Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Aries

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Traditional astrologers believe that Aries is most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, and less compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces, but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say?

Mathematician Gunter Sachs (1998) conducted a large-scale study of sun sign trends, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce. Castille (2000) conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between 1976 and 1997, which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below.

Marriage: Aries Men

The Sachs Study

Sachs found that Aries men most often marry Aries women and are least likely to marry Scorpios. As for divorce, they part from Leos at an above-average rate, but tend to stay married to Aries women. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Aries men (* indicates that the result is statistically significant – in other words, the effect was too big to attribute to random chance):

    1. Aries*
    2. Leo
    3. Taurus
    4. Gemini
    5. Pisces (same marriage rate as Gemini)
    6. Virgo
    7. Libra
    8. Capricorn
    9. Aquarius
    10. Cancer
    11. Sagittarius
    12. Scorpio*

Aries men may be less likely to marry Scorpio women due to the clash of two headstrong personalities that both need to be in control. Also, Scorpio jealousy and Aries flirtatiousness do not mix well.

Aries and Leo are thought to be compatible, at least for friendship. However, the higher-than-average divorce statistic for Aries men and Leo women may also result from a clash between two very forceful, dominant personalities.

The Castille Study

Castille also found that Aries men are most likely to marry Aries women and least likely to marry Scorpios. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Aries men (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Aries*
    2. Taurus
    3. Pisces
    4. Leo
    5. Aquarius
    6. Gemini
    7. Sagittarius
    8. Virgo
    9. Capricorn
    10. Libra
    11. Cancer
    12. Scorpio

Of course, if two individuals have very compatible rising signs or moon signs, opposing tendencies will be minimized and there should be more common ground, so many marriages between supposedly incompatible signs can actually work very well.

Marriage: Aries Women

The Sachs Study

Sachs found that Aries women most frequently choose Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius men for their marriage partners, while Cancer is the sign they are least likely to marry. As for divorce, Aries women most often part from Virgos and Libras, and least often from Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius men.

The marriage and divorce statistics for Aries women are unsurprising, as all three of the top marriage signs are fire signs, which are considered the best matches for Aries because they tend to provide plenty of fun and excitement so that spouses are less likely to grow bored and wander off. As for the relatively low divorce statistic for Aries and Aquarius, Aquarius has a lot in common with Aries, including friendliness, adventurousness, a low boredom threshold, and love of trying new things. Also, the typical Aquarian has a relatively high tolerance for Aries insensitivity. Emotionally detached Aquarians are more inclined to analyze a rude comment intellectually or shrug it off than go sulk in a corner.

Virgos and Libras are not the best matches for an Aries woman unless their rising or moon signs are more compatible. Virgos tend to be cautious, fussy, and  practical, traits for which Aries has little patience, and while Aries can be direct or even combative when addressing emotional issues, a typical Libra shies away from all forms of conflict except friendly debate, which will aggravate Aries. However, despite their differences, these two signs  are often attracted to each other.

The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Aries women (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Aries*
    2. Sagittarius*
    3. Leo*
    4. Pisces
    5. Aquarius
    6. Capricorn
    7. Libra
    8. Taurus
    9. Gemini
    10. Scorpio
    11. Virgo
    12. Cancer*

A typical Aries likes city life and meeting lots of new people, whereas typical Cancers usually prefer nature-based or home-based activities with a small circle of close, long-term friends, so it’s unsurprising that Cancers are not always the first choice for Aries women. To make matters worse, Aries bluntness combined with Cancer sensitivity can be a recipe for disaster. Aries  may find Cancer  too moody, whereas Cancer may perceive Aries as selfish and cruel.

