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        1. yes they are but my boyfriend is a leo and he is very sweet and loving my relationship with him isn’t very hard but he’s just as stubborn as me lol

    1. I’m a Leo girl and have been with my Gemini guy for almost several years now. We are highschool sweethearts, met at 14 and lost our virginity to eachother. We are so similar we could be the same person..yet so different in so many ways. We have been through so much and even though we both come from complete different back grounds and he doesn’t know how to handle me sometimes, there has always been this spark, like a feeling like wow I can’t believe I found you. Gemini + Leo is a beautiful match imo. Deep love, deep bond. The only problem in my entire relationship is my gem has a hard time talking through things and his feelings lol.
      Also, as a Leo I am stubborn and I do get jealous easily but it’s something I try to work with inside and due to past traumatic events I want to go to therapy for my gem to be my best authentic self for him

  1. I spent 32 years with an Aquarius. Very hard time for me. But now I can be me,Gemini with a Gemini raising

    1. So true I spent 15yrs with a Aquarius shit what was I thinking glad that’s over with. I am now Gemini-Gemini relationship way better

    1. I’m also an Aries married to a Gemini man and yes it is so hard. I love him(them) to death but man there are those times when it just seems like too much! But then we make up and go back to kind of normal. Whatever “normal” is for a Gemini lol

  2. I am a Gemini and I have been married to a Virgo for 6 years with 2 children and we are doing good surprisingly. I used to believe and live by horoscopes until I met him. But I come back and read this stuff and sometimes agree but also laugh. Horoscopes aren’t always true. But I am glad I found my wonderful husband

    1. I have been with a cheating ,lynin Gemini.. I am really unhappy. I want him to change for the better. He was on drugs,and I tried my best to show love.But you can’t save everyone.He cheated with a Scop.Just praying for him to wake up because I really do love him

    2. I’m a Gemini been married to a Virgo for 17 years, been with for 20. 5 kids and a dog. We started of great but then I found out he cheated 10 years in. Forgave him and he did it again 15 years in. I will just find a Gemini to be with, not marry.

  3. I’m a Taurus woman and I love Gemini men! They intrigue me and they are so sexy. My boyfriend is a Gemini and he is awesome! We had a few rocky moments in our relationship, but we got through them and are now stronger then we were before.

    1. I am a Taurus woman and I have been married to a Gemini man for 15 years and we have 2 kids. I have been cheated on, had lack of affection and mental strife. But at the end of the day every relationship takes work. But with all that said he is a great man and I now we both have flaws and maybe once or twice … ok, three times have stated we wanted to separate, so we don’t drive each other crazy but then things get better again. He hasn’t cheated in a long time and right now we are just trying to figure out how to compromise our differences. I know he loves me, just like I love him and that is why we keep trying.

  4. I am a Gemini with a Libra man and it is an amazing relationship. Left my horrible taurus ex for libra and so glad i did:)

    1. Oh good for you! I’ve been married to a Taurus for the past 2.5 years. And I think I’m going crazy! I need to run and run fast.
      Glad you found happiness in your second marriage. It gives me hope!!!

    2. Libra’s are also awesome for Gemini women.. Aries as well. I had great experiences with both. My best friend in a Gemini. I’m June 15 he’s June 14 and he’s a great guy m

  5. Gemini woman here!! I am only 20 years old, but i have had many many manyyy relationships. About 7 to be exact. i was with a cancer man and OH MY GODDDD he was so boring! alll he wanted to do was go outside and take pictures, instead of being with me. [its kind of my fault since im a photographer, so i got him into photography] but then i started talking to a scorpio and all he would want to do was sexual things and i dont want that 24/7. i think its idiotic. he once pulled out his dick and expected me to blow him, but i didnt. after he told his friends that i did. SO DONT GET WITH A SCORPIO!!!!!! Now, i am dating a gemini man. he is intriguing and i am exactly like him.. now i know it sounds boring, but since we both tend to get bored easily, we go out and do something fun.

    moral of story:
    – gemini man, get with a gemini woman! we are amazing and funnnn 😉

    1. Mines a scorpio, itll be 15 years in Nov. Let me tell you it’s been a hell of a fkg ride. We have 3 boys. I’m 32 and hes 38. We fight all the the time. Hes way jealous, possessive and very manipulative. I wonder whatd it would be like to be with a Gemini???? I’ve tried to work on our relationship and hoped things would change, but it doesnt seem so….I’ve spent most of my teen years and half of my life with him, and I partially stayed with him for my kids sake. I didn’t want my kids to be without both parents, but got damn I wish o would of left a long time ago. Hes mot a bad person, he just has alot of issues. I just want to be free and see how it feels to be with someone else or shot just be single and be independent for once. I got with him 16 turning 17 years old. Now here iam about to be 33. Hes always been there, I never got to experience being independent,on my own. I love him, I wonder if things will EVER change.

