Cat Colour Gallery


Red cats are actually orange. Most cats with orange fur are tabby, tortoiseshell, or calico.

Red cat, Heikki Siltala,


Cream is a light ginger colour commonly found in tabbies and calico and tortoiseshell cats.

Cream-coloured cat, Heikki Siltala,


Blue refers to cats with gray coats (which have a slight blue tint).

Blue cat, Heikki Siltala,


Chocolate is a warm brown fur colour.

Chocolate cat, Heikki Siltala,


Seal is a darker, cooler shade of brown most commonly found in cats that have point markings on their faces, ears, legs, and tails.

Seal point cat, Heikki Siltala,


Fawn is a warm beige, faintly pink shade.

Fawn-coloured cat, Heikki Siltala,


Lilac is a shade of light pinkish-gray (also known as lavender).

Lilac-coloured cat, Heikki Siltala,


When cats have have white fur with steel-coloured tips (shading), the overall effect is called silver.

Silver shaded cat, Heikki Siltala,


This colour is created when a burnt sienna (orangey-brown) undercoat has darker brown ticking.

Ruddy cat, Heikki Siltala,


This effect occurs when the fur has light roots darkening to a more intense colour toward the tips.

Smoke cat, Heikki Siltala,


Many white cats have different eye colours, likely due to natural selection that reduces the risk of deafness (completely white cats with two blue eyes are often deaf).

Odd-eyed white cat, Heikki Siltala,


Because black cats have been associated with superstitious beliefs, they are the least likely to be adopted from shelters.

Black cat, Heikki Siltala,

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