Castille Study

The Castille study found the highest rate of marriage between Aries women and Aries men, though Aries women in France were least likely to marry Virgos rather than Cancers. The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Aries women  (*indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    1. Aries*
    2. Pisces
    3. Gemini
    4. Capricorn
    5. Sagittarius
    6. Libra
    7. Aquarius
    8. Leo
    9. Taurus
    10. Cancer
    11. Scorpio
    12. Virgo*

The Aries-Aries match was the clear winner, while the marriage rate with Virgo was below average. The clash between Virgo’s sensible, cautious approach to life and Aries’ impulsive risk-taking can make things difficult for this pair, as Aries is often impatient with careful individuals, whereas a typical Virgo is disdainful of those who take seemingly pointless risks.

The Best Match for Aries

The best long-term love match for Aries appears to be another Aries (as well as Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius for Aries women), while Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio can be less auspicious matches in some cases. However, Aries  who find themselves romantically entangled with one of the less compatible signs should not despair. Plenty of relationships and marriages between supposedly incompatible signs have lasted.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are statistical tendencies; this doesn’t mean that every romance between incompatible signs is doomed. For example, out of 6,498,320 marriages encompassing all possible sign combinations in the Castille study, there were 934 more marriages between Aries men and Aries women than would be expected if sun signs had no effect, whereas between Aries women and Virgo men, there were 633 fewer marriages than would be expected if pairings were random. However, there were still many marriages between the supposedly least compatible signs.

Astrology is complex, and there is more to take into account than just sun signs. Two people with incompatible sun signs may have highly compatible rising signs or moon signs that can make the difference between a bad match and a good match with a bit of an “edge” that keeps things interesting.

There is a more up-to-date version of his article with additional research here: Aries Marriage, Divorce, and Compatibility Studies

*The methodology of the Sachs study has been criticized and it remains controversial. I have found no critiques of the Castille study thus far.

Further Reading

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103 thoughts on “Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Aries”

  1. I am a Aries woman and I have been married to a Virgo man for 48 yrs, I am 67 y o, my husband is 76 y o.

    1. Well how the hell have you coped with that?! You deserve a medal for that long with a nit picky, dull and self righteous Virgo.

    2. Elizabeth! You give me hope :))
      I’m planning to marry a Virgo man soon and I see the clear differences in our nature. Yet, I believe it’s not an impossible pair.

      1. I’m about to start the divorce process from my Virgo ex. I’m an Aries woman. I’ll never date/marry a Virgo again. He started off attracted to me spoiling me as I turn down most of his gifts. We dated for 8 yrs. then married and stayed together 5 more yrs. He changed drastically and left abruptly. His lack of common sense really effected our relationship even w the way he left. It shows he had zero common sense. Someone else’s ignorance can hurt you. Remember that. Virgo’s are no good for Aries!!!

    3. I am.Aries woman still inlove with my ex a.leo man.. Highly to. CLing this long. What should i do??? Feelings are faiding but not quickly enough.

    4. Virgo men are easy to get along with. We nitpick when Aries keeo making the same mistakes, when it comes towards having male friends. If he want to be intimate with you he cant be your friend. If he keeps asking you for money evertime he cant be your friend. If he was your ex, no he cant come to the family reunion. If a guy tries to pick you up,then say okay maybe we can be friends, dont take his number.if there is a deal too good to br truth please come discuss it together before pulling the trigger on it. Why the only time aries listen to virgoes is after good sex? I dont have to sex you good while making these deals with you at the same time. Understand that you cannot out love us, we will love you even with grumpy, flaws ‍♂️. That’s it fix those few problems and virgo will leave you alone. Romance you, and make you a priority. easygoing.

  2. I am Libra man and My beautiful woman is Aries we each other everything so y’all is wrong about Aries and libra.

      1. I was engaged to a Libra for 8 years and with them for 12, indecisive will never fight for you, which an Aries needs. We get along fine as they are very diplomatic and let Aries have their way and Libras are great but they are a waste of time and are incapable of making any of the most simple decisions. Eventually, an Aries will walk all over them even though we don’t mean too. We just don’t respect that.