      1. You are so right. I have been with mine for 22years now and 3 kids, oldest is 16 and youngest is 7 and some days I just want to run and never come back but only for the kids!

    2. Wow.. u exactly said what’s actually true about those signs. Being a Gemini woman I feel same for those signs.

  6. Am an Aquarius man and dating a Gemini lady.we re amazing but sometimes we argue and come back to ourselves.she loves fun and I do too.planning marrying her.but she said wait so I luv the waiting period.

  7. I am a Gemini woman I met and fell deeply in love with a Libran man we had a wonderful life. But I had no idea he was a serial cheat, people told me things about him and family to, but I followed my heart. And he bulldozed my heart and I feel he planed. It he had no heart I forgave forgave. The years went by and he did not want to settle down at all he lied to me every year I believed, we would tie the knot as I was engaged to him, cut a long story short he was no good he cheated on me right through our entire relationships I was younger than he was. But age did not matter. I thought he was a decent man who had morals I believed he came from a stable home I thought his mom and dad. Was like my parents , no his parents had a weird marriage he was never at home. His mom was always on her own. She was very miserable. And me no I lived in a happy home with love and kindness my parents I miss them both passed away. If a woman could have a good man and he treat her right it be great. But my experience a good and loyal man is so hard to find. Not in a relationship. I am loving myself sorting out my health. I walked away from that man I forgive him I know I gave him the best years of my life and he just kept liveing serial cheat he did not care about me. What I stand for my ambitions my decency he just threw it all away. On women that did not look better than me sorry to say. I have standards and I will not allow anyone to bring me down to face the grown . All I know I am free and living my life with my family. Love don’t live here anymore

  8. I am a Gemini woman with a partner – Pisces. It’s been 5 years of hell, pretty much, with a bit of sunshine here and there. I took me that long to accept that Gemini and Pisces simply do not go well together.

  9. My pisces soulmate passed away 7 months ago. We were happily (for the most part) married for 33 1/2 years. We have two of the most wonderful sons a mom could ask for. I loved my husband with all my heart and he loved me too. We had many an argument, often over nothing, but never went to bed angry. That is very important in sustaining a good relstionship. The longer arguments and hurt festers the harder it is for the injured parties to forgive. We both said things we didn’t mean to hurt one another in the heat of an argument but we recognised that we were both at fault and we forgave each other. The main attraction to my pisces was his honesty and trustworthiness, which we shared. As much as I respect and believe in astrology, human character traits can be influenced quite heavily by the environment that one is born and raised in. That in itself leaves a broad span for interpretation of the placement of the planets at any given time. We all have unique experiences and personalities. Astrology just gives a broad overview of the posible outcomes. How you interpret that is up to you. If you fall in love with a pisces don’t run unless your heart tells you to. You could be missing out on your soulmate.
    In an interesting side note, my best girlfriend, from age 4 till her death at 35 was born on the exact same day as my late husband. Coincidence…. I think not!

    1. Wow I can relate to this so much! I am a 20 year old Gemini and have been in a relationship with a Pisces Man for 5 years! We come to understand each-other very easily. Fun fact is Pisces people show empathy and can read emotions very easily. But because this is very easy in terms of love, Pisces for me as a Gemini is sometimes boring and not as interesting as other stronger compatible signs. Only if one opens their to that a soulmate can form. Also CQB, I too have my best friend same birthday as my boyfriend’s. They are both Pisces and significant in my life.

  10. I’m a Gemini woman Leo man it seemed as though it would be perfect great friendship distarious relationship wise . I can’t be me totally controlling Leo’s , possessive etc Gemini is not .. honestly they had been some ups but it’s msinly all been downs . I’ve felt suffocated almost a majority of the time and felt I cannot be my authentic self . Leo can love but not the love I require it’s a controlling possession love , we give free love expect the same back no possession but still expect commitment. I can be committed still have adventure & a life . I can’t do mundane. I’ll be glad when the stalking over he finally goes worse 7 years of my life !

