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  1. You might take into account the fact that Leo tends fall in love with a partners good heart. Aquarius by nature is very much the humanitarian and very giving, which may be very attractive to a Leo. I’m also noting that culture and gender seems to play a huge role in how these signs are or are not compatible. Libran superficial flirting and dialectical fairness would probably be seen as more attractive or tolerable to the egocentric Leo in France who wants a partner they can show off. France itself is very virgo and libra.

      1. I think Im leo so which star is perfect to marry? meant to say that which not witch. It was probably just a typo or a spelling mistake.

    1. Capricorn is the worst match ever for a leo man they r so cold about relationship and even they show lots of love for the man ybuy can’t show by actions and relationships sucks with a Capricorn woman ..I’m telling from my own experience of 2 yrs

    1. Just look at all of the zodiacs personalities and figure out which one matches you best. But, if you don’t fully act like one of the signs, you could be on a cusp. Just read into zodiacs to discover which one you most likely are.

  2. I am a Leo Woman 7/24/69 that has quickly fallen for a Cancer 6/24/
    I need to know about Our all around compatibility together. I DO NOT EVER WANT TO DIVORCE AGAIN!

  3. I am a Leo women whom is currently dating an Leo male and Aqurius male , I’ve dated a Aqurius male before it lasted 10 years! And currently I tend to lean More towards the Aqurius male! Although the Leo and I have more in common as far as our characters , BUT he doesn’t seem to give me enough of what I need the Aqurius male DOES!

    1. Same with me. Am Leo woman 23rd July, and my man is aquarius. His personality tends to make me balance. And his so sweet and honest.

  4. ohhhhh i really love my july 23 leo & I'm may 28 gem women. when i meet first day, i just say he is my husband. i don't i don't why i said; i don't know how & when …. but my spirit is already know him about he is mine. Even if, i didn't know him before…. Eventhough, after i said that word, i impressed by my word of mouth…

    At the same time, he also said the same when he meet me at first time… he said exact what i said. He always tell me his spirit confirm him as i'm his wife…. i think this is God 's willing and he is my true soul mate.

    Of course we are not start r/p immediately because of my idealistic thinking in spritual group difference issues… but i don't exit all things and continue as a best friend. After a year ahead i agree to continue in relationship because of his loving loyal nature.

    He win my heart wholely…. and i win his whole heart fully…

    He trust me with all his heart… and I'm too. My attention is not wandering to others… i'm not flirty one gemini…  i'm reserved one. I always want him, communicate him, appreciate him, share my everything and a lot of fun with him.

    He always feel secured with my stable personality and he's giving much value for my intellegency and the way i think, the way i act and the way i expressed my feelings. We are open for eachothers. we share anything we have… we understand eachother…. and so many things!!!!!!

    ohhhhhhh lord; really i'm feeling secured with him.

    Normally we are not perfect… we both know that…  we argued a lot, we fight and fight with some issues.

    But our greatest gift is trust.   Soooo we are perfect match.

  5. am a leo female never been attracted to sags or aries but i love aquarius… very great match for leos

  6. I’m a pics woman married to Leo. Im out going friendly leo always tried to crush my spirit. Very jealous always want control.

    1. Sorry but.. bcoz most of the pics are never trustable or they love to cheat. They always look for a change and lie a lot. If a person loves u he’ll be possessive about u but u take it otherwise.

      1. I was with pics for about 5 years. We just broke up 4 months back. I really enjoyed being with her in good times. But for some reason she used to lie a lot even if not needed. I really loved her. I think I still do. But can’t stay any longer because of all the lies she has told me. She becomes over friendly with anyone which was okay but when I seem to get busy with something once in a while she used to go out on random dates. I felt very bad when I followed her and caught red handed at some other guys home. I felt terrible about our relationship. All the effort and time I had put in her was waste.

  7. I have been with a Leo for almost 15 years now. The ties are getting stronger and love, respect, and understanding is immensely growing.

  8. I am a Leo female and I’m happily married to a Virgo male, although I admit we are very different I adore how sweet and calm he is considering I’m passionate and strong. We balance each other out so nicely. I’m so deeply inlove with this man I’m absolutely crazy about him! Most of my partners in my past were also Virgos, I always seem to attract virgos and Aries.

  9. Hi, I am a leo (female) with b’day 5/6/1995. Which sign is the best match n at what age it arrives in my life.? Kindly reply, thanks!