          1. I’m an Aries woman who is currently separating from my Libra partner of 4 years. I can relate to you comment, I was tired of being alone in my marriage with someone who never ever prioritised me, our relationship or respected me or my feelings. And being an Aries I thought I was the insensitive one 😉
            I grew tired of the constant indecisiveness, never apologizing or taking any responsibility for anything. But the most irritating was the righteousness….I lost my respect and the love is fading away.

        1. Libra men and not all, but most are freaky and I feel Aries match that, but Libra men are not faithful and likes to throw conversations you had with them back in your face like they ate better then you, because they never got caught.

    1. It all depends on the horoscope as to what planets are positive and negative. Aries and Libra working the Libra woman is not headstrong as Libra is s peaceful sign unless their ego and arrogance start creating trouble . Opposites do attract .

    1. I am a Arise woman and I’m very in love with a Pisces man and I don’t know what to do he all I think about.

  3. Libra is unpredictable and too frank. also indecisive
    Leo are sword tongue people & innocent pure heart.
    Virgo are too overly problematic about everything but Great organization.
    Gemini are playful & unpredictable, seems wont get serious & fixed.
    Sagittarius have own world & very outgoing. happy nature.
    Capricorn deep person, & plans everything.

    Based on my experience, suggestion only…
    Capricorn and Aries are Great Compatible.
    Attention seeking is truly nature of Aries.
    Capricorn stability in emotions reassures a pamper seeking Aries.

    1. finally m feeling good…reading ur experience…. Above… Please I request you tell me little more about aries and capricorn…
      I’m aries
      And my boyfriend is Capricorn…
      I’m 19 and he is 23…
      We are in 7 years relationship.. and now m very afraid to loosing him…. Please help me please….

      I hope for your reply…

      1. I was in the same situation a few weeks ago and our personalities clashed he didn’t like to be corrected or to be given advice with my Aries self I always want to speak the truth and was always open to new things whereas he was the opposite best of look it might not be your case but I ain’t dating no Capricorn again

      2. My second ex-husband is a Capricorn and I have chatted with other Capricorns. My opinion and experience is they are not a match for me in the long run. Very boring and predictable. Like I said my opinion. I will not date nor marry another Capricorn.

      3. My husband is a Capricorn. I am a true Aries woman.

        We are both 28 ….we have been together for 15 years and married for 3 years this august.

        We butt heads all the time we both have strong personalities and opinions but we both rather fight for each other than against each other. Put your fire where you want it in your relationship- the sex!!

        A relationship is about a lot more than star signs.

        1. I met a Capricorn, and fell in love with him. The sex is definitely hot, but we didn’t get into a relationship. We are very attractive to each other thou, and I think about him all the time.

    2. Thank you so much. You’ve helped me more than you know. Most people say an Aries woman cannot be with a Capricorn man because it will never work. Capricorn man provides stability and that is exactly what the Aries woman needs for balance.

      1. I’m an Aries with a cancer rising sun. So am I doomed as far as being compatible with anyone? It just goes to hell in a hand basket in a real hurry! Shall I just give up?

        1. WOW you’re the only person that has the same sun (Aries) and rising (cancer) and I FEEL YOUUU I totally agree about the whole being domed to ever being compatible w anyone. I feel like I can’t be with anyone it’s too hard for me and never works out for some reason but whenever I’ve tried, they never worked out so I give up :/ whatever is meant for me will come to me ig

          1. My star sing is also an Aries with a cancer rising!!! I’m 26 and I don’t even bother seeking out for someone because I just feel I’ll get sick of them or I won’t be good enough. And I feel it’s very hard for me to understand who I am. I feel like two different people. I’m either headstrong, fiery and very confident and out going OR every now and then I feel very emotional, self-conscious and I just want to be alone. I really hate having cancer as my rising, it just confuses me about myself. (My moon sign is an Aries tho)

