You Want To Put Into A Serious Relationship Period.

  24. I think libra man are cool,sweet and caring also love to the fullest,my boyfriend is a Libra❤ and I aries,and we are good

  25. Im a libra my husband is a taurus .romantically were on point .But were both stubborn and butt heads alot .We also have 6 kids together . But i have to say my taurus husband is the best lover i have ever had and he loves me so much its almost like an obsession.For a libra that can be overwhelming at times . But were making it work and we both love each other so much .We have been together 10 years and married flr 8 years .

    1. Yes, run as fast as you can :). It can work, but man is it a lot of work. I know I’m in that relationship for more than 12 years. The problem with Capricorn women is that they tend to compare you a lot with others and almost everyone is better in their eyes. They also change after they get married or have your children, but that probably happens to every womebln.

    2. Be genuine, open and honest about your feelings (and everything else in your life). I am a Capricorn woman, in love with a Libra man. Libras are known to only say what the other person wants to hear in order to keep the peace, but Capricorns are the opposite. They will say things as they are, and need their partners to do the same. A Capricorn woman might seem cool on the outside, but get a spot in her heart, and you will remain there for the rest of your life, providing you can be open and honest with her from beginning to end. She will support you in being the best YOU you’ve ever been, and will literally take you places no other woman can. Love her, emotionally and physically, and you will have the world at your fingertips. Oh, and she has a dirty sense of humor that she will start to show only if and when she is totally comfortable with you and can see a future with you. And, no, we don’t compare you with others. But we will push for ourselves and our partners to always be the best that we can be. A Capricorn woman at the side of a Libra man can make you a power couple. There are no limits to this relationship.

  26. Taurus women married to Libra man; good for us. Married 25 years. We have our moments from time-to-time but we respect and love each other. That’s what makes us work!

  27. I love a Pieces boy and we were in relationship but because of some problem we are not together so will I marry him in future?

    1. I am a Pisces woman with a Libra man. Can this relationship work? He is definitely a thinker and I am a dreamer

  28. Am a Leo man 22/8/93 dating a Leo, she makes me cry everyday, her heart is so strong and she don’t like you correction. She has a strong heart and doesn’t care if I exist. Am single and searching right now. +2348106381426

  29. I am a libra woman in a relationship with a cancer man. I think we could make magic together but something seems missing on one or both of our parts. Can we overcome this?

  30. Im a Libra man. had a relationship with cancer for 4 years. I found They are very selfish and nagative type people. It was my 1st relationship,,, Happy to be single since.

  31. I am a Libra woman… Married to a Taurus man. .. Almost 13 years now… I have never cried as much and felt so bad about myself, and changed myself just for the sake of peace… I hate conflict and will carry everything upon myself just to keep peace… I always feel as if everything is my fault…. And I don’t like hurting anyone… I also have a child… That’s why I try and work things out…

    1. Sue, you are talking about my life. I am a libra currently in divorce with a taurus man after 20 yrs of marriage. I loved him to a fault but I had to get out when I started getting ill physically and mentally. The 20 yrs of marriage was like being in battle field. Nothing worked. Now scared to death getting into any relationship.

  32. I am a Libra and I love a girl who is also a libra.But thta girl is marrying someone else next year.There is any chance that she will marry me ???What should I do now??? Please help me.I am totally broken.

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