    1. Hello, was reading this post and came across your questions. Honestly?
      Astrology is more of a guide like other readings. The best one is the combination of horoscope which studies star maps at the time of your birth, Cabala leih lines, and numerology (Pythagorean’s philosophical school of math) in one chart! I am trying to remember who I used…?

  10. I am a Leo male, I was married to a Libra woman. Am afraid to say that it true about Libra woman divorcing Leo men.

  11. I’m a Leo woman I have date with Libra and the relationship didn’t last because he cheated on me and second relationship with Scopio disappear to the dust with no strong reason now I’m single and wondering who might be my pair I’m completely lost

    1. Doris, I am a Leo female and was dating a scorpio male and he vanished! No warning just gone. We didn’t fight sex was great I have no idea what happened it totally broke me for awhile.

    2. Scorpios like to be mysterious and want you to always be hunting them down like a cancer or Virgo would…Leos ain’t got time for that CRAP…Aquarius are too dipsy for a Leo and Libras have no sense of Loyalty and Respect….Geminis seem to be the most fun for Leos, though they too lack Loyalty…But, unlike Libras, they have a stronger sense of Respect…Aries and Sagittarius are too possessive and aloft…Soo who does Leo get along with?…Whomever they decide to become a VICTIM of…Take your pick…LOL…

    3. I’d say Sagittarius or Aquarius ? I dated a libra wasted 6 years and he cheated psychopath and they suck arse sorry they could never decide what they wanted and super bipolar flipped like a switch and never took accountability for their actions and it was always a blame game and he was a pro narcissist and gas-lighter and I dated an Aries and they are full of hot air and they are just like libra but a little better and us Leo’s don’t take shit from people

  12. I found Taurus to be my most compatible. I think cancer too needy. Libra needs to grow up. People with the same energy don’t do well. That’s my experience

  13. I am a leo girl that is crushing on a Scorpio boy. I know that Scorpio is at the bottom of the list for most likely to marry Leo’s, so that is very disappointing.

  14. This is pretty accurate in my experience. I’m a Leo woman. My best relationships have been with either Leo or Aquarius men (also one massive crush on a Saggitarius!). The worst have all been Scorpios, who exhausted me with their emotional mind games and then just walked off! I fall hard for Saggitarius men intially, but all of them have been trying to cheat on their wives/girlfriends with me, so I avoid them. Aquarius men are a bit hard to pin down, but a lot of fun. But Leo men are by far the best, as we can literally read each other’s minds and they are the only men I trust to take the lead with me. They know exactly how to treat me and when meeting one we instantly click. We know when and how to flirt and seduce one another, know how to flatter and praise and build up the other’s confidence. We have the same wants, needs, likes, dislikes. It just fits perfectly.

  15. Presently, I am falling for a Leo man…my curiosity lead me to this page because I was wondering how it could be so that I am in love with a man on one click away. Meanwhile, I am a Gemini!

  16. I am a libra woman in love with a leo man and its the relationship it is so solid yes ge tends.to get jealous because i can be a flirt but he knows I anit going no where

  17. I’m a Leo woman and have a huge crush to Scorpio man. I was trying hard to find articles that make us compatible but I only found few. I like him a lot so I look for articles on how to seduce him 1. Don’t afraid to flirt and don’t tell him you’re shy. 2. Don’t curse 3. Patience while texting . I don’t know but he is interested at me first but it was all gone when I told him I’m not ready for a relationship . Leo please understand Scorpio people

    1. You need to earn back his trust. Don’t argue with him. Let him lead. But you need to speak clearly to him ad

    1. I’m totally in love with my Leo man (I am Sagittarius) everything is just so easy it’s like I’ve known him all my life

  18. I’m an April Aries in love with a July Leo … being that we are both fire signs , we are so much alike. Aries and Leos are one in the same (quiet as it’s kept) and the chemistry is undeniable. I can’t get rid of him, it’s been 4 years now lol. He’s so caring , charismatic, and just a real boss…he wants to fix everything.

  19. Hi I’m a Capricorn woman in love with a Leo July 23 we have know each other for over 30 plus years. And this year he approached me and telling how he felt about me all this time. And I felt the same way. OMG!!!!