    3. I’m glad you said that because I am seeing a Capricorn man and I am an Aries woman… I struggle with him because he seems not emotional .. if I cry and hurt I have to tell him what I need and then he will do it ……. but if I do t tell him he dose not have a clue … like today I drove to him 30 min and the road was blocked and I couldn’t get around it in time so I called him and most guys maybe would say where can I meet you when I’m ready but he had work and was running late so I get it … it was maybe 2 hours later he finally said thanks for driving that far to see me it made me smile knowing you did that … it’s some work but I think when they do like you it makes you happy that the are stable and very good parents .. also very hard working .. they Handel problems different I worry about things and over think and he says just let it go .. so I’m wats maybe they can keep Aries woman grounded … they do prioritize so never feel like your not important it’s just they are geared forwards the bigger picture in life and that’s family and providing for their family

  4. Libra is unpredictable and too frank. also indecisive
    Leo are sword tongue people & innocent pure heart.
    Virgo are too overly problematic about everything but Great organization.
    Gemini are playful & unpredictable, seems wont get serious & fixed.
    Sagittarius have own world & very outgoing. happy nature.
    Capricorn deep person, & plans everything.

    Based on my experience, suggestion only…
    Capricorn and Aries are Great Compatible.
    Attention seeking is truly nature of Aries.
    Capricorn stability in emotions reassures a pamper seeking Aries.
    Aries couldnt feel safety with playful nature of Gemini

  5. finally m feeling good…reading ur experience…. Above… Please I request you tell me little more about aries and capricorn…
    I’m aries
    And my boyfriend is Capricorn…
    I’m 19 and he is 23…
    We are in 7 years relationship.. and now m very afraid to loosing him…. Please help me please….

    I hope for your reply…

  6. I really like this libra he is super cute to me and makes me happy we have known each other for 3 years what should I do go out with him or forget him

    1. Libra man like make his best to make you happy and crazy for him but at the end probably will abandom you w out explaniation..that happened to me 5 dayd ago…

  7. I am an Aries woman and I am happily married with children to a Sag man. This is my third marriage. The first was to a Gemini and it lasted a while but we were only compatible sexually. The second was to a Pisces and he was wayyy to sensitive for me so that ended very quickly. My husband now is my soulmate and we first started 19 going on 20 years ago. We argue and it is over almost instantly. He understands me and we can finish each other’s secrets so I said all that to say I believe the chart.

    1. I’m a Gemini my girl is an Aries , I’m interestedly about what you said cause it’s seems that Gemini -Aries aren’t common , what didn’t work with the Gemini guy , if please you can share

