7 Great Ways to Care for Your Pet Dog

Having a pet at home is a wonderful thing. The amount of joy and happiness they can bring is limitless and they are fantastic companions and friends. Pets are a great way for young children to learn about animals and  the responsibilities that come with caring for them.

Cats and dogs are the two most popular pets, and millions of households around the world are home to one or more. However, while many cats like nothing more than lazing about the house being treated like royalty, dogs enjoy going outside and running about with their owners.

Caring for your dog

Dogs are perfect for families who are active and enjoy being out and about. They love the people they live with and in no time at all are fully fledged members of the family. If you have a pet dog, you’ll know firsthand just how much they love and adore their owners, which is why it is vital to do everything you can to keep your dog healthy and happy.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your dog leads a happy life. In addition to providing them with the obvious such as food and water, shelter, and lots of love, there are some other tips you can follow to give your dog the best life possible.

1. Provide a clean living area

If you are planning to keep your dog outside, they should have a clean and protected environment in which to live. The area should be cleaned on a regular basis, and they should have clean drinking water every day. It’s also a good idea to provide a completely sheltered area where they can go if they need to take cover from the elements.

Even if your dog lives in the house full-time, they should have their own space where they can sleep and relax, and this area should be kept clean. If possible, consider getting a bed for your dog. You can pop online and check out the best calming dog beds that you’ll find available to purchase.

2. Give them regular exercise

Dogs love being outside and running around, so it’s very important to provide regular opportunities for exercise. This is also a great way for you to stay in shape and spend some quality time together with your dog. If you have a garden, it’s the perfect place to let them off the leash and play ball games together.

Being outside is also a great way to improve your mood, and if your dog has been locked up at home all day waiting for you to return, they will love being taken out for a walk.

3. Make sure they are regularly checked by a vet

Your dog’s health is vital to their wellbeing, so you should take your dog for annual checkups, as well as making sure that they receive any vaccinations that it might be due. The state of a dog’s teeth is an important aspect of overall health and wellbeing, so if your dog has any dental issues, you may need to seek dental care and change the type of food you have been providing.

If you don’t have a vet, you should sign up with a local one, as you never know when you might have an emergency or need some urgent advice. Establishing a good relationship with your dog’s vet ensures that you have someone you can discuss things with such as any diet or behavioral problems that you might encounter.

4. Be aware of medical symptoms

Watch for any signs or symptoms of various conditions that might affect your pet. If you don’t know about these, spend a little time online researching common illnesses and indicators of problems such as stress and anxiety, which can affect a wide range of dogs.

Symptoms such as increased urination or loss of appetite in particular can mean that there are underlying issues that need to be looked into. No one knows your dog better than you do, so it’s important to be aware of any dramatic changes in their behavior.

5. Keep them groomed

Like people, dogs require a haircut from time to time. Keeping your dog well groomed is very important as it can help remove any matts that have formed on their coat as well as providing an opportunity to check the condition of their skin. It will also allow you to check if they have any issues with fleas or other parasites.

Trimming your dog’s nails is also something you need to do on a regular basis, as overgrown nails can affect their mobility and their general grip when walking or running.

6. Train your dog

Whether you want to hire a professional trainer or just teach your dog to follow your basic commands, it’s something that you should do so you can communicate clearly with your dog. Even just learning the basic commands such as stay or sit can have a major affect on their behavior and how they respond to other people.

7. Give them a quality diet

There are many different types of wet and dry dog foods available. Different dogs have different preferences, so you may have to try a few brands to find the one your dog likes best. 

You can mix and test different flavors over time to give you an idea of what they like. Some dogs actually prefer to have a variety of foods throughout the week while others  will only eat one specific brand or flavor of food. We each have our own favorite foods that we enjoy, so why should we deny our pets that same pleasure?