Five Ways to Put a Smile on Your Dog’s Face

Those not lucky enough to have had a pet cannot understand the affection dog owners have for their pups. Unwavering loyalty, unconditional love, and unrivaled excitement to see you when you come home are just some of the reasons why these four-legged friends capture the hearts of their owners so completely. So, of course, you want to do your best to make your dog happy every single day.

The great thing about dogs is they are pretty easy to please. Just give them some of your time and a little undivided attention and you will see how positively they respond. Here are five simple steps to having the happiest dog on the block.

1. Take your dog to the pet park

Meeting up with friends and socializing with like-minded dogs is what going to the pet park is all about.

If your pup is still a little unsure of other dogs, you can first of all take them to socialization classes to learn about their four-legged friends in a more controlled environment.

Once they know what to expect, meeting up with other dogs will be the highlight of their week, and it will fill your heart with joy to see them so happy.

2. Pamper your dog

There are all sorts of ways you can pamper your pooch and put a smile on their face.

At home you can give their coat a brush as often as you like and even treat them to a bubble bath once in a while (be sure to use only dog-safe products as some bath formulas designed for humans can be harmful to dogs).

Dog parlors also offer a range of treatments‚ÄĒeverything from a traditional coat clipping to more modern massage options.

3. Feed your dog well

In addition to being tasty, a good dog food should provide excellent nutrition because a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Some pet food companies are now looking into the health properties of alternative foods. For example, Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains can provide many health benefits for your pet.

4. Play games

Fur babies enjoy playing games just as much as human children do, so make sure you take the time to have some fun with your pooch.

It can be as simple as running around, jumping and throwing a ball, or include more complicated activities such as problem-solving toys, assault courses, and practicing dog commands and tricks.

5. Provide affection

The number one way to make your pooch happy is to shower them with love and attention. Stroke them, tickle their bellies, and give them a hug as often as possible and you will be guaranteed to have the most content canine in town.