      1. I am a Strong Aries woman. 44 been married for 21 years to an Aquarius. My mother is a Gemini for friendship Gemini is great for a relationship! I was always the rider leading the horse. Aries are very intelligent and need someone, with that match. Looks mean nothing to the intellect of an Aries women. I like a man that is Masuline and if my behavior is of poor taste to speak up. With Gemini, they just can not overpower an Aries! They lack the mystery and fire-drive of the Arian. I married Aquarius? Someone whom I deemed had more self control than I and With a mystery and a depth that always keeps the Aries, guessing? All friends family and acquaintances, admire our love and admiration for each other and want it for themselves. For Gemini men you are either dominant and if you are we live it, if intelligent we love that to. But if you’re or dominate and not intellectual, there is no challenge for the Arian women. I dated a dominant Gemini who was the love of my life. He also crushed me. Then a non dominant, idiot who I could not respect for lack of self control. He was no match! However The Aquarius dominant and intelligent with a calm reserve has my interest peaked for 24 years! We are inseparable. In my adult years I came across that Gemini who was dominant then in my life. Broken and non-dominant! Boy was I confused at this! No longer crushed, but sad that someone had crushed him. Once he broke my heart. He searched for me everywhere, but I was long gone. I waited years, on him. Then he finds me at 40 and was in such bad shape, pining. After I told him I had forgiven him. But was Happily married. He wanted to compete! Which I would not allow! He married a girl with the same name as mine. He also could not accept his defeat. Though he said he knew for sure. I was way out of his league! That he had looks and charm but could never give me the life my Aquarius had! What he did not know? Was I had given my Aquarius that life. Happily because without him, I would have never challenged myself to the max! After excepting one call for an apology. For what he did to me! He started crawling out of his depression and tried getting back into shape to compete. The next week he died from a pulmonary embolism! I was in shock! He was faithfully married and seemed to love his wife. But after finding me, he wanted to walk away from it all, for me! But I would have none of that. I love my Aquarius and would never cheat! He promised if I just gave him 5 minute to apologize by phone, and that it was just friends. By the end of the call I realized one sentence, that disclosed the true nature of the call. To win me back! I truly felt bad for him. Because he had no chance! I respect and love my husband so much. The life we built and the faithfulness to each other we shared! My Gemini was a cheater a charming cheater. If he ever knew me at all he would have known. Morals and faithful and true. This is what I held dear, this was what I found in my Aquarius! Desperate is not sexy! It never has been or will be! Unfaithfulness is a moral problem, one I have no desire for! Almost every guy I dated said “I was out of there league” which I found very odd. Because I was attractive and smart? Love does not have a league! It’s a mutual understanding, respect and love! In my 20’s people thought I was rich? I was broke! I got grants for college and lived alone! My Dad had money and I was Daddy’s girl, I became a success at what made me happy in my life! I was not a product of my dads money. He taught me how to make it. How to look like a millionaire with nothing. How to keep your morals high and never settle for less than the best! Because of what he taught me, maybe I was out of there league. I married a man that did not come with money. But together, we complimented each other. With confidence and unshakable morals-respect and love! We are still inseparable and nothing can shake it, or take it! The size of my home and the value of my car! Means nothing, love built that! Love is not a league! It is patient and kind, it is enduring and true. It is knowing, you do not have to worry about what you better half is doing. Because you know them, respect them and never have to question there loyalty. If you do that’s not love!

      2. Aries geminis are too much alike that could be scary. Iam a Aries. Leader strong ,speak my mind, tell it how it is , I think Gemini similar.

      3. For me I am an Aries woman and the two greatest loves of my life have been Gemini’s. One of them in particular I have loved since I was a little girl and still love very much to this very day and I know I always will. Can’t describe the level of love I have for him. Best way for me to put it is soulmate so it’s surprising that Gemini is least common, at least for me it’s surprising

  8. I am an aries and i am looking for an aries man or aquarius man ….
    I am divorced already with a leo man it was terrible experiance… Trust me
    And write me your contact if someone is aries or aquarius

    1. I’m down to earth man looking for the same in a
      Aries woman, my contact is +16463666459.
      Hope to hear from you.

  9. I am a Libra woman, rising and moon are both Pisces, whatever that means. The love of my life was an Aries man, for 6 years we were together. I still love him after 12 years, but it just didn’t work. I left. This is pretty darn accurate. He was married one time, and she was an Aries. I think the only reason that they divorced was because she cheated on him. But they were a good match, I used to be jealous of their relationship even when I had him. They have a really good relationship to this day, and I don’t talk to him at all, even though I still love him after all these years. Does that make sense?

    So, I’m reading this article because I swore off all Aries men. But, I have this friend who is one of my closest friends, and I barely found out that he’s an Aries! Born on March 26th, on the cusp? Dammit!

    I don’t expect anything beyond a friendship, but I’m really shocked that he is an Aries.

    I’m totally attracted to him in every way, so it seems like I’m not the only one struggling with this mad attraction to an Aries. Opposites attract eh?

  10. Yikes! Seeing the list is shocking.
    I’m an aries guy with a capricorn guy.
    I know that in many ways we are so different.
    There are aspects of his life that I find intriguing.
    Like how he is very practical/grounded and observant.
    I am selfish and subjective with a lot of passion.
    He can also be very selfish too.
    I’m more into Bravo and he likes to watch the news.
    We feel the difference in our lives but yet we are great friends and partners in business.
    Also, our rising signs are pisces and virgo. So those two are kind of compatible.

