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Tauruses are stable, reliable, easy going friends and lovers who value trustworthiness and dependability in others. They enjoy sharing the simple pleasures of life—good food and drink in comfortable settings or out in nature. Preferred social activities usually include walking or hiking, picnics, dinner parties, cozy nights at home watching movies, arts and crafts, or DIY projects. Ideal companions and romantic partners for Taurus are reliable, laid back nature lovers.


The typical Taurus is loyal to friends and lovers and demands the same. Tauruses tend to be jealous, particularly if their partners are flirtatious, and they need to feel that they are a top priority for their friends.

Tauruses will usually stick with the same small group of close companions indefinitely (provided those people are dependable) rather than seeking to expand their social circles with a large number of new acquaintances.

Stable and Reliable

Tauruses offer stability, reliability, and practical help to family, friends, and partners. With their tendency to be straightforward, dependable, and genuine, they are less likely to provide nasty surprises than those of other signs. They follow through on their promises, and they find unreliability and inconsistency in others particularly aggravating.

Easy-Going (up to a Point)

Tauruses are pleasant companions because they have placid, tolerant, easy going natures, but friends and lovers must not cross certain lines. Once Tauruses are pushed past a certain point, they blow up, and these expressions of rage can be frightening.

Despite the tendency to rage when severely provoked, Tauruses are easy to please most of the time and tend to be calm and reasonable. However, they are stubborn and inclined to hold grudges when crossed.

Hospitable and Comforting

Tauruses like to make sure that everyone around them is comfortable. Their homes are soothing oases filled with attractive objects and cozy furniture, and they have a talent for hospitality.

Tauruses take care of the practical and psychological needs of others, offering good food, drink, and relaxing entertainments. Friends and lovers will find spending time with a Taurus soothing and pleasant after a hectic day at work or associating with more demanding people.

Taurus Compatibility with Other Signs

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The Atypical Taurus

The sun sign isn’t the only element that influences personality. Aspects and planetary placements, particularly the moon sign and rising sign, are also important. For example, a Taurus with Sagittarius rising will likely be more interested in getting out to socialize or travel than in spending relaxing evenings at home, and with Gemini rising, a Taurus will be less reliable and predictable and less likely to stick to routines. Cancer rising enhances the domestic side of Taurus, whereas Aquarius rising will make a Taurus more eccentric and original but less stable.

There are many websites that offer free chart calculation to determine other planetary placements and aspects. Learning these other planetary placements is recommended, as it provides a more comprehensive personality profile.

Further Reading

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