  20. Leo woman abandoned in marriage by her Aquarius man to pursue his career and a bunch of other excuses. I will never look at another Aquarius man the same way again.

  21. My husband is August 23 1973 and im august 5th 1989 he left his job and me for i dont know what i think hes on drugs hes very distant but i dont understand why and how because we were just fin, im lost. We’ve been married 11 years. 5 of them in and out of jail. I wish i could get answers.

    1. August 3rd is Virgo…You’re wasting your time…He’s out looking for his Cancer and there’s a Libra or Gemini looking for you…Good luck…

  22. I’m a Taurus and have a Leo deeply in love with me. Then I accidentally broke his heart but we still have that love between us. Just not as deep as before. Wouldn’t change him for nun.

  23. I’m a Leo woman attracted to my longing Gemini boyfriend. We’ve been together for 9 months and I recently broke it up because I felt like he didn’t care much about the relationship that I didn’t want to be with a player and joker all the time.

  24. Ima also woman who recently recovered getting heart broken by a Virgo. We were in love although he’s never said it (I have at the end)…I know he felt something strong for me. We’d FT everyday and text. Then his bitch ass sister (she’s an Aries) told him about my sexual past. I never had a partner worried about my number or even if I had sex the week before it just never occurred to me because people don’t ask. When I tell you all hell broke loose. He made me get STD test while he didn’t. He at first said he can’t forgive my past (I’m freaking 27 and been having sex since 14..my body count not passed 20 smh) but when he heard it was double digits he lost some interest. He still wouldn’t call me his girlfriend but would feel “disrespected” if I ever showed eve an ex name! Like a post on IG has a name like Brandon I’ll send it to him for him to focus on the meme and he’ll scream don’t disrespect me. We stopped talking for a year now recently I reached out because I walked away. Thought he was cool and would know that last time he talked to me he said he’s not ready for relationship and doesn’t want me to be his girlfriend. Mind that! We got into an argument over me being a bad sport at losing/winning a fucking iPhone game. Then he basically calls me ask me if I had sex with anyone else…I didn’t lie. He gets mad! Then I asked if he had sex with anyone! He said yes and he if I had said no he would have said we could continue this…when I tell y’all I was so heartbroken. It took me a few days of crying hysterically but honestly he’s the asshole and I know that I’ll find my true partner. So moral of the story Leo women watch out for them Virgossss. Especially if you are a free thinking empath type of Leo and he’s a straight forward only facts non open minded type of Virgo.

  25. Leo woman married to Libra male for 3 years, together for 8. He’s not afraid to tell me when I’m getting out of hand like other men. He’s blunt and and honest when we argue and I really appreciate that. He knows how to stroke my ego and never tries to take the spotlight from me. His compliments are abundant and keeps me confident and strong. I never have to fight for his attention like with other men. When we fight, we fight to understand each other. We have a very solid marriage. We have tremendous amount of trust and extremely loyal to each other. I love my Libra king.

    My second best relationship was Gemini. Super fun and playful but his anger was out of control, unpredictable and scary. He was like the Hulk.

    I dated 2 Leos. 1 was way too popular and had a lot of friends. I’m very introverted so there was a lifestyle clash. But he was super sweet and nice, we rarely fought and we understood each others sense of humor. The other Leo was way too smart for me. Smarter than me and I couldn’t stand that.

    Scorpio was ok. He didn’t give me enough attention but uhe was laid back and up to do anything, he never resisted. He did like getting attention from other girls though, so he loved befriending a bunch of attractive girls just to have on his friends list. He let me walk all over him. Not attractive. As a Leo woman, I will test your dominance.

    Worst was Aries. They hold too many grudges, vengeful, dramatic and childish. They don’t know how to handle stressful situations.

    1. Leo male here w a Cancer female. Were together a long time and get along very well. She loves and adores me. And I her. Cancer females can work but they’re into having homes and kids and settling down. Not a bad thing but better want it and be ready too.

  26. I am a cancer women interested in a Leo and am not sure how to act and above all how he sees me..
    I Know all about the flattery( not good at actually flattering him with Words as i am Too Proud but i flatter him i hope with my behavior showing him
    How much i am attracted to him)
    Any input??

