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Polls indicate that approximately one-third of those in North America believe in astrology (and a higher percentage in many other countries). Various studies have found correlations between the times of year babies are born and certain behaviours, aptitudes, attitudes, personality traits, and medical conditions, though correlation does not necessarily imply causation. It’s possible that other variables (i.e., climate/temperature, winter infections, dietary fluctuations, culture, socioeconomic status, etc.) may have an impact on the growing fetus or the early childhood environment, or affect the distribution of births, influencing these results. In a large-scale study, Gunter Sachs found correlations between sun signs and a number of variables, including marriage and divorce statistics. However, his methodology has been criticized.

Astrologers believe that sun signs are only a tiny piece of the puzzle. Proper natal charts are far more complex, including all planetary placements, aspects, and many other factors. Sun sign personality articles, which are interesting but highly generalized, should be read for entertainment purposes only, or as a jumping point to further inquiry into the subject. Astrologers usually recommend that those with an interest in astrology look at their full natal charts (sun, moon, rising sign, other planetary placements, and aspects) rather than just their sun signs.

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