  11. I’m a Taurus gal and was in a relationship with an Aries guy for 20 years 5 1/2 of which were married. I would love to go on but it’s a very long love hate, trust no trust relationship. After our divorce we stayed together 14 1/2 more years. But then sadly we separated but yet we still love each other but just can’t live together. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and what he might be doing or who if anyone he might be doing it with. I don’t feel as if I could ever love another man again. I wish the love I have for him now is the love I had for him in the beg

    1. Beginning. But I know that we’ll never be together again. Anyways I would like to know is it every man or is it just Aries men that can just turn off there feelings and there relationship as if you never existed and it never was. Because I tell you what it is a tremendous sadness and heartbreaking heartless and selfish act to just up and disappear with out even a good bye.

      1. It all Aries both man and woman when they are done with you it look like they have never seeming you before. I am a Aries my ex boyfriend want to be just friend with me and I don’t do that. If I am done I am done for good and I don’t care how you live your life or how you look now. But it also hard for a aries person to just get over a relationship but when they do you will never get them back or their attention.

        1. This is so true. We go through our heartbreak pretty hard but when we get our feelings in order we don’t look back. The thrill is just gone. So When its over its OVER! Dont care if we got kids together or not. We just dont like to go backwards. At least that’s how I think. We don’t like to waste our time.

  12. I’m a scorpion looking to dating again and the stats here say I shouldn’t try to get with an Aries. That’s a shame because there is a potential date with an Aries lady. Oh well

  13. I am an Aries woman, living with a Scorpio man… The sex is out of this world, but the rest of the relationship is complicated because we are from totally different worlds… He is extremely clingy and dependent… But listen, just keep your mind open…

    1. Rose, I am an Aries and have been married to a scorpio for 5 years been in a relationshiop 9 years. I agree with you except scorpio are very manipulative and controlling personalities. My kind hearted nature is just seeing all of this and im not sure i can deal with it.

  14. I am an Aries as was my ex husband and my present. I agree that Aries are hardheaded and we want our way so I know that’s why there were fights but o think one can act different than another based on where they fall on the Aries timeline. My first husband lied, cheated and manipulated me where the one I have now is nothing like that.
    Because Aries can be petty, I did get even with my ex husband by having him willingly cut off all of his long dark hair that he loved so much. He can’t grow it back unless he wants to go thru awkward stages since it’s naturally very curly and I was the one who was able to straighten it for him. LoL I left him 2 days later and replaced him with one of the sweetest

  15. I’m an Aries man that’s loves a Virgo unconditionally. We had some disagreements here and there but we got past it. We are like day and night but where I lack he picks up and where he’s lacking I’ll pick up. I’m spontaneous and will go a whole day without planning it but he plans everything my the minute. Very organized and clean and I love that about him. I hate that I can’t read his mind and I’m feel like he don’t tell me everything or share things with me that I will like to know. I want to propose but I wanna know what f this a forever thing or its temporary. I feel like we are soulmates actually.

  16. I am an Aries dating an Aries and she believes a lot in this stuff I really don’t care. What she says we are probably wasting our time being with each other because we are both Aries. I would like to know what people think .

  17. Omg that’s crazy I agree with the Aries an Scorpio not being compatible mainly because of both wanting to win or be in charge lmao I have traveled far in this life’s journey dated an relationships with a decent number of demon ranging of all over the zodiac signs but to be crazy honest being born under the full moon made me something special because I’m engaged to a Scorpio been together for four years I must say the fighting made me a much brighter person an relationship together stronger an full of incredible amount of affection an love. She loves me intensely. I let her be the one to win sometimes it becomes a issue a long last word issue but hey I’ll play the loser everything else we share an have is amazing. I’m happy god has blessed me with my talents gifts an angels that are in random forms. My Scorpio has honestly saved me I don’t care who wants to take charge I already know myself an all my intellect An personal status of my mind body an soul

  18. Hey Aries like a challenge an to show the world as a leader of the zodiacs anything is possible with love once understanding is accomplished. I believe the life journeys and paths creat acceptance an understanding in our lives to help bring happiness easier that we all generally want love an acceptance to be wanted an needed. To be a true man is to be there even when the worst An never looking up. Have faith because it will enlighten an illuminate the real an true that is in front of us. Well it is possible the reward for a harder begin in a relationship of a Aries man an. A Scorpio women becomes Immensely strong. That stupid arguments become irrelevant. LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN THANK U GOD

  19. I’m a Taurus woman with an Aries man and I want to get rid of him. We have been together for 9 years and he is out of control.