    1. Please I need help at this moment from West Africa. I’m Gemini man (27May) in a relationship with a Virgo 25y lady (20Sept) she’s indirectly asking my hand in marriage & I don’t know if she’s truly meant for me even if she’s in love wit me. I just wanna know if she’s d one or mine is some wher in d world. +2347065444848 WhatsApp chat

  11. I am a Gemini man was married to a Gemini woman for 21 years, awesome fun, caring and loving. I met a leo woman was with her 8 months, the most controlling and argumentative person I know, possessive and when i left couldn’t handle it. Met another Gemini woman, fun and loving, no offense but stick with your star sign, they fulfill you.

    1. I am a Gemini woman who fell madly in love with and married a Taurus man. Gave him my best for 10 years, while tolerating his drug use and narcissism; only to find out he’d been giving it to my only sister for a year. DISASTROUS MATCH!!!!!!!
      Moved on n happy. Trust the signs, they don’t lie #happiness

  12. 26 year old Gemini woman, and a 35 year old Aquarius man. We have one child together, we’ve been I guess you could say on and off for about five years now, I love him to death, and he loves me too, he’s controlling sometimes, either his way or the highway, and he thinks he’s always right with everything. I mean yes, we’ve had some ups and downs, I was dealing with a heroin addiction, and a past long term girlfriend died of an overdose so he was very protective. He’s mostly an asshole and has done stupid things to me because the way he was raised, and the things he’s personally been through in his life, but our sex life is amazing! But when things are good they are really good! He tends to hold onto the bad things I’ve did in the past to hurt me during arguments, we both have a sharp tongue and can get physically violent during fights, but we usually make up pretty quickly (usually sex lol it worked wonders) and forget that it ever happened. He is very protective but he doesn’t get emotional like I do or show any emotion hardly ever. He is very independent and likes to work hard to have a good future. I am hoping to spend the rest of my life with him, I just wish we could be more stable and on the same page with our feelings. No more lying and saying hurtful things. But time apart seems to help too and not to be too up each others asses, then it can lead to trouble, but motivate each other, it helps strengthen your bond! I wouldn’t trade him for the world no matter what we have gone through, I just can’t let this one go for some reason. We also share the love of exercise, and being outdoors, and being around friends and having strong bonds with family.

    My sons dad, presently is a 30 year old Aries. We dated for a little over 3 years, our relationship was good, but I also was 17 when we first started dating (he was 21 I think), but we liked to go out, and we always made each other laugh, he was very caring and protective, and worked hard to spoil me. He liked to go out and have a good time and go out on dates. He used to be a flirt, and I used to go all crazy on him, but he never laid a hand on me, or called me out my name. He cried if something was hurting him or sad, and I know he genuinely cares, I didn’t get over him for awhile, but present day, our relationship is very good! I had sex with him a few times while me and my current “boyfriend/daughters dad” weren’t really together, but we still have love and respect for each other, it is different for everyone though, especially since we had a son together when I was 18, and he was my first actual long term boyfriend, and the first boyfriend I lived with. Thought we were going to get married as well, but I was going through hard times even back then, and it was actually my own fault that I couldn’t contain being a natural flirt! But yes Aries and Aquarius definitely work out! As long as you can get past the little bumps in the road! I love being a Gemini! (6/10/92)

    1. I am a Gemini man. I’m currently dating a cancer woman, which I think its kinda off topic. anyways I’m not really sure if this is the best choice but I kinda like the mix imotion thing I have with her, and how we spend more time going out even though she likes settling in. Not so sure if I want to continue with this.But hey, if she makes me happy then am all good with it

    2. I’m a 6/10/72 lover of life and I also had an Aquarius as a first love or so I thought. I was 16 he was 20 and for 5 of the 6 years we were together I was his queen and he was my friend and protector. My first everything we didn’t have sex until I was 19, besides his everyday habits of getting high and stealing from me the last year of the relationship and all the lies about nothing was too much to handle. I left him at 21. Met a scorpio at 23 married him and we have been married now 22 years. Years 16-20 we separated almost divorced got back together for the kids. I wish I would have kept on and not come back sometimes but for the kids I stay. Oh well I really miss my Leo hard working loving caring high school sweethearts. We were just too young to know it at the time. I’m married now and he never had but has kids. We reconnected during the separation but I decided to do what was what I thought was best for my kids. He said he waited all this time for me, he can wait a little longer. Life is crazy but also what you make of it

  13. Wow have to come back and read everyone comments. I’m a gemini and find myself going back forth with a gemini guy. It seems hard but I understand him. Everyone here gave me hope with their testimony. We aren’t together just because we haven’t made it to that stage. But nothing bad has happen. Just confusion and misunderstanding.

