Scorpio Love and Friendship

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Scorpios are passionate in romance and compassionate in friendship, but their fear of trusting others can make them hard to know. Because they take friendship very seriously, they are more likely to establish a small number of solid long-term friendships than a large circle of casual acquaintances.

Intense and Loyal

Typical Scorpios are loyal, faithful, and committed in any sort of relationship they undertake, assuming that they have judged the other person worthy of their devotion. They don’t give their hearts away lightly, but when they do love, it is with a very high intensity.

Scorpios have trouble opening up to others because it makes them vulnerable. If they do trust a friend or lover and are betrayed, they don’t forgive or forget (the exception to this is a Scorpio with a more forgiving rising sign such as Gemini, Cancer, Libra, or Aquarius).

Problems with Jealousy

Some Scorpios have a tendency to be jealous, which can make relationships a misery if they don’t get control of this trait. Others tend to attract jealous partners.

Although Scorpios may be drawn to the drama of high-intensity relationships involving frequent fights and sensual reconciliations, they are happier when they choose partners based on compatibility rather than maximum intensity.

Compassionate and Self-Sacrificing

Scorpios have an intuitive ability to understand the needs and deeper feelings of others. People tell Scorpios their secrets, and Scorpios are better able than most to handle the intense personal revelations of others.

In addition to being a good listener, a typical Scorpio will protect, care for, and fiercely defend friends and lovers, even at great personal cost or risk. Calm and cool in a crisis, Scorpios can help their companions through serious problems, providing stability, understanding, and whatever else is needed to weather the storm.

A Need for Control

Scorpios do best with friends and lovers who are sensitive and not inclined to dominate, because they have little tolerance for those who attempt to control them. No matter how comfortable they become with a person, they will always keep a few secrets to maintain a sense of control.

Scorpios may attempt to control others without even realizing it. In most cases, the goal is to help the other person rather than to harm them, but given the subtle power that Scorpios often wield over others due to their personal magnetism and intuitive understanding of psychology, this can be a problem if used for selfish ends.

Stable and Reliable

The typical Scorpio is stable and reliable, keeping appointments and promises and maintaining a high level of organization. Hardworking and ambitious, Scorpios have the determination and follow-through required for success.

Scorpios usually prefer companions who are equally motivated and ambitious, though they may also have a soft spot for those who are vulnerable and require saving. Ideal companions for Scorpio are reliable, hardworking, sensitive, non-combative types. They must also be deep thinkers (because Scorpios loathe shallowness and small talk) and have a bit of an edge to hold Scorpio’s interest.

Scorpio Compatibility with Other Signs

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The Atypical Scorpio

The sun sign isn’t the only element that influences personality. Aspects and planetary placements, particularly the moon sign and rising sign (ascendant), are also important. For example, a Scorpio with Aquarius rising will be more extroverted and less inclined toward jealousy, and with Gemini rising, a Scorpio will be more forgiving and open about deeper feelings, but less reliable or well-organized.

There are many websites that offer free chart calculation to determine other planetary placements and aspects. Learning these other planetary placements is recommended, as it provides a more comprehensive personality profile.

Further Reading

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  1. I’ve been seeing a scorpio woman for a long time. I am 67 and she s 66 . Zhe’s an NP and a scorpio I’m a retired FF/PM. We enjoy Each other’s company.. very much. She told me see was not interested in a romantic thing.. and she felt bad for coming on to me.She wants to be friends. She compliments me we like same things.. we interact together.I know that she has feelings for me. I feel it.. But won’t tell me. She continues to see me though. She calls me to see if I’m home ok.. flirts with me. She likes the gifts I give her. Itreat her like a queen. She always returns my texts. But. She’s so skidish about me picking her up at her house to go out. She always meets me. When I first meet her we went everywhere together. Then we broke up because I got to pushy. and clingy. After about a year. We ran into each other and started seeing me again. I’d like her to be my girlfriend. We are obviously want to see each other. But she won ‘t commit to anything. Confused?

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