If you have questions or comments about this website, please e-mail Replies may take a few days (the site has become  more popular than expected, so it can be challenging to keep up with all the messages). Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below. Please note that we are NOT interested SEO services. We get hundreds of e-mails about this and delete them without reading.

Can you post a link to my website?

We don’t post free links to for-profit websites, but we’re happy to promote registered charities.

Can I write an article for your website in exchange for a link?

We are not accepting guest articles.

Can I use one of your articles on my website/print publication?

Quoting up to approximately 50 words (or about one paragraph), provided that you cite the original source, can be considered fair use for this site; reproducing entire articles without permission is a copyright violation. If you want to reproduce an entire article on a for-profit website or print publication, contact us to discuss fees (fees are waived for registered charities).

Can I use photos from this site on my own website?

Many of the images that accompany these articles belong to other photographers who have made their photos available via Creative Commons or other copyright-friendly licenses. If you want to use one of these photos, you must credit the author and link to his or her work as we have. If no credit is given for an individual photo, it’s ours. In this case, you can credit the photo with a link to

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