  14. I’m a capricorn woman in a relationship with a gemini man. This relationship is everything but easy. We are both strong individuals and so opposite, like the sun and the moon, the child and the old person. We discovered have nothing in common, not even values for the future and if we do, I’m oblivious to them cause a gemini men does not talk about commitment, emotions, and so on. We deeply love each other but we don’t know how to be with each other. It’s sad.

    1. Yea.. Here me in love with a gemini man. Being capricorn in love him deeply. But he appears and disappeares. Still I am wait. Haha.. In know he is evasive. I donno. He is stepping back for commitment in future. Haha.. Really its funny..!!! He has 2 faces.. Extremely 2 faces… Lol


    3. Run while you can!!! I’m a Gemini women and dated and had a child with a Capricorn male and it was the most exhausting, training and toxic relationship i have ever been in. We had to of had compatible moon signs to make it work as long as it did(4 years) but they are very hypocritical and Narcissistic And he even cheated on me while i was carrying our child!! They only care about themselves and what will benefit them once’s you’re done doing everything for them with nothing in return they will move onto the next!

  15. 48yr old Gemini woman here now dating a 24yr old Gemini man. But, we only look 3yrs apart…go figure! It’s a very comfortable relationship and we appreciate what the other has to offer. The intellectual and sexual fantasy part is on point and we keep things light and fun with No judgement what so ever. We always know when some thing isn’t right with the other one and we address it, say what needs to be said and we move on.
    Now I’ve been married to a Leo. Hard working but only thought of himself & was verbally abusive. Married a Taurus and we were like night and day but he was a quiet romantic and took very good care of me. I screwed that one up by thinking I needed communication and seeking sex outside my marriage to satisfy my craving. Then I met an Aries and I finally knew what being in love felt like. Unfortunately he had to go away for a few years and I was faithful for 3yrs then got lonely and met an Aquarius. He was 15yrs younger than me and ended up being the worse relationship ever. Very toxic to a Gemini. Found out he was narcissistic and I lost who I was within those 5yrs. I did meet a Libra, also 24yrs old recently and we had a good partnership and great sex. But I’m into my Gemini guy and we mesh very well. We are happy to have found each other and fingers crossed on a long term happiness.

  16. I am a gemini man 33 I fell for a Cancer woman 35 we grew up together in California I instantly fell for her when I met her it was love at first sight for me I was 10 she was 12 she was a tomboy playing out in the field my first day to a new elementary school I said something I can’t remember what exactly but she corrected me she always dressed like a tomboy too jeans and well she did have a pink flannel on but prom my god I fell so deep in love I didn’t even know how to express how I felt I ended up letting her slip away well not just that life tore me from her I was getting in too much trouble I had to move and thus time it was across country life has had its way of separating me from her when we were teenagers I moved so much I couldn’t continue trying to pursue her at the time we’ll like I said for me it was love at first sight I would bring her things then on a field trip in 5th grade I bought her a promise ring my love for her was because I had a fucked up childhood and she made me feel safe and content and she showed me love when I was with her in her presence all my troubles seemed to not even bother me….well anyways me and her have had other relationships over the years but since 2014 we have been dating as adults it ain’t been easy we live in different states I got to see her in 2016 and I have been telling her I want to marry her since 2014 I told her to marry me in 2014 and she laughed I kept on fighting to get to know her again cause so many years had passed by you know people change well this woman has the same effect on me as she did when we were kids I am totally crazy about her so in 2016 I went and saw her and I asked her in person to marry me this time she didn’t laugh she responded in kindness it wasn’t a straight out no but it wasn’t a yes and I understood we weren’t in a position to talk about marriage really I was in no position to ask her to marry me it did kind of hurt though anyways I ended up doing some dumbass shit I mean stupid shit it stopped us from talking until thanksgiving of last year I had been slowly trying to tell her I was wrong she called me on Thanksgiving last year and I broke down and admitted what my wrong was to her we moved on from then I am so happy she really Is a blessing in my life

  17. Gemini man married to a scorpio woman 15 years..ha we coo but then again my best friend and brother from another mother is a scorpio as well

    1. I am a Gemini woman very very much in love with a Gemini man. He is my soulmate. The sex is amazing, the understanding is amazing, the love is amazing, refreshing, pure. We are like 2 children who have found their other pieces. We argue but always get back together, have each other’s back, always forgiving each other, and focusing on the love.
      I’m just wondering if on the long term our similarities are going to be sufficient for a relationship.