    1. We leo loves cancer … The feminity is one thing Leos care a lot.. that said you’ll never spot a leo male with any tomboyish girl you get the point?… And cancers are at the epitome of feminity … My girl was cancer she’s shy.. I love her to death…
      Lmk how is it going anyway

  27. I had the worst experience with an Aquarius. Too many lies, we had a 4-year relationship, after 2 years he got engaged and married and I had no idea. it broke me down completely. I only got to know when his wife messaged me. I was in complete shock.

  28. I personally believe that the best match for all categories of a relationship and followed by marriage is without a doubt hands down the female Sagittarius for me being a Leo man who has always clicked right away with every single female Sagittarius that I have ever met in my life and I recently dated a woman who was a Cancer and I have never dated a woman who was so moody and emotional as Victoria and she sucked at giving conmpliments to me and I gave her compliments at least 15 time’s every single day and I get nothing in return. That just doesn’t work for me because I give compliments literally everyone that deserves a compliment because us Leo’s don’t give credit to anyone unless they have get actually earned it because we don’t at least I don’t even get compliments from my own family and friends and friends I can just change the people who I decide to hang around with because it says a lot about who you’re as a person.

  29. I’ve been dating a leo man for 2 yrs now and he is a strange person but I am so in love with him. He is so understanding and comforting. When I first saw him I knew that he was the one for me and I flirted a lil and he did also but as a cancer women I’m very shy and laid back but when he kissed me on my lips I was a goner from then on until today I can’t have him the way I want to because of course he is taken but we both knew what we were getting into and the more I try to leave him, the more I want him. What would you do cancer women?

  30. I , as a libra in love with a leo lady..

    I noticed that leo ladies are I decisive..

    Though loyal, but loved to be controlled by others instead of themselves.

  31. I , as a libra in love with a leo lady..

    I noticed that leo ladies are indecisive..

    Though loyal, but loved to be controlled by others instead of themselves.

  32. I’m a Sagittarius woman born on December 15 and my boyfriend of 1 year is a Leo man born on August 1st. So far, we get along with each other very well. We are both adventurous and love the outdoors so it works really well for us & we can relate to each other a lot and have similar interests. The sex is great and we compliment each other very well. The only thing I hate is when we argue lol it can get crazy real quick assuming it’s because we’re both fire signs and aren’t afraid to fight back lmao. As a Sagittarius woman I get bored of people so fast for some odd reason and I am never able to keep feelings for anyone so it’s hard for me to date but with this leo man I’ve never been wanting to look anywhere else or have my feelings for him drift away everrr. I love him!

  33. I am a Leo woman married to my gorgeous husband now for 25 yrs. he is Taurus. He’s steady, reliable and faithful none of which my previous Gemini partner was. We love history and travelling together, having meals out, evenings with friends dancing. We do clash on some things such as how we landscaped the garden but after I knocked part of the offending area down he gave way and it was done to my taste. I’ve learned to plant an idea and let it cook for about a week then act like it was his brilliant idea and he then has had a chance to think about it. They don’t like sudden change a Taurus but if you introduce it ahead they will go for it. We’ve learnt each other’s ways over the years and to tolerate each other’s need to win. Taureans are the BEST hubby’s ever and really look after you.

  34. on EVERYTHING there’s this leo woman i work with, and she’s drop dead GORGEOUS. i swear i’ve never seen such a work of art. LAWRD god took his time on this one. both our moons are in pisces. she seems kinda angry about a lot of stuff, like it comes out in her mannerisms. we work with her brother who is a sag and i feel like they get competitive about petty shit sometimes, like maybe anger is a common theme in her family (her moms an aries & dads a scorpio). she dated this virgo guy & he ended up dumping her & she’s said that she’s still like regenerating from that and isn’t really ready for another relationship

    but my GOD i’m tryna put this girl on the throne where she bELONGS yuhfeemeee!! for a taurus i really do like excitement & travel and i’ve been looking for someone to do all that shit with. all our coworkers kind of treat her like she’s stupid or incapable but i think she’s a total badass. like she’s extremely smart & practical.
    she wants to be an art teacher & she draws & is super artistic and kind. when we were facetiming she said she wears a long sleeve because she thinks her arms are hairy and unattractive but they’re LITERALLY not. sometimes i wonder if she sees the beauty she holds the same way i do.
    i kind of shot my shot wayyy to early and got all ego and stupid & mean when she said no and now we don’t talk and aren’t getting scheduled together but i WANT to make it work, i’m just not sure whether or not i should let it go or stay put & try again.

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