    1. I’m down to earth man looking for the same in a
      Taurus woman, my contact is +16463666459.
      Hope to hear from you.I’m an Libra

  20. I am a aries women in a 7 month relationship with another female that’s a gemini I can say it has been rough but got through the worst also she is truley amazing though we are extremely compatible in alot of ways she sees me for who I truley am and loves me unconditionally we fight but we learn to move forward from the problem

  21. I am a Taurus born on the he cuffed Taurus and Aries in love with a gorgeous Aries woman I love you very thing about her she awesome

  22. Am an Aries can say my relationship with a cancer for six is a stressing one have ever been in. Came to meet Gemini he loves adventure and nice but slow in decision making , which is a bit boring to me, but that a man can say have ever loved in my life though we can never get married. looking for a Gemini for a second chance.

  23. I’m an Aries girl born at last degree (29) I want a good companion..
    I have judged few Virgo for their overly cautious mind that doesn’t allow them to take a change Or risk, and little little unnecessary matters..,cancer for their emotional foolishness to excess to tolerate them, pieces stupid ever and good for nothing fool, libra for their excess balance in life that they can’t go ahead for good, if a libra is born poor will die poor,
    Scorpio for their lies can kill an innocent, they also make prey of the innocent people, they can create traps.
    Leo, they praise themselves too much, too prideful for no reason, most fakest in reality. An Aries specially who is born from 1degree to 25degree. Utterly selfish enough for anything. My ex lover was an Aries born at 3 degree was selfish enough to keep me hungry and fill his belly, I was living like rags… Even he warned me not to pursue further studies to save his money while he was not that much poor. The cost of my study was too less to bother.
    Sagittarius, can’t be trusted.

  24. I am Aries woman.. married to cancer man for 13 years. We are completely different in all aspects. I find him boring and slow sometimes. But, I also find him secretly caring and honestly loving me all these years. He is too much tolerant to my Aries tantrums also. Several times we parted for small intervals, but again and again I fall in love with this sensitive moody and cute man. He has the heart to treat me equal of a man.. never letting my Aries ego to hurt.

  25. Very surprising, I’m an Aries woman and was in a long relationship with a Leo man. I hate that I clung to it for so long as it was the worst! He was selfish, narcissistic and put me off leos for life.

  26. I’m about to marry my Aries man. I largely despair of our relationship. I’m largely unhappy. However, I’ve been married before to a man who was supposed to be my ‘most compatible’ sign. Both in sun and moon! Our marriage failed dramatically! We were young. Had I known what I know now, we’d have consolidated and got re-married. My ex-husband passed away though. So I never got the chance to put things right. Something I have to live with until the day I die. We’d met when I was 10 and he was 5. There was this weird, powerful feeling in me. Like I HAD to protect him. I was drawn to him like a magnet to steel. He became the most treasured thing in my life from that moment on. We’d known each other for 20 years when we got married. When he died, I knew that I would marry an Aries. Didn’t know who and I didn’t know why. I just get these instructions from within, from my deep down somewhere, my subconscious self? It sends instructions to my brain and I’m like, “Oh! OK?! Do I get a say in this? No?! But WHY??!! Why does he have to be an an Aries though?? Everywhere I’m reading is telling me that we’re not compatible though?? What have we both done to deserve this? We’re both good people! Can you cut us some slack? We make each other unhappy!
    An Aries is my opposite sign! I can see why! HE’S A NIGHTMARE!! To him, I’M A NIGHTMARE!! I’ve offered him the chance to leave, but he refuses!
    Maybe I should show him this article and find him a beautiful Aries woman. If she’s good looking and enjoys running and adventuring around the North Wales mountains and hills (I mean, who possibly couldn’t?!) in the UK it might persuade him? I’m a bit terrified of losing him too, as I actually do love him massively! Our sun signs are Aries & Libra and our moon signs are Aries (Yep! He’s DOUBLE Aries ♈️ !!) and Pisces. My Libra & Pisces don’t make for a good compatibility for the future. Doomed all round! What do you all think? Run like the wind or stick with this and reep the rewards?
    Thank you for your feedback in advance ☀️☀️☀️♈️♎️♈️♓️