  18. I am a gemini woman dating a leo man we have an age gap but after my past relationships I must say that my relationship with him is the most wonderful thing ever but I do think that who we both are plays a very important part.He and I are a lot alike and both have been through similar things and despite our about 7 year age gap we are an amazing match he understands my need for freedom,and a lot about my sign and how I as a gemini am and I understand how he is as a leo.We have our ups and downs but we make it through and in the end I think the disagreements have helped us to better understand each other, become stronger in our relationship and form a stronger connection as well.

  19. Gemini man…some of my most successful relationships have been with Leo women…downside is they can be very controlling. Which rather Gemini male or woman…VERY TOXIC. In terms of worse signs that work, or I attract…Taurus women, CANCER WOMEN ESPECIALLY, Scorpio, Pisces…aries women can work and work well but you have to let them lead otherwise it will be hell in kotchen

  20. im a taurus woman and i used to date a gemini man. it all started nice until he show the other face and out of nowhere he breaks up. we never fight and i was always there for him.we had fun and everything but it took him 3 yrs to break up with me. still not sure why, but i let it go. sometimes it depends on the persons. anyone can make it work if they want to try.

    1. I am a Taurus woman currently married to a Gemini man going on 15 years, and I two have seen that other face and it was shocking. We are currently on our last go around in our relationship, since the problems keep stacking up and the solutions are not available. I know he loves me and I love him but it is to much work and I am sooo tired at this point. at some point in my life I would like a happy easy life.

      1. EVERYONE has different views about other signs .
        Ultimately as a Gemini . The best match for us would be Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Not saying the rest is not a good match but these signs are the best match . Reason why is we’re a Gemini an Air sign sign like Aquarius and Libra. We are similar in many ways, we can understand and relate to one another and at some point if your in a relationship with an Aquarius or a Libra, it will plateau and you would just get bored of each other and eventually break up. Sagittarius,Leo and Aries is a fire sign, As long as your honest with each other , U JUST NEED TO DIRECT THE WIND THE RIGHT WAY , THE FIRE WILL GROW BIGGER,STRONGER AND USE TWO WOULD BE UNSTOPPABLE

  21. I am a Gemini man, married a Pisces. Now divorced.

    Marriage from hell.

    Thinking, autism/aspergers.

    Am now looking for a Gemini.

  22. Im a gemini i man with a capricorn women. She’s really secretive about things. Keeps meon point though. Very dramatic and crafty.

  23. I am a Gemini and married a Gemini… most horrible 13yrs of my life. I’m dating an Aquarius now and it’s the best relationship I have ever had.

  24. Gemini lady here. I’ve been with an Aquarius for 4 years now. I don’t think it’s going to great anymore. I realized he’s pretty selfish and not very creative. He doesn’t really like to talk much, hates when I ask questions. Getting to know him (still) has been a real pain. I’m thinking of ending it because I’m not sure how much better it’s going to get. Maybe if I’m single in the future, I’ll try for a Gemini too since most people have said it’s been a pretty good decision.

  25. Gemini woman married to Leo man for 25 years. Met when I was 21 and he was 23. For the most part, this is an awesome pairing. All relationships have highs and lows and we’ve had our share. But there must be equal parts of love and trust. My Leo is loyal, generous, caring and protective. Like many Gemini women, I’m very independent and this will occasionally put Leo husband’s protective (and controlling) instincts into overdrive. But I push back when I need to and he lets me do me. We are both stubborn and neither one is likely to roll over in an argument. There are 3 main reasons we stay married. We don’t hold on to our anger for too long. We believe and support each other unconditionally. We know that the best things in life require work. #geminilovesleo

  26. I’m a gemini dated a capricorn..Most judgemental man and not fun.They love to stay indoors and never ready to help… Everything I did was wrong to him..the Dates we went to ended up with him always mad at the end..Never cared about my emotions,one selfish person..Sorry to say but that was the worst relationship

  27. I’m a female Gemini dating a male sag… I like it but I swear he’s sneaky lmao. & the wandering eye thing I can definitely say also but my eyes wander too so ‍♀️ Lmao. But other than that he’s amazing one of the best boyfriends I’ve had! Not as romantic as my first Sag. But he always thinks of me when he thinks of himself. 80% of the time. Any one else have anything to share in regards to this?

  28. I am a Gemini woman, married to a Cancer guy and he’s super boring, homebody, and overly critical. We have had a lot of arguments and fights And came to the brink of divorce, but at the end of the day if there is love, relationships can work even with incompatible people. We have three kids and eventually learned to adjust with one another, I have become boring like him though.

  29. I’m a Gemini man, who’s been married to a Cancer for a few years (Young and dumb, and well, didn’t work out, left on good terms) and I was married to a Virgo for 10 years (she couldn’t stop falling in other men’s beds so I left her) I’m now dating a Capricorn, and I think we complement each other fairly well so far, other than I’m the chatterbox and she’s quieter and contained. I guess time will tell if that pans out or not. Not sure why I responded here, just thought I’d say that regardless of your sign, you can make anything work with the right effort. Unfortunately, I’m 0 for 2, hopefully, to change that soon

  30. I am a Leo woman in love with a Gemini man. As I write this he’s riding his ADV motorcycle across Mexico yup! Gemini seem to be adventurous but that’s exciting to me. If I could’ve gone I would’ve. He’s very talkative communicates well; chooses what he will communicate about I think. This is a new relationship, five months. I feel like there are such individual characteristics that play into who we are in addition to our astrological signs. How one makes love, how one shows affection, a lot of those interpersonal skills are trained in childhood and throughout our lives. I forgot to mention we are both 65. I love his zeal for life, it matches mine. We have a whole lifetime of things in common. With Chris cross each other’s pass for 45 years. we’ve lived in the same places at the same time yet didn’t know each other then. I met him in 2008 on a river in Colorado and I was instantly smitten with him. As he talked and we shared our life story I couldn’t help but admire him for everything he had done. At the same time I think he admired me As an independent female unmarried most of my life; rock climber, mountaineer. I ride a motorcycle we had so many things in common. We saw the adventurer in each other as a compatibility. Can’t wait to share more adventures with him in our last chapter of life. it’s new I don’t know where it will go I am excited about him. I’m so glad he is a free spirit because I am a free spirit and that allows me to be me and him to be him. Marriage of course is not an issue at this point in our lives neither of us are looking at that. I think we’d love to ride off into the sunset with a partner that we can rely on and who loves us who is exciting full of life. What concerns me, from a lot of what I’ve read about Gemini, because I’ve never been in relationship with a Gemini, is that they’re cheaters. That’s some thing I can’t tolerate that something that has ended every relationship I’ve ever been in as my partner cheating on me. As a Leo we’re extremely loyal. And I can’t waver on that it’s how I’m wired monogamy is very important to me. I remain open minded and have no expectations of the outcome of this relationship but I certainly am hopeful that this amazing wonderful man and I can continue to be independently together hinged by one soul. BlessingS everyone!

  31. I’m a gem woman, was with a ♍ for 4 years, ok but kind of insecure and stuck in his ways one sided.
    Traded him in for a♾ ♊ man we have been married 10 years together 19 years in total. It’s been one hell of a ride when it’s good it’s great it’s like the best feeling in the world. That’s your Best friend…but when it’s bad it’s like the devil spawn got out!!! We now have 2 boys a Gemini and a Taurus and he is a full blown Taurus ♉ so 3 gems and 1Taurus . Things here you can only imagine the turmoil at times. Definitely never a dull moment ♾

  32. Gemini ♊️ female currently with a Scorpio ♏️ Female! It has been very challenging. She seems to be very secretive and stuck in her ways. Never sees where she is wrong and never admits to anything. It’s becoming very frustrating. I can’t help but think that it has a lot to do with our signs simply being incompatible. Somebody help me I’m about to throw in the towel honestly

  33. I’m a gemini woman and from my experience: Taurus was sweet but suffocating. Capricorn is boring as hell! Cancer was perfect and still cares about me, but we were too different. Scorpio was no good and difficult to talk to. Pisces is not on the same level. Leo was exciting, but too egotistic.
    Gemini man are either psychopathic crazy or the perfect match for me!! I love them. They are smart, spontaneous and exciting.

  34. I’m a Gemini women and I’ve always said I can be friends with a Taurus but I will NEVER date one also I’m cancer cusp. With the whole fidelity thing if your gemini isnt faithful they aren’t ever going to be. They are not fulfilled by you and are just waiting for something better. They’re social and dont want to be alone, that’s why they’re still holding on.

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