  27. Why is there so many Virgo haters here lol I am a proud Virgo 33yr old woman and I married a Aries man 34yrs we have been married 15years and 5 kids later we are still together …. I wouldn’t say we have any problems outside of normal bickers .I will admit I am picky and like things my way ,but my way works and if I must say Aries need that in there life since they are so go with the flow and impulsive . Lol Our biggest bicker is parenting I’m more strict and he isn’t he’s like a giant kid lol not a bad thing ,but they tend do be disrespectful in a way I would prefer not to allow like hitting him (playing ) and screaming back at him ……. but that’s not nothing nearly close to bringing us to divorce we are both playful with each other and like to have fun …. and we love each other And at the end of the day I think over all that is what matters most not some silly horoscope sign

  28. I am an Aries woman and the man that I love in my life is an Aries man, when he came to my life, he changed everything, he gives me so much passion, exitement. And the best on bed, it is like fireworks.

  29. I’m an Aries Women with a Virgo Male and it is kinda tough? especially when we get on the topic of my personal emotional needs. he’s more practical with how he goes about it, attempting to comfort me comes off as him dissing my feeling when i also just need emotions back. It takes us a minute to actually sit down and talk about certain problems but when we do? we’re both very happy in the end. and feel even closer. We have been through ALLOT and still bunk heads once in a while but we are also so drawn to each other for some reason, we always make it work at the end of the day. I’m very happy with my Virgo male as an Aries women and i can’t wait to prove everyone wrong. My patience is thin as an Aries to be with a Virgo but as long as i have him by the end of the day, i use everyday as a learning curve for us both :)) Comments against Aries and Virgos make sense, like how i hear Virgo’s aren’t good for Aries? i also feel like with the right Virgo, every conflict is just a building block for a stronger relationship between the two.

    1. Hey, how are you doing? I dated a Virgo as well but I left him as soon as I realised that I would hate myself whenever I’m still in a relationship with him which wasn’t healthy for my mental wellbeing. I hope you’re doing okay.

  30. I’m Scorpio woman my ex was a Aries man I still love him up till now, he’s with a Sagittarius woman. At first the relationship with him was lovely as time goes on it became a living hell. I need advice I’m depressed. Chat me on what’sapp +2348073504450

  31. Hi everyone. I am an Aries woman who dated a Virgo, knew him for about 3 years but dated for about 2 and a half years. He’d spoil me by giving me endless compliments and lots of gifts during the earlier days of dating. But everything changed when we had our first fight, he started being very passive about everything and wouldn’t really open up about his true feelings to me. He’d hold grudges, shut me off whenever I open up about my feelings and becomes very manipulative overall. I left him after having an on and off relationship for about a year. I still miss him because he was my best friend before we dated.

  32. Hi everyone. I’m an Aries woman that’s been married to an Aries man and we also have the same birthday. We’ve been married 44.5 yrs. We always had a great relationship and always had great sex and now I’m 61 and he’s 63 and we still have explosive sex. We are both very impulsive and we just get up and say lets go here or there whatever and we go. We always have enjoyed each other. God has been good to us.

  33. I think the best match for an Aries woman is the Sagittarius Man especially the tamed ones.He meets up